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Trivia / Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

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  • Trivia for the remake, go here.

  • Acting for Two: Tony Rosato provided the voices of Dario Russo and Nemesis.
  • California Doubling: Most fans will notice that the streets of Raccoon City are barely wide enough for a single car in many places and the layout is fairly wonky even for a Resident Evil game. It makes a lot more sense when you realize that the city's layout was most likely modeled after the layout of Japanese cities as opposed to American ones, American features notwithstanding.
  • Development Gag: This game brought back the "fat cop" model of zombie, after they were featured in early previews but ultimately cut from Resident Evil 2.
  • Dummied Out: Since 3 was made using 2's engine, Tofu's data is in Resident Evil 3 game despite him not appearing and can be hacked onto the player character model.
  • Preview Piggybacking: Early copies of the PlayStation version also came with a demo disc for Dino Crisis.
  • Urban Legend of Zelda:
    • There used to be a persistent fan rumor that Nemesis was secretly one of the series' pre-existing characters who was captured and mutated by Umbrella. note  They ultimately ended up using this angle with his character in the movies.
    • The story of how Jill is constantly chased by Nemesis throughout the game is somewhat exaggerated. The truth is that effectively all of Nemesis' encounters are scripted and trigger automatically as a result of the player fulfilling certain conditions as part of advancing the story, which speedrunners have long taken advantage of. The sheer number of encounters, several of which are mutually exclusive,note  and the fact that some encounters put Nemesis into a "chase mode" where he will actively haunt a small area until he finds Jill and is subsequently escaped from, which takes about three screen changes,note  presents the illusion of a constantly roaming pursuer. The complete list of scripted Nemesis encounters and how to trigger them goes as follows:
      • Your first encounter with Nemesis happens when you reach the Raccoon Police Department Yard for the first time, which is the introduction of Nemesis to the game.
      • The second encounter comes inside the RPD, and triggers in the stairwell when you return from the 2nd floor after having acquired the lockpick.
      • The third encounter is the first of two mutually exclusive ones; your first encounter with both Nemesis and Carlos will be triggered in a unique scene depending on whether you go to the restaurant or newspaper office first.
      • Encounter #4 comes after Jill has been told to find the gear needed to repair the cable car, and follows the same rules as encounter #3; which version you get depends on if you visit the substation or the alley leading to the sales office first and your decision inside of them.
      • The fifth encounter occurs on the path leading past City Hall and to the cable car, and is triggered by approaching City Hall all of the items needed for the cable car Fetch Quest.
      • Once the cable car is activated, the 6th encounter triggers in a cutscene.
      • Encounter #7 occurs the first time that Jill comes down from the gear room on the 2nd floor of the clock tower.
      • The eighth encounter is the game's first mandatory boss fight against Nemesis, and comes after the rescue helicopter is signaled. In this battle, Nemesis either will or won't be armed with a rocket launcher depending on which live selection was made aboard the cable car.
      • When playing as Carlos, returning to the clock tower with the T-Vaccine triggers the 9th Nemesis encounter.
      • The 10th encounter is triggered once the player regains control of Jill and tries to leave the clock tower save room to head to the park.
      • Encounter #11 happens once Jill steps foot onto the bridge leading to the Dead Factory for the first time.
      • The penultimate Nemesis encounter, and the second mandatory boss fight, happens once Jill enters the treatment/disposal room of the Dead Factory.
      • The 13th and final encounter, and the last mandatory boss fight, happens when Jill reaches the site of the U.S. Army's last stand whilst fleeing to the helicopter launch pad.
  • What Could Have Been: