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Funny / Samurai Shodown

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  • Some of the Seppukus are less disturbing than they are hilarious.
    • Gaira does a hammer throw with his prayer beads... only to realize what he's just done and run after them.
    • Yoshitora's wife calls for him, and he knows better than to disobey.
  • Gen-An certainly qualifies in various of his winposes.
    • To start, the poses in which imitates Haohmaru, like the reverence and throwing his claw to the air to get it back in his hand.
      • The latter has a variation in II in which goes to the floor instead his hand and Gen-An scratches his butt then grabs his claw and escapes.
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    • Gen-An's children, who're basically Mini-Me versions of him who're actually funny. One of his poses are his children appearing below his clothes and laughing with him, and his ending in II his children takes his claw and get away with it, and Gen-An trying to catch them.
  • When someone on Twitter complained about how Samurai Shodown would be at EVO 2019 instead of Super Smash Bros. Melee, the official Twitter responded by suggesting not to use ranged attacks.
  • Suzu is way out of her depth with her giant sword but it makes it all the more funny when she wins with her wild, uncoordinated swinging.
  • Ruixiang's ending. Finally she gets a break from her fighting and can resume her studies! Then the Emperor summoned her, impressed enough with her previous job, that he sent her to Japan again for a new mission. Ruixiang's bewildered face and quote (if you clear the story with no continues) just screams of "Ah shit, here we go again..."

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