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  • Yukimura Sanada has some of this with Mitsunari, Keiji, and Kanetsugu.
    • In Warriors Orochi his interactions with Zhao Yun contain plenty of subtext; Yukimura hero-worships the Chinese warrior, and they are their series' respective spear-wielding poster boys.
  • Nobunaga Oda With Ranmaru. Lines like this only add fuel to the fire. This is inspired by their historical connection.
  • Mitsuhide Akechi:
    • His relationship with Ranmaru in SW 1 could only be more explicit if Samurai Warriors were a hentai game. Fourth game brought back a little of this when Mitsuhide said in Honnouji that when he killed Ranmaru, he began to realize he did not want to surpass Nobunaga (by betraying him) anymore.
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    • Come SW 2, it shifts to him and Nobunaga, with some Foe Yay elements.
    • In SW 3, he has this with Motochika instead. The subtext is so heavy it might as well just be text. The XL expansion and Empires game even have him refer to Mitsuhide as his 'soulmate' several times! Furtheremore, Motochika also said that Gracia, Mitsuhide's daughter, is like a daughter to him, too!
  • Ina and Kunoichi in the first Xtreme Legends game, especially in Ina's upper path story and ending. Seriously, just look, if you ignore the actual history, you'd think that in the cutscene, they're married and just had a baby!
  • Hanbei with Kanbei. Likely inspired by their close historical relationship.
  • Despite being married, Muneshige seems very fond of Kiyomasa. Many of the things he says to him could be considered very flirty indeed. He also teases Mitsunari quite a bit.
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  • Kiyomasa with Muneshige and Mitsunari.
  • Kanetsugu with Mitsunari. Especially with scenes such as this! Also with Keiji, Yukimura, and Masamune in SW3.
  • Okuni's various endings in SW1 have her going home with different warriors as escorts, and one of these warriors is Nohime. She flirts with plenty of ladies in SW2 and Warriors Orochi as well.
  • Nagamasa with Ma Chao's JUSTICE and Kanetsugu's HONOR.
  • Mitsunari and Yoshitsugu in the fourth game; the latter is one of the few people the former vocally cares about a lot, as well as the latter often fibs out of a stoic joke to exploit the former's habits. It just straight out slams it in most people's faces, and it shows even more in the 4-II expansion's storylines for them.
    • This too, was actually tied with their historical selves like the above mentioned, but it mainly spawned from popular rumors about the unknown portions of Yoshitsugu's records.
  • There's also Yoshitsugu and Takatora considering that they work together and became friends under Nagamasa before they went on their separate ways after the fall of the Azai clan. This ranks in 4 where Takatora holds Yoshitsugu's hand before the latter requested the former to be his second for the seppuku.
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  • Gracia and Koshoushou. Lots, in their (separated) storylines for 4-II.
  • Sanada Maru adds Hanzo and Sasuke, to the point that the usually stoic Hanzo sheds a single tear after killing the latter in their duel.
  • Chacha and Gracia in Spirit of Sanada. It's established that they're Childhood Friends who were raised together for a time. Chacha did everything she could to find and save Gracia, from Yamazaki to Shikoku. When she's suspicious that the Femme Fatale Koshosho is "bad influence" to Gracia, she demands the older woman to leave osaka and it's undeniable that Chacha sounds rather possessive this time, to the point that she even chastises Gracia like a lover would say ("Why wouldn't you listen what I said!?"). Then, after Hideyoshi dies and Battle of Sekigahara is about to happen, Chacha told Gracia to leave Osaka because Mitsunari intended to take her hostage to force Hosokawa clan into joining Western Army. Here, Chacha insists to come with Mitsunari, claiming that it'd be easier for Mitsunari to convince Gracia to come if he's with Chacha. But contradicting Mitsunari's intention, Chacha set Gracia free and lied to Mitsunari that Gracia committed suicide, and even asking Yoshitsugu (her father's former retainer) to help her cover the faked suicide.
    • There's also a little side-mission where Chacha sneaked out of Osaka with Gracia (who was technically under house arrest by the Toyotomi at the time). That eerily sounds like an elope, even if they just did it temporarily and eventually returned to Osaka. Also, the reason why Chacha did this is because she wants to make Gracia happy.
    • In the Battle of Shikoku where they're reunited for the first time since childhood, Chacha actually literally says "I'm Taking Her Home with Me!"


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