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  • When City of Flowers plays, you can hardly take the mission seriously. Often involves Okuni and something foolish, like a "tournament" to decide who is the most beautiful woman or extortion of strong warriors to gain some money for her shrine.
  • Doubles as heartwarming. In Oichi's upper path ending in the first game, Nagamasa apologizes to Nobunaga for his early betrayal in Kanegasaki. When Nobunaga doesn't respond, Oichi actually elbows him in the gut as if saying "Come on, say something!"
  • Anytime Ranmaru is confused with a girl. Including the beauty tournaments.
    • On that note, the intro to SW4's beauty contest stage, the DLC map "Sinister Beauties", which in this case is being organized by Koshosho:
      Koshosho: I've got the funds for it. Lots of people are willing to pay for this! But we need someone to actually run the event.
      Ranmaru: What? That's what you want me to do? N-No, thank you!
      Koshosho: I see. That's a shame. I was going to let you off the hook from taking part, if you took an official role.
      Ranmaru: I'll do it! I'll run everything! I'll start recruiting participants immediately!
      Koshosho: I sense some past trauma there...
    • The male counterpart battle is just as funny, as the entirety of its setup is around Magoichi getting pissed that the ladies don't mention him at all during a conversation about the men of the times...
  • Goemon and the Plover Urn.
    Goemon: NOT AGAIN!
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  • Hideyoshi built a castle in just one day. Cue silly dance.
  • Some of Okuni's quotes to certain characters. And also exchange of dialogue between Okuni and various characters.
  • Nene's Dream, Melee at Sekigahara. She goes out to spank EVERY SINGLE OFFICER in the Battle of Sekigahara, and is likely the ONLY Dream Stage with an ending, that shows her lecturing officers that are now grounded. Bad children deserves punishment, and mommy Nene won't go easy on them. Even Ieyasu admitted, after Nene defeated him, that "he's never been scolded like this in his entire life".
    • Even the beginning of the stage is already funny:
    Mitsunari: "Destroy the enemy's front lines and slay Ieyasu!"
    Ieyasu: "Forward! We shall have their commander's head!"
    Nene: "I don't like all this talk about slaying and beheading!"
    • Confronting a random generic officer:
    Generic: "I shall be your opponent!"
    Nene: "I don't even know who you are, but I'm handing out spankings on everyone today!"
  • The usually despicable Dirty Coward Hideaki Kobayakawa also got his own funny moments in Nene's dream stage. It helps that he's loyal to Nene and not a coward like he was in other scenario:
    • After Magobei Fuse shot him with rifles:
    Hideaki: "Do not be scared! My mother is scarier than these rifles!" [Notification: Magobei Fuse's attack has failed. He's retreating!]
    • When Ieyasu orders Hanzo to attack Hideaki:
    Hanzo: "Master Kobayakawa, loyalty or death? Make your choice."
    Hideaki: : "I'm not supposed to hang out with you! My mom said you're a bad influence!"
  • Gameplay and Story Segregation: In Mitsunari's SW2's story mode, he already has a rivalry with Kiyomasa and Masanori (both are still generic NPCs) who greatly disliked him. However, every time you (as Mitsunari) defeat an enemy officer, they still praise you (Mitsunari) with generic quotes. This is strangely funny, despite justified with the fact those two are still generics.
    Generic!Masanori: It seems you've got a bit of devil in you!
    Generic!Kiyomasa: An exemplary warrior!
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  • There is one scene in SW2:Empires, in which Nagamasa Azai mistook Kotaro Fuma, of all people, as "a dead woman's ghost".
  • Yoshimoto's story in 2:XL has him tries to invite many characters to join his kemari game, but nobody wanted to accept.... initially. They finally accept this in his ending.
    • Also in his story during Siege of Odawara, when Yoshimoto encountered Ujimasa, he will call out on the latter about how Ujimasa attack him, his own uncle, only for Ujimasa corrected him it was he who attack Ujimasa.note 
    Yoshimoto: My boy, my son, why do you attack me?
    Yoshimoto: ....oh, right.
    • During Sekigahara, Yoshimoto says the exactly same words with what he had said earlier in Kyushu to Yoshihiro about his giant hammer, prompting the latter to lampshade this in a bored tone.
  • The DLC stage "Test of Wits" has Motonari tricking Hanbei and Kanbei into fighting his army so he can write a book about their strategies. Throughout the stage, Kanbei is dreading the book more and more, while Hanbei starts to look forward to it...Then Motonari sends them a copy of his book, and Hanbei fights it so dense and unreadable that he tosses it into the fire.
    • The fact that Hanbei was genuinely duped, being incredibly excited over the thought of a proper vacation makes it hilarious when the two arrive to meet Motonari...
    Hanbei: *disappointedly arriving to a scene of soldiers and battle flags* ...hey, wait
  • In the last stage of Uesugi Chapter, Kagekatsu can encounter Kai, and then the latter will demand that she wants to meet Kagekatsu and she does not accept responses. Kagekatsu, being the guy he is, is completely tongue-tied.
  • In 4 for the Sanada Chapter, anytime Kunoichi decided to push Kai's Berserk Button:
    • In the first encounter, she caught Kai looking at the reflection of her in the pond and trying to assure that she's pretty. Once Kunoichi got caught, she stated about hearing a rumor about 'a bear that can talk and mumbling about her beauty'. Kai is pissed because Kunoichi is implying that she's the bear.
    • In the second encounter, Kunoichi specifically brought Ina, just fresh from her marriage with Nobuyuki, to sneak to the enemy camp, just to announce to Kai that Ina is a married lady. Kai gets pissed again, this time because of the implication about she'll never get married like the tomboy she is. Also, Kunoichi implies Ina and Nobuyuki are Sickeningly Sweethearts, much to Ina's chagrin and embarassment.
  • In Legend of Oda, Conquest of Kishu, for 4:
    Hisahide: "Don't you dare to say 'is that so?'! This tale is all mine!
    Nobunaga: " that so?"
  • Genki Girl Nene + The Stoic Hanzo = Hilarity Ensues.
    Nene: You'll need a new hobby once the war ends, you know. Why not learn to play the flute?
    Hanzo: I refuse.
  • Gracia. Subjected into Naotora's Marshmallow Hell in her ending for 4-II. Fanservice and hilarity ensues.
    • Speaking of Gracia's story... well her quest was apparently to gather beautiful girls... for eventually a big dance party. Throughout her quest, nearly all men thinks that she's some sort of kidnapper. Especially when Ujiyasu notes her as "The worst kind of brigand" for this.
    • Now in order to get to Oichi to join her, apparently she pulled off a Moment of Awesome where she pretty much cancels out Oichi and Katsuie's tragic death as Shizugatake. However, because Katsuie is practically bound to Oichi with marriage, he cannot be left behind. Gracia's solution? Recruit the big bulky Katsuie into the dance troupe. Much to Koshosho's confusion. This might be just a one-note joke as Katsuie is not selectable at all in the story. But they repeat the big dance party in the ending, and it's now shown instead of fade to black after act 4. And now... Behold, Katsuie is now dancing with the girls!
  • One of the "What-If?" storylines involves Nobunaga surviving Honnoji and answering a Call to Agriculture. One event shows him and No working some fields and singing some farming songs while in full armor!
  • Many of the DLC missions in Chronicles 3: an Escort Mission to make sure Hideyoshi isn't tempted into giving away sweets to various women, a modern re-telling of the story of Momotaro with various characters representing the animals (Hideyoshi as the monkey, Toshiie as the dog, etc.), and a Parents vs. Children scenario where- instead of "defeating" various characters- you "teach them a lesson" while engaging in a normal battle.
  • Mitsunari's generic praise in 2 every time you defeat an officer (also carried over to Warriors Orochi 1 and 2) is funny in jerkass kind of way: "My plan is to take the glory, while you do all the work."
  • In the 4th stage of 4-II Date scenario, Masamune is trying to prove his innocence to Mitsunari about the whole Kasai-Oosaki Uprising. The problem? As Mitsunari pointed out with how he talks, Masamune was saying it while beating the ever-loving crap out of Mitsunari.
  • Many times in 4-II on Hisahide's story that he tries some sort of Zany Scheme to cause harm and hopefully kill Nobunaga. Nobunaga just tells Hisahide to go forward first without knowing Hisahide's scheme, getting him to walk into his own traps for Amusing Injuries, and ticking him further with "You still want to kill me? I forgive you."
  • One of the random events in 4 Empires has an officer encounter an illusionist who takes the appearance of whatever that officer fears most, causing them to flee in terror. Some of them are hilarious (see below), some of them are surprisingly serious (like Yoshimotonote ). Then, we have Okuni, in which case she merely comments what a clever trick that was, unfazed, and the magician runs away.
