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Trivia / Resident Evil 2 (Remake)

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  • Development Gag:
    • Quite a few from the Resident Evil 1.5 build:
      • Claire gets a costume based on her Elza Walker incarnation.
      • William Birkin used to moan "Sherry" among his other standard noises. This makes a comeback here.
      • The Licker's special kill, where they pin the player to the floor, was originally in 1.5, but cut in favor of a jumping slash to the throat. It was reintroduced with the Licker Betas in 5, and they can do it in 2 now.
      • Mr. X's hat is from a cut design planned for RE 1.5.
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    • The Plant 43 section with its Ivy Zombies is an homage to the first draft concept for a sequel to the original Resident Evil, which would have seen S.T.A.R.S. returning to the ruined Arklay Mansion to deal with an infestation of mutated plants that were overrunning the ruins and producing new infected — and plant-parasitized — monsters. This idea was ultimately scrapped in favor of the "Raccoon City is overrun by zombies" story that created first Resident Evil 1.5 and then Resident Evil 2 proper.
  • Lying Creator:
    • The remake does indeed feature the zapping system in a way,note  despite developer interviews claiming that each character will get their own unique campaign.
    • The developers went into great length about why they chose to give Ada a trenchcoat instead of her iconic red dress. It didn't even take until near release like the above entry for the developers to contradict their claim with a trailer featuring Ada in, you guess it, her red dress.
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  • Meaningful Release Date: It came out on January 25, 2019, four days after the original game's twenty-first anniversary.
  • Meme Acknowledgement: The remake's official Twitter account has referenced the meme associating Mr. X with DMX.
  • The Other Darrin: Due to the localization company that Capcom went with for the remake deciding to use non-union voice actors, none of the current voice actors for Leon, Claire, and Ada make a return.
  • Promoted Fanboy: Much like his previous voice actor, Leon's current one, Nick Apostolides, is apparently a massive Resident Evil fan, having been playing the games since he was a little kid, and him getting the role of Leon was a dream come true for him.
  • Role Reprise: Despite the remake going for a primarily non-union cast, TJ Rotolo and Keith Silverstein reprise their respective roles as William Birkin and HUNK. Katsutoshi Karamatsu, one of the original game's programmers, also reprises his role as Tofu.
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  • Vaporware: The remake was announced in 2015, and nothing was heard of it again until the first trailer was revealed at E3 2018.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • One of the unlockable pieces of concept art in the game shows a zombie variant that's partially transformed into a Licker, reminiscent of the Regis Licker from Resident Evil Outbreak.
    • Yoshiaki Hirabayashi secretly recorded the game's production team discussing details over dinner to celebrate their success and discuss the changes that they implemented over the original ideas that they had.
    • A strange case: there was a fan-made RE2 remake, made in Unreal Engine 4. Capcom politely asked the developers to shut it down, as the official remake was well in development. The developers accepted, and were taken to see the then-in-progress official remake, as well as discuss ideas with Capcom's team. Not wanting to let their work go to waste, they retooled their project into Daymare 1998.


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