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Recap / Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

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September 28th, 1998. Raccoon City is bleeding out. The city has been overrun by hordes of zombies, the products of a mysterious plague that has swept the city in a matter of days. It's total chaos, and the few survivors either huddle in their safe places and hope desperately to be rescued, or try to escape the dying city.

Though she has fought a constant string of running battles, trying to help the city that scorned her in its hour of need, by this date, ex-S.T.A.R.S officer Jill Valentine has concluded that the city is done for. The only call now is for her to try and escape the city, before she becomes one of the undead. She gathers up what supplies she has left in her temporary hideout, a cargo warehouse in the back streets of Raccoon City, and tries to convince the only other survivor to make it there with her to follow her. The man, Dario Rosso, refuses; having lost his entire family to a pack of zombies not so long ago, he is so traumatized that he simply screams at Jill that her idea is stupid. When she tries to make him see sense, he runs and locks himself in a shipping container, declaring he'd rather wait in here and starve than risk being eaten by zombies.

Unable to convince him, Jill reluctantly leaves Dario to his fate and exits the warehouse, sneaking along through back alleys to avoid being confronted by too many undead at once. Sudddenly, a man bursts out of a door ahead of her, chased by zombies and flees, screaming. A man that she recognizes as her former teammate; Brad "Chickenheart" Vickers. Gunning down or evading his pursues, she gives chase, and finally manages to catch up to him in a bar, where she kills a zombie that has him cornered.

Her relief at finding a fellow survivor quickly turns to dismay; Brad seems to have lost his mind, ranting about a mysterious pursuer that is intent on killing all surviving S.T.A.R.S members before he flees from the bar. Jill tries to give chase, but he loses her amidst the chaos, and so she reluctantly resumes her lone escape plan. Her efforts ultimately bring her to a locked gate that she could open if she only had her lockpicks. As the Raccoon Police's Ennerdale Precinct, the city's police headquarters isn't far away, she heads there, hoping to retrieve her lockpicks from her former office in the S.T.A.R.S section.

It is at the station's front door that she finally meets Brad again. And learns that he wasn't mad after all. A hulking figure, reminiscent of the monstrous Tyrant B.O.W that the S.T.A.R.S survivors battled at the Arklay lab, but clad in a skin-tight leather body-coat and writhing with tentacles, corners them both. Before Jill can even think of intervening, it captures Brad and kills him, impaling him through the mouth with a tentacle. Then it tosses his corpse aside like so much rubbish and begins to lumber towards her, growling "...S.T.A.R.S..."

Depending on the player's decision, Jill either attacks the creature in an attempt to make it pay for killing her former comrade (or at least tries to grab Brad's S.T.A.R.S card before fleeing to safety), or simply makes a break for it through the front door of the police station.

Either way, Jill enters the station and discovers it has been overrun by zombies, the last of the cops killed by the people they once tried to protect. Fighting and dodging her way through the halls, she ultimately makes her way to the S.T.A.R.S office, picking up a strange blue gemstone along the way. The place is a wreck, with the radio system damaged and the desks ransacked - luckily, her lockpicks remain in her desk. Before she leaves, the radio bursts into life, just long enough to pick up a transmission from someone names Carlos, who claims to have been cut off from "his unit" and to have found no survivors. Unfortunately, the machinery is too damaged to send transmissions, and so all Jill can do is hope that Carlos gets out alive, whoever he is.

As Jill heads back down to the ground floor, suddenly, Jill's Tyrant makes a dramatic return - now toting a rocket launcher! Fleeing the heavily armed monstrosity, Jill escapes the police station and heads through the locked gate, making her way into the downtown region of Raccoon City. As she winds her way through these streets, she finds the corpse of a man sporting a military uniform, emblazoned with an Umbrella logo and the letters "U.B.C.S". In his hands, she finds a suicide note, revealing him to have been a member of the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasures Service, sent in by Umbrella to apparently rescue civilians.

Curious, as Jill logically doubts Umbrella's benevolence, she makes her way through the downtown district, finding more U.B.C.S corpses, as well as new foes to fight; zombified dogs, and grotesque, insectile yet humanoid creatures. As she approaches the shopping district, she hears gunfire coming from the north. Depending on the player's actions, either she goes north-east to the Grill 13 restaurant, or north-west to the Raccoon Free Press office.

Depending on the choice, she will find Carlos Oliveira, a U.B.C.S corporal, in either the flooded basement of Grill 13 or on the second floor of the Raccoon Free Press. Regardless, Carlos will be happy to see somebody else alive, and lightly flirt with Jill, who responds with hostility and caution; she knows better than to trust somebody working for Umbrella. However, their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of the Nemesis, forcing them to make a quick decision; flee, hide, or fight. If they hide, a sudden explosion will knock their pursuer unconscious, giving them a temporary chance to escape before he revives.

Once safely away from danger, Jill and Carlos will resume their conversation. Depending on if they fled or hid/fought, they will have either a long conversation or a short one. Regardless, they will go their separate ways, with Carlos inviting Jill to join his squad and assuring her that, as far as he knows, the U.B.C.S is only there to help the civilians. Jill has her doubts, but has little else to do. She resumes her explorations, potentially dodging her Tyrant pursuer as she explores the shopping district. In whichever building she did not meet Carlos in, she finds a green gemstone, a counterpart to the blue one she found in the R.C.P.D.

The stones turn out to be components in a lock on the gates to City Hall. As her other avenues of investigation are cut off, Jill promptly opens the lock and continues past it. The building itself has been barricaded, and she doubts there's anyone left alive in it anyway. Instead, she works her way past it to the Central Street tram station; this looks to be her best hope to get to some other part of the city. Indeed, things look up when she finds another pair of survivors; two more U.B.C.S mercenaries. One man is heavily injured, convalescing on the tram's seats, whilst the other, a gray-haired individual wearing the insignia of a commander, is fully aware but taciturn and suspicious of her.

This man greets Jill with suspicion, asking who she is and how she survived, to which she reveals that she's a member of S.T.A.R.S. This seems to satisfy the man, and he leads her into the front car, where she reunites with Carlos, who is delighted to see she's still alive. The gray-haired man warns Carlos that they can't trust Jill, but he retorts that they have no choice; as far as can be determined, there's nobody left of their squad, their unit... indeed, the entire U.B.C.S seems to have been reduced to the three of them; Carlos, the injured Lieutenant Mikhail Viktor in the rear car, and Sergeant Nicholai Zinoviev.

Reluctantly conceding Carlos' point, Nicholai agrees to include Jill in their escape plan. There's a rendezvous and extraction point for the U.B.C.S at the St. Michael Clock Tower, a famous Raccoon City landmark north of their location, but the way to reach it is cut off by massive fires and swarms of the undead. The cable car can traverse it and it will make a perfect shield against the dangers of the outside world. The issue is that the tram requires repairs before it can be operated; it's out of fuel, it's missing a high energy fuse, and a damaged power cable must be replaced. That means they need to get back out there and scavenge the replacements. On that note, they separate to go looking.

Jill recalls that she saw a set of power cables in a garage that she passed through on her way to reach the downtown area - she may have even picked it up already. There's also a gas station she can reach close by. Finally, there's a power substation back near the garage where she saw the power cables, but she needs a battery to power a lift to reach it. Which order she goes after these items in is up to the player. This recap will presume its own order.

As it's the closest, Jill heads to the gas station. Here, she finds oil in a locked cabinet - but also finds a note that says the trams need a special mix of oil and additive to operate. There's no additive to be found, but Jill recalls an Umbrella sales office specializing in various medical and chemical compounds back uptown; the additive might be there. She is joined by either Carlos (if they fled from Nemesis at their first meeting) or Nicholai (if she and Carlos hid).

If Carlos arrives, a swarm of zombies suddenly descend on the station, and the mercenary goes outside to hold them off whilst Jill recovers the oil. No sooner has she done so than a loose cable ignites some spilled oil, setting the place on fire. She quickly escapes and grabs Carlos, who is weary but triumphant. As the fire spills out behind them, they flee for their lives as the entire gas station goes up in flames and explodes. They won't be coming back this way. They decide to split up again to look for the remaining items.

If Nicholai arrives, he goes into the back room on his own. When Jill looks that way, he's crouched over a puddle of oil - which a sparking power cable suddenly ignites, engulfing the interior of the gas station in flames! Jill flees for her life as the fire devours the building, the stored gas exploding and bringing the whole thing down in a cascade of flaming rubble. Dusting herself off, Jill resumes her search, wondering two things. Firstly; how is she going to tell Carlos what happened? Secondly; why did it look like Nicholai deliberately started that fire...?

Regardless, Jill resumes her scavenging. Investigating the statue of the mayor, she realizes that the book can be taken from the statue's arms. Recalling Umbrella's fondness for bizarre keys and weird puzzle-locks, she heads back to the shopping district, where she is able to retrieve a compass-shaped piece of sculpture by swapping the book for it. When she places the compass in the statue's arms, it reveals a hidden alcove with a battery inside. This raises many questions, but Jill dismisses them; the important thing is that now she can reach the power substation and retrieve that fuse.

At the substation, Jill has to regulate power output in order to unlock a pair of doors. As she is doing this, she is interrupted when a swarm of zombies try to break through the door into the substation; thinking quicly, she realizes she can either flee out the back door, or increase the voltage and electrocute them.

If she flees, she batters open the jammed emergency exit and makes her way out of the station, only to be cornered by the zombies - and subsequently saved inadvertently when the Tyrant starts blazing away at her with its rocket launcher, blowing the zombies to pieces. Jill is forced to run for it, losing her pursuer before doubling back to the substation.

If she turns up the voltage, she fries the zombies, killing them all. This makes unlocking the other door somewhat trickier due to the change in voltage level, but is easily compensated for.

If she takes too long, though, the zombies burst through the door and she must use precious ammo to kill them before they kill her.

Whatever her decision, Jill recovers the fuse she needs and a powerful weapon to supplement her arsenal, and prepares to return uptown for the final component.

If Jill heads back to the tram station before finding all four items, she will encounter Mikhail outside of the tram, mowing down a small band of zombies despite his injuries. When he collapses in pain, Jill will drag him back into the tram and ask what he thought he was doing; Mikhail retorts that he must continue to fight, for the sake of his fallen comrades, victims of this city. When Jill points out that the zombies are victims of Umbrella, Mikhail replies that his friends were not involved; the U.B.C.S have only loose ties to Umbrella. On this, Jill agrees, admitting that's the only reason she can bring herself to work with them before she leaves Mikhail to rest and resumes scavenging.

Similarly, if Jill attempts to retrieve Dario from the warehouse whilst she is back uptown, she finds her hopes of helping him escape shattered. In a cruel irony, whilst Jill was downtown, Dario finally left his shipping container, only to attract the attention of several zombies, which cornered him and killed him. Gunning them down, Jill can only take his journal and some stockpiled ammo from his temporary hidey-hole and move on; she has to worry about saving her own skin.

Ultimately, Jill makes her way to the sales office.

If she chose to hide when she first met Carlos, she hears a gunshot as she steps through the door, and races into the building to find Nicholai standing over the body of a slain U.B.C.S mercenary, Murphy Seeker, smoking gun in hand. When Jill confronts him, Nicholai coldly retorts that Murphy was infected and it was easier to dispatch him now, before the infection claimed him, than to wait. Shaken by his coldness, she starts looking for the additive, whilst Nicholai starts to examine Murphy's body.

If she chose to run when she and Carlos were first cornered by Nemesis, she instead finds Carlos and the dying Murphy, who begs his friend to kill him before he finishes succumbing to the virus, an act that Carlos finally performs before breaking down in tears. She offers him what comfort she can, but he leaves to clear his head, forcing Jill to start looking for the additive on her own.

Using the latest Umbrella product as the password on the computer, per the instructions of a nearby file, she unlocks the storage locker and proceeds inside. In the back room, she finds the additive - and then a huge pack of zombies force their way through the windows and corner her in the locker! If Nicholai remains, she hears him scream from outside, but she is too busy fighting for her life to render any aid. Once the zombies lie dead at her feet, she quickly escapes from the sales office - noting the disappearance of Murphy's body, and potentially the absence of Nicholai as she passes.

As she heads back downtown through the garage, a sudden earthquake causes the floor to give way under her - and jolts a huge crate into sliding out of a nearby truck and heading straight for her! Jill must choose to either try and climb out of the way in time, or to drop down the hole to avoid being crushed - if she waits too long, she automatically drops down. If she climbs up, she narrowly avoids being hit by the crate. If she drops down, she must work her way through a brief section of sewers to find a ladder to climb back up into the garage. In the process, she finds the shed skin of some enormous invertebrate, and must fight or dodge mutant bloodsucking worms the size of snakes.

As she reaches City Hall, Jill is confronted by the Nemesis; dodging him in the tight confines of the three-points street isn't easy, but he doesn't follow her into the Lonsdale Yard, which leads to the tram car. Jill finds out why as the ground shakes under her, causing the street to collapse and trap her in a small segment of sewer, where she is confronted by a giant mutant worm of hideous appearance. Dodging for her life in the tight confines, she activates a pair of switches and lowers a ladder that lets her climb back up and reach the tram station.

Here, she completes her repair job, and gets the tram running. Carlos finally returns, and Jill informs him that Nicholai is apparently dead. Neither of them feels inclined to spare much time mourning; instead, they activate the tram and head for the clock tower.

Of course... nothing can go that smoothly. A sudden heavy slam against the tram sends Jill into the rear car to investigate; to her horror, the Nemesis has forced its way onto the train, and she must battle it in the tight confines. She pours ammunition into the creature, but it refuses to fall. As it rises back to its feet, Mikhail sends her into the front car and makes a heroic last stand; blazing away with his assault rifle and then, when it grabs him, detonating his grenades to blow it out of the tram and into the street.

Unfortunately, this explosion throws out the breaks, and there are cars crashed right on the line. With only seconds left to choose, Jill either abandons the car train through the window or tries the emergency brake - defaulting to the brake, if the player is too slow.

Either way, the tram smashes into the cars and is derailed, sending it careening into the clock tower's grounds, plowing through the courtyard and slamming into a set of residential quarters on the east side of the ground floor.

If Jill jumped to safety, she finds herself in the bedroom, with her only way out being to head north. Especially when a number of burning zombies struggle through the flames after her! Either dispatching them or hastily grabbing anything what looks useful and fleeing, Jill goes through the north door. Here, she reaches a small library, where she finds Carlos. They express their relief in each other's survival, and then separate, looking to find a way to activate the beacon and signal the evac chopper to get them.

If Jill tried to use the emergency brake, she is thrown clear in the courtyard; the main door is locked from the other side, forcing her to enter through the west wing instead. A chapel to the south promises some level of shelter, but when she returns to the piano room, she is attacked by zombies that burst through the windows. Heading north, she finds Carlos having a breakdown in the dining room, where she slaps him and reminds him that they have to make it out of here alive. But her words have little effect on the distraught Carlos, who leaves to "clear his head". Jill resolves to find a way to trigger the evac chopper, intent on getting out of here alive after all the sacrifices she's seen along the way.

As she explores, Jill finds the corpses of both U.B.C.S mercenaries and civilians. On the body of one of the former, she finds a copy of the U.B.C.S' mission plan, which reveals they were specifically supposed to rescue Umbrella "assets", although some of the mercenaries did try to just help anyone. It's a moot point now, as they're all dead. Still, it reveals that she can summon the eva chopper by ringing the clock tower's bell.

Exploring the ground floor to the limits of her abilities, Jill heads up to the 2nd floor where the face of the clock tower lies after being confronted by locked doors that she can't open. Here, on the balcony, she uses a key she found in her explorations to lower a ladder to the bell room. There, she finds the mechanical engine that drives the bells has been sabotaged; a gear is missing. Completing a nearby music box puzzle reveals a key that she needs to unlock the last door down on the ground floor. But, when she climbs back to the balcony, she is confronted by her mutant pursuer. Thinking quickly, she realizes she can either blind it with a nearby searchlight, or electrocute it by ripping out a power cable and dropping it in a nearby puddle that the beast is standing in. If she takes too long, it will strike her, and she must either fight or flee.

If she blinds the Nemesis, it topples over the balcony and gets lost, allowing Jill to finish exploring the ground floor in peace. Otherwise, she must dodge the creature until she recovers the missing gear from a room in the west wing. Placing it within the engine, she starts the bells ringing - and, sure enough, the inspiring form of a transport helicopter comes roaring into view.

Fueled with hope, Jill races to the courtyard... only for that hope to be dashed as the Nemesis shoots down her rescuer with its rocket launcher. The crippled helicopter crashes into the clock tower, destroying the bell tower and collapsing the entryway. Trapping her in the courtyard, the beast corners her.

If Carlos had his breakdown in front of Jill earlier, he intervenes, a lucky shot destroying the Tyrant's rocket launcher and forcing it to rely on melee as Jill tries to gun down the beast. He can't do anything further, as the creature knocks him out cold.

Otherwise, Carlos doesn't arrive until it's too late, leaving Jill to face off against her pursuer.

Either way, Jill manages to put the creature down, leaving it sprawled out, seemingly unconscious, amidst the blazing wreckage of the helicopter... but not before it stabs her with a tentacle, dripping with virulent slime. Jill herself passes out as Carlos either arrives or regains consciousness, and takes her to the safety of the nearby chapel.

Jill remains unconscious for two days, during which time Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield will arrive and make their escape. She regains consciousness briefly after midnight on October 1st. Carlos tries to encourage her that she's getting better, but Jill knows better; a horrible numbness is spreading through her flesh from her wound, and she knows that the T-Virus - or whatever horrible variant of it has festered in her purser's body - is claiming her. She begs Carlos to kill her before it turns her into a zombie, but he refuses, adamant that there is a cure. The argument ends when Jill falls unconscious, and Carlos leaves, locking the chapel door behind him to keep her safe from wandering beasts.

In the northernmost room of the west wing, on the ground floor, the chamber where Jill found the missing gear, Carlos finds a door that had been crudely barricaded with a heavy metal bell. Jill had been unable to move it, but the larger and stronger Carlos manages to just barely shove it out of the way. The door takes him onto the streets of Raccoon City behind the clock tower. To the south stands a gate to the local park... but more of interest is the hospital that lies to the north, and Carlos quickly makes his way there.

The hospital is devastated, with blood and corpses everywhere. The lobby is strewn with dead men and partially locked down with a steel shutter. As Carlos enters, a zombie slowly shuffles towards him from the back of the room. Before Carlos can shoot it, something leaps through the air and decapitates the zombie from behind. A new creature, a reptilian yet humanoid brute with massive claws, screams at Carlos; Jill would recognize it as a Hunter, although a different model to the one she faced in the Arklay Mountains; this one is covered in horrible tumor-like growths.

The fight that ensues is vicious, but brief. Gunning down the Hunter Beta, and the second one that quickly follows it, Carlos begins exploring the hospital. A overturned office leads to an employee's lounge, where he recovers a Director's Diary, chronicling the grim symptoms of T-Virus infestation and the fall of the hospital. Still, it gives him hope that there might be a cure hidden somewhere in the lab's ruins. More importantly, a nearby tape recorder unlocks a private elevator, which can only reach two floors; the 3rd basement floor, or the 4th floor.

