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Due to how this franchise focusing on a large cast of busty female characters, it was inevitable that there would be tons of Les Yay. The following below mostly consists of the biggest examples of this trope in the franchise.

Asuka and Homura

  • In Shinovi Versus, both call each others their "super best friends".
  • Homura did blush and stammer when Yumi joked about Asuka being her lover.
    • Homura reluctantly conceded that Asuka is not her property. Yumi wasn't fooled.
    • In addition, in the Crimson Squad storyline, Homura ordered her team to attack the Gessen girls as retaliation for the latter's attack on Hanzo Academy. Haruka points out that this is because Asuka got hurt in the battle which Homura denies in a flimsy manner. When Homura returns to Asuka to tell her about this, Asuka told Homura that the Crimson Squad didn't need to do that because Hanzo actually won the fight and drove Gessen back earlier. Homura just tells Asuka to be grateful only to be hit back with Asuka saying that she thought that the Crimson Squad wasn't fighting for Hanzo Academy's sake. Cue Homura blushing and growling in frustration.
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  • Haruka and Katsuragi love teasing Homura about her blatant fixation for Asuka.
  • Asuka was more than just upset about Miyabi badmouthing Homura in Shinovi Versus, angrily telling Miyabi that Homura is not the weakling renegade that Miyabi thinks she is. Asuka then gets into a fight with Miyabi soon afterwards.
  • Asuka, for her part, doesn't mind mind at all when she finds out from Yumi that Homura is in love with her. She only acts with surprise because of how much of a Tsundere Homura acts towards her but, as she says, it's something that she got used to and grew to like about Homura.
  • During Day 7 of Estival Versus' Millennium Festival story mode, there's this exchange when Yumi challenges the two to a fight and it doesn't even bother keeping it subtext anymore:
    Asuka: Homura-chan?! Why are you here?
    Homura: My nose can sniff out strength in people. Sorry, I'm not smelling it on you right now, Asuka. Guess you're falling behind.
    Asuka: (Annoyed) And there she goes, trying to provoke me...
    Yumi: Hee hee. She can't help it. That's how she says she loves you.
    Asuka: (Surprised) Whaaaa?!
    Homura: (Flustered) Y-Yumi! Okay, that's enough bullshit yapping out of you!
    Yumi: You two make a wonderful pair.
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  • During one of the DLC missions for Estival Versus where the four schools participate in a two-on-two elimination match, Asuka and Homura have their usual rivalry banter. It then devolves into Homura accusing Asuka of "[loving Homura's] ass" which causes Asuka to blush heavily and deny it.
  • In one cutscene in the Hanzo story mode in Shinovi Versus, Asuka and Homura are once again trying to one-up each other. This time, about how many battle scars they both have. The lead in to this conversation begins with Homura apparently complimenting Asuka's skin being so smooth leading Asuka to blush and to ask where that came from. Homura then proceeds to mock Asuka for having smooth skin by telling her that she doesn't have any battle scars worth talking about. Asuka then tells Homura that she does have battle scars... on her butt. Homura, interested, then asks Asuka if she can see them but is denied that request.
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  • An image depicting Asuka and Homura getting married was drawn as part of Re Burst promotional campaign.
  • While Homura does not appear in Peach Ball, being reminded of Homura's existence along with their rivalry is enough to cause 'Bunny Asuka' to begin remembering her human self.

Haruka and Hibari

  • The dynamics between Haruka and Hibari are quite possibly the most blatant example in the series, especially in Crimson Girls, where Hibari transfers to Hebijo. Haruka fawns constantly over Hibari, calling her cute, etc.
  • When Homura calls her out on her behaviour, Haruka says that even if she was to fall head over heels for Hibari, it wouldn't dampen her skills.
  • Hibari, on the other hand, refers to her and Haruka's time together as "dates".
  • Haruka and Hibari have quite a bit of this in episodes 9 and 10 of the anime.

Hibari and Yagyū

  • While Yagyū's affections for Hibari can be seen as just her acting like a Cool Big Sis (since Hibari reminds her of her deceased sister), some of the things that Yagyū does for Hibari are highly questionable. The same goes for some of Yagyū's reactions whenever Hibari is put in certain suggestive scenarios.
  • During the beginning of Hanzo Academy's story mode in Shinovi Versus, Asuka outright says that Yagyū is "head over heels" for Hibari. Yagyū, embarrassed and stuttering, says that their relationship is not like that.
  • In her Shinovi Girl's Heart story in Estival Versus, Yagyū gets sick. Hibari has to nurse her back to health. The last shot we're shown is Yagyū suffering a Nose Bleed from having a dream about multiple Hibaris doting on her.

