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Future SW Character speculation

  • Sakai Tadatsugu
    • One of the Guardians of Tokugawa, and he's usually the leader for being the oldest (yes, even older than Tadakatsu). Has been involved with some of the notable earlier events in Ieyasu's life, including participating at the gambit of Hamamatsu Castle to drive away Shingen (helped by Hanzo, he in particular was the one who sounded the gongs to bluff the Takeda to go ahead and strike) and even taking on the order to execute Ieyasu's wife and son on Ieyasu's order. I'm thinking that he could be a general that Hanzo is kind of close with, even if we already have Ieyasu, he'll be the character the two agrees to focus on. Based on this and how fantastical the weapons of SW are getting, I would say that a weapon that fits him would be a 'Lightning Drum', which is often used by the Japanese Thunder God Raijin (Easy reference: look at his depiction in Smite).
  • Torii Mototada
    • Ieyasu's close friend since his days as a hostage of Imagawa and becomes famous for his last stand in Fushimi Castle on the onset of Sekigahara campaign.
  • Hosokawa Tadaoki
    • Gracia's husband and a possible representative of the Hosokawa house, which can also link to the Emperor, as the Hosokawa is closely linked with the Shogun. Koei has a knack to portray him as a rather unstable man so he'd be a rather unique character for that even if we take out Gracia out of the question.
  • Maeda Matsu
    • Maeda Toshiie's wife; to contrast her with the version of her in Sengoku Basara, she is a Token Mini-Moe (a la the Dynasty Warriors Qiao sisters) whose appearance on the field always turns Toshiie into a Henpecked Husband.
      • Please remember that they already turned Gracia into the game's Token Mini-Moe. My take? Go ahead and make Matsu a more mature woman, but rather than making her a complete Yamato Nadeshiko and 50% doormat like in Basara, make her actually a bit more iron-willed and buddies with Nene in trying to make sure Toshiie doesn't step out of line whenever Hideyoshi 'tempts' him. The Henpecked Husband thing can be inferred with how Matsu actually is a pretty scary woman, with pseudo 'Glowing Eyes of Doom' and a lot of 'hidden punishment' things when someone steps out of line (something that scares the bejeebus out of not only Toshiie, but also Keiji). To contrast with both Toshiie and Nene, Matsu can be a little more a cool-headed The Stoic
      • It's not like you can only have one character type per game. Plus apparently she asked Toshiie to marry her at the tender age of 11 (though they didn't actually consummate until she was old enough to have children).
  • Goto Matabei
    • One of Kuroda Kanbei's loyal generals and a member of the 24 cavalrymen of Kuroda. His backstory is interesting: Hideyoshi spared him as a boy when he took over his father's castle and then, Kanbei raised him like a son. Since Kanbei is a sinister dude in the game, Matabei would probably be the opposite (his Basara version is already a crazy and sinister nutjob). He might also get along with Hanbei and consider him as close friend. If ever Koei makes Kanbei's son Nagamasa a playable character, they would be like brothers but their loyalties would clash (Nagamasa is loyal to Tokugawa while Matabei is loyal to Toyotomi because he spared his life). The Battle of Sekigahara would be the breaking point when Matabei will leave the Kuroda clan and later, join Yukimura to defend Toyotomi Hideyori at the Siege of Osaka which add another teammate on Toyotomi side (asides from Kai, Kunoichi, Chacha and Sasuke).
  • Okatsu/Eishouin
    • Koei has a knack to include this character a lot within their Sengoku Period works. From Kessen to Kessen III to Saihai no Yukue to Nioh (and of course, Nobunaga's Ambition). So what's stopping them to include her in Samurai Warriors? Rather than being Ieyasu's estranged daughter like in Nioh, Okatsu here follows more on the versions of other games, being Ieyasu's concubine, though it would be more portrayed as a 'female companion' similar to Koshosho to Chosokabe Motochika. She will also probably have ninja elements and links with Hattori Hanzo similar to her Nioh counterpart, probably unlinking Sasuke from Hanzo, but this may mean that Sasuke can finally claim his surname Sarutobi. Personality-wise, Okatsu would probably be a middle road between Ina's more upfront, slightly Tsundere personality and Ii Naotora's timid and apologetic personality. Probably a more assured Silk Hiding Steel, may take cues from her Saihai no Yukue self.
  • Mochizuki Chiyome
    • The very first Kunoichi with history of working with the Takeda. Not only this will finally add a non-Sanada retainer of the Takeda, she has potential to explore Kunoichi. We'll say that Chiyome is Kunoichi's master, teaching her everything she could, including giving her a sense of identity (and she had no name, but Chiyome didn't give a damn about that). When the Takeda falls, Chiyome knows her time is running out for some reason, so she parted ways with Kunoichi and tells her to spread her teaching of a female ninja to others by staying at the Sanada. She pretty much adopted what Chiyome called her units as her moniker and name (Kunoichi) henceforth. Chiyome's personality can be said to be the 180 of Kunoichi, a cool-headed and sultry, but more silent and business-oriented Lady of War. She also has a contrast with the more snarky and slightly teasing Takeda Shingen, both of them engaging in Snark-to-Snark Combat at times.
  • Uesugi Kagetora/Hojo Saburo
    • They already gave him a unique character design so, why won't make him a playable character too considering that they made Hidetada and Katsuyori playable? It would also give an expanded storyline on the Uesugi Succession Crisis.
  • Kuroda Nagamasa
    • Kuroda Kanbei's son and heir. He made an appearance in Nioh which is more or less likely for him to appear in Warriors. It would also give more Hidden Depths on Kanbei who would try to encourage him to be pragmatic and competent in contrast with his Nioh counterpart. He would also hero-worship Hanbei, who saved him when he was boy back then when Nobunaga took him as a hostage and suspected Kanbei as a spy. There also might be a rivalry between him and Shima Sakon since he is the one who killed him in the Battle of Sekigahara. And as mentioned above, he and Matabei would be like sworn brothers except their loyalties would clash with Sekigahara as the breaking point of their friendship.
  • Katou Danzou
    • A shinobi known as "Flying Danzou", active around the era of Takeda Shingen vs Uesugi Kenshin, which means 'flying' becomes his gimmick, having a lot of aerial or juggling attack. His reputation piqued the interest of Uesugi Kenshin, and after a test of skills, he became their ninja. Unfortunately, his less scrupulous ways butts head with Naoe Kanetsugu who's trying his damnest to make sure the Uesugi clan is as clean and righteous as possible so he got sent to infiltrate the Takeda clan. That would've been the mission where Danzou proved his worth and loyalty to the Uesugi despite his more unsavory methods that Kanetsugu would be impressed and changed his mind... but in the same mission, Danzou got outfoxed by Sanada Masayuki (or Mochizuki Chiyome, if she's in) and died as a result. The death of Danzou served as a lesson for Kanetsugu to actually trust his allies better from start, though that ended up tragically in case of Yukimura and Mitsunari...
  • Yasuke
    • The first famous foreign Samurai and one of Nobunaga's loyal retainers, especially after Nioh, would be an addition to the Oda Faction and a secondary bodyguard aside from Ranmaru, contrasting the latter's delicate body with a massive frame, huge strength and heavy weapon in combat. Also many potential scenarios, as having him trying to unite the Oda remnants against Mitsuhide.

Future Weapons and fighting Styles

  • Nagamaki? Bisento? Double-Naginata? Kanabo? Long Axe?

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