If Carlos chooses to head to the Basement 3rd Floor first, he is held at gunpoint by Tyrell Patrick, a fellow U.B.C.S survivor from Bravo Platoon's A Squad. Tyrell is clutching a gunshot wound and rants to Carlos about a traitor within the squad who attacked him. In fact, he claims that it was Nicholai who was responsible, warning Carlos to look out for him. As he tells this to Carlos, he opens a wall safe - and is killed by a concealed bomb hidden inside. Carlos is left to wonder just why Nicholai is betraying them.

If Carlos chooses to head to the 4th Floor first, he hears a gunshot and a confrontation, racing to find Nicholai gloating as he holds a gun on the wounded U.B.C.S survivor Tyrell Patrick. Carlos demands to know what Nicholai is doing, and he merely turns his gun on his fellow soldier. His only explanation? That he is "one of the supervisors". Before he can shoot Carlos, Tyrell pulls the pin on a grenade in a suicidal vengeance attack; Carlos dives to safety, but the explosion knocks Nicholai out of a nearby window, presumably to his death. Carlos can only wonder what the hell just happened.

Exploring both floors, Carlos finds a medical instruction manual that confirms the existence of a successful T-virus antigen, one that requires the use of the chemical synthesizer, a medium base, and a vaccine base. Battling stray zombies, lingering Hunter Betas, and perhaps even some of the blood-sucking worm mutants, Carlos retrieves the two components and uses the synthesizer in the basement to create the T-Vaccine. As prototype Hunter Gammas - strange frog-like monsters - burst free of their storage pods in the lab, Carlos flees the building... and just in time! When he reaches the lobby, he discovers multiple timed explosives ticking down to detonation; with just seconds left, Carlos escapes the hospital, which is reduced to a pile of rubble in his wake.

But Carlos has no time to rest. As he enters the clock tower's main room, the Nemesis returns yet again by smashing through the roof; now stripped of the upper portion of its bodysuit, its full horror is revealed, allowing it to wield its grisly tentacles as deadly melee weapons. Luckily for Carlos, it shows little interest in him; instead, it tries to beat him to the chapel, and he must either outrun it or try to defeat it with what little ammunition he has.

Either way, Carlos races into the chapel where Jill lies convalescent. If he beat the Nemesis here, strangely, the creature turns and leaves. Injecting Jill with the vaccine he cultivated, he is relieved when she promptly stirs and then finally wakes, seemingly fully recovered. As she asks him what happened, Carlos explains that he had another run in with Jill's monster. If he gunned it down, he waves it off as no big deal. Otherwise, Jill wonders if it's actually possible to stop it, with Carlos clearly unsure of it himself. An unearthly bellow from nearby punctates their conversation, and Jill comes to the realization that it's toying with them both.

Carlos then gives her the other bad news; Nicholai is still alive, and clearly no friend to them. He then claims he needs to take care of some things and leaves. Once she trusts her legs to bear her weight again, Jill follows - only for the Tyrant to immediately spring out of the shadows, forcing her to run through the clock tower and escape through the door that Carlos unblocked earlier.

In the street behind the clock tower, she heads for the park to the south. The gate is locked, but Jill's trusty lockpick opens the nearby office, where she finds the key she needs to enter the park proper.

Evading and/or slaying various monsters, Jill first attempts to escape the park by taking the pathway to the east, leading through a nearby forest. Unfortunately, access to a factory she can see beyond is barred by a locked gate. She does find a dead mercenary, in whose clutches she discovers a written order to "supervisors". This group, evidently some secret agents sent in by Umbrella, are charged with obtaining and securing information about the outbreak, including recording combat data from battles between the U.B.C.S and the T-virus monsters infesting the city, destroying the evidence of medical treatment from the medical facility that was destroyed earlier, and, finally, a confusing mission directive. The last instruction is to check on the ability of "the guinea pig" to accomplish its own mission.