Imu and Miyabi

  • Imu is explicitly shown to be in love with Miyabi and is always loyal to her through thick and thin.
  • During the ending of Murasaki's Shinovi Girls' Heart mission in Estival Versus, Imu is jealous and frustrated that Murasaki managed to get Miyabi's attention.
  • During Imu's Shinovi Girls' Heart mission in Shinovi Versus, she is trying to find ways of making herself look cuter in order to get Miyabi's attention. During the ending, she ends up asking Yagyū for advice and the latter ends up giving Imu a technique that makes herself look like Hibari (since Yagyū thinks that Hibari is the epitome of cuteness). Imu is frustrated and is about to dispel the technique before Miyabi finds her dressed up as Hibari and comments that she looks cute. What follows is Miyabi giving a blushing Imu a Bridal Carry and Imu commenting that maybe it's not all that bad.
  • In Peach Beach Splash Imu's crush on Miyabi has become pretty much a case of Everyone Can See It among the Hebijo girls, who love teasing her with it, even Murasaki. The only exception is Miyabi herself, who is just confused by Imu's behavior and the other girls' comments.


  • Katsuragi wants to see Hikage enjoy a good fight with her. Hikage, for her part, is in 'the mood to fight' Katsuragi only.
  • Deep Crimson give us Kagura and Naraku who put an interesting spin on the Bodyguard Crush trope. Naraku has spent her whole life watching over Kagura and her only dream is to be friends with Kagura. Kagura on the other hand not only has a major freakout when Naraku's taken by Orochi, she tries to go through with her mission just for Naraku's sake.
  • In Estival Versus, Daidouji tries to get closer to Rin by asking her out to dinner and on a hot springs trip.
    Perhaps a trip to the hot springs, where the two of us can soak in the boiling water with nothing to hide between us
  • Also in Estival Versus, one DLC stage begins with Haruka and Ryona in what is clearly a BDSM session.
    • Actually, their first meeting in Shinovi Versus immediately has them doing an S&M session as they're about to fight. Homura is outright flabbergasted at this.
  • Katsuragi and Ikaruga are Tsundere toward each other, with Ikaruga being another constant target of Katsuragi's usual shenanigans and being constantly embarrassed by it. Their relationship borders on Slap-Slap-Kiss.
  • Mirai is obsessed with gaining Yagyū's attention, with Mirai blushing whenever she's in close proximity to Yagyū. Unfortunately for Mirai, Yagyū usually outright dismisses her or insults her, but there are times where she acknowledges Mirai's skill.
  • Katsuragi's Shinobi Girls' Heart missions in both Shinovi Versus and Estival Versus involve her groping the other girls. In the former case, she's groping them in the hopes that they'll react to her. In the latter case, she's finally gotten bored with her normal sexual harassment and is trying to "better appreciate the female body", in her own words.
    • One base conversation in Crimson has her idly admit that she doesn't hate the idea of romancing a guy... but groping girls is much more fun.
  • Katsuragi has a one-sided attraction to Yumi in Estival Versus: after Yumi's training session with Kurokage during the Millennium Festival story mode, Katsuragi notes that Yumi's ice queen persona seems a lot more attractive than usual and is preparing to do her usual thing. Yumi immediately tells Katsuragi to stop or else she'll freeze her fingers.
  • Peach Beach Splash has a small story focused on Rin and Daidouji where Daidouji confess to Rin that she's Daidouji's most important person, and when Rin fails to answer decisively if she's also her most important person. Daidouji decides to challenge Kiriya in combat and the one who wins will be Rin's most important person. Rin goes into panic and desperately tries to stop Daidouji with no avail.
  • One piece of official artwork (NSFW-ish) features Hikage and Katsuragi actually sharing a kiss.
  • Ayame outright confesses her love to Katsuragi early in Hanzo's story line in Peach Beach Splash, and Ayame looks up to Katsuragi so much that she emulates her senior's combat style and shinobi outfit.
  • In Ryona's story in Peach Ball, several Les Yay memories are described of her having between Yumi, Asuka, Murasaki, and Yomi.
  • In Re: Burst you can obtain a letter from Daidouji to her mother and another letter from Daidouji to Rin that puts her interactions with Rin through the entire series in a more romantic light.

    To My Dear Mother,

    No matter how many times you write me, I have no intention of returning home.
    I have something I need to do, a promise with an old friend I need to fulfill.

    I also have no interest in marriage, in spite of your continuous advice.
    I will not recognize any man weaker than myself.
    I will choose my life partner of my own volition.

    My Regards

    * The sender's name has been torn off

    Well written old letter


    I am always waiting

    Until Rin-san is brought down by this hand, my spring will not come

    Days and months have passed since you've turned your back to the world of shinobi

    Having since going in the Youma vanquishing mission, word of your disappearance has reached my ear

    Where you are now and what you've been doing;

    I need no such news or reports.


    for however long, I will wait for that promised day.

    When we will be at the school building, Hanzou Academy again

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