  • The DLC mission of “4-II” are full of fun missions:
    • “Ii Family Values”: Naomasa and Naotora went to the snowy mountains to find the family scroll except they’re nearly beaten up by the Uesugi and Date clans. Then, Naotora’s grandpa showed up and ordered them to “collect precepts” which made Naomasa wondered if he and his mom were actually on a Snipe Hunt just for an excuse to beat up other clans who they rarely encountered in the games. It doesn’t help that some of the officers sprouted precepts which were just made up.
      Naohiro Ii: Ii clan precept: I hate rifles!
      • There’s a little gem where Toyohisa asked Naomasa if he and his mother ever bathed together. While it’s normal for Japanese families to bathe together, Naomasa’s reaction to that since he's adopted and Naotora is very young was "NO!".
    • “Ninjas to the Rescue”: The ninja characters tried to search their masters except they found them experiencing Out-of-Character Moment (Hideyoshi, acting like a monkey; Kai, being a scaredy-cat; Tadakatsu, being obsessed with his wood-carving hobbies; Mitsunari, being very adamant and declaring Ieyesu as “his everything” etc.). The real culprit is Hisahide who asked some help from Kashinkoji to brainwash the officer For the Evulz.
      • If Kunoichi goes near a brainwashed Yukimura, she would fawn on how good-looking he is. Then, Yukimura who never noticed her crush to him would notice and blushed, much to Kunoichi’s surprise.
    • "Bonds of Matrimony": Tadakatsu holds a contest to see which married couple is the strongest and the best in the entire land. After the contest, Naomasa thinks that Tadakatsu only did it because he’s going to miss to miss his daughter who is married to Nobuyuki, which Tadakatsu refused to admit.
    • "Men of Charm Return": Magoichi and his company of rejected guys beat up several handsome officers (Takakage, Sakon, Hanbei, Takatora, the Sanada brothers, Mitsunari and Yoshitsugu) while asking them how they became such a Chick Magnet.
  • In one scene in The Spirit of Sanada that's equally as awesome as it is funny, Kunoichi and Sasuke are surrounded by ninjas but get into an argument and begin fighting each other instead. All of their attacks miss each other but take out the various ninjas instead.
  • In 4 Empires, Motonari or Takakage are teaching the characters his famous "Three Arrows" parable. However if the player character does't have a strong bond with the two characters, the third person in line would break the arrows without breaking a sweat. Cue Long Pause and then, Motonari/Takakage sighs that the whole lesson became a Lost Aesop and is worried of the clan's future.
    • A few other strategists (and Magoichi) also have access to this cutscene. Hisahide will mock the one who broke the arrows, making them the winner of the "stupidest retainer contest", Kanetsugu will berate the one who broke the arrows for their dishonor, Ieyasu nearly loses his patience, and Magoichi will just dodge the lesson altogether by stating that nothing beats a rifle. Shingen will say something similar to Takakage's own line, chuckling about what good does it do to you if you nearly pass out, breaking anything.
  • Most Officer Events in Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3, obtainable by gettings at least a certain favor level for the officers that takes part in them, are this. You get No-hime opening the brocade bag Hanbei gave her to find tissues and claim Hanbei was thinking "Wipe your tears with these.", there is Kotaro Fuma trolling Hisahide Matsunaga, Kiyomasa Kato investigating tigers appearance in a village only to see it was Takatora and Naotora, and the list goes on. Some however really needs mention:
    • Munenori Yagyu, Kojiro Sasaki and Ranmaru Mori talking about their huge swords, one compliments the other's girth, the other praises their grip, and then cue Kojiro talking about how he can dry the laundry with his.
    • Nagamasa Azai holding a talk show where the guest talks about their problem and his help desk officers gives their opinion. All of them only says "It'll be fine" or a variant of it, no matter how bad things seem, but the fourth one (or rather: you) can choose to say "Give up". Unsurprisingly, "It'll be fine" awards favor with Nagamasa.
    • Girl's Night 2 has Kai, Koshosho, Oichi and Naotora Ii spending a night together, until Kai mention how she wishes she had a man for herself, Naotora then shows Kai a Tanuki figure that supposedly answers to wishes if you rub its belly. Kai wishes for a good man with a wide heart for just, Koshosho would like someone rich but that can look past misfortunes, Oichi is okay with Nagamasa Azai, and Naotora just wishes to be short and slender. Instead, they are all turned into men! Kai turns into Goemon, Koshosho into Hideyoshi Toyotomi, Oichi into Nagamasa and Naotora becomes Hanbei Takenaka. Turns out they are sleeping and sharing a dream instead.


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