Jill wonders what that could be about, but with lack of options, turns back the way she came, exploring the gate on the west side of the park. Here, she finds a fountain - and when she deciphers the mechanism to drain the pond it sits in, a secret door is revealed. She descends down into a short sewer tunnel, evading bloodsucking mutant worms and emerging in a nearby cemetery. Exploring the overgrown paths, killing any zombies she encounters, she enters a cabin that is suspiciously empty. Something about the fireplace seems... off.

Burning the kindling in the fireplace reveals a missing break, which in turn reveals a chamber hidden behind the wall. A nearby prybar allows Jill to knock the bricks out of place, opening a hole she can crawl through. The room beyond contains maps, files, and a radio set, all belonging to the corpse of another man sprawled against the radio - evidently another of Umbrella's "supervisors". As she investigates, she finds a report which finally names her pursuer as "Nemesis", an Umbrella creation sent to eliminate the S.T.A.R.S. The radio suddenly chimes, a voice declaring that the mission has been terminated and all supervisors are to return immediately. A fax machine built into the station spits out an alarming message: the US army is going to "obliterate" the city at daybreak.

Realizing that she doesn't have much time left, Jill grabs the key to the factory gate from its nearby hook and hastily crawls back into the cabin's main room... only to be confronted by Nicholai! She demands to know what his game is, and he casually confesses to being one of the supervisors, charged with acquiring combat data on the performance of the T-Virus infected. Admittedly, nobody was expecting the U.B.C.S to be wiped out as thoroughly as they were, but he clearly doesn't care. A sudden earthquake makes the whole cabin shake, and Nicholai flees like the coward that he is. Jill runs after him, but is caught when the monstrous worm from before suddenly emerges, collapsing most of the graveyard into a sprawling morass of rough open-air tunnels. Fortunately, its passage disrupts a streetlight, which Jill knocks into a puddle of water with a bullet, electrocuting the mutant annelid and ending it menace once and for all. This gives her the freedom to climb out of the graveyard and return to the park.

From there, she heads to the factory gates, but once through them, she must pass over a rickety suspension bridge. Here, the Nemesis resurfaces once again, and Jill must quickly decide how to save herself; to jump off the bridge, or to push the monster off.

If she chooses to push the monster off, she nimbly evades its swipe and shoves it with all her might, sending it toppling into the river below. This allows her to enter the factory through the front door. She makes her way into the employee lounge, where Carlos greets her with troubling news; he's confirmed from one of the supervisors that a missile will be launched at Raccoon City at daybreak, annihilating the entire city in a nuclear inferno. The two of them are more determined than ever to escape the city before that happens, and go their separate ways to try and find some means of escaping the doomed city. As she looks for clues in the lounge, she finds the manager's diary, which reveals that this place is another Umbrella secret lab - but this one is outfitted with an experimental necrotizing chemical used to break down bodily tissues. However, the facility was overrun with more corpses than it could handle, and it was abandoned.

If Jill jumps off, she makes her way into the lower levels of the facility through a drainage outlet. Here, she is cornered by a quintet of zombies, but is rescued by a quick appearance by Carlos. Their initial joy at seeing each other alive turns somber when Carlos reveals that the army will annihilate the city with a missile strike at dawn, and they decide to seperate again in order to look for a way out of this mess. Before he leaves, Carlos warns Jill to watch out for Nicholai - a wise warning, as he ambushes her when she reaches the main entrance hall, forcing her to dodge a hail of bullets before he locks himself away behind a shutter door.

Regardless of how she gets inside, Jill explores every crevice of the factory, ultimately finding she has no choice but to enter the treatment chamber itself.

If Jill had pushed Nemesis off at the bridge, she comes under attack by Nicholai as she approaches the treatment room. He keeps her at bay with bullets, gloating about how he has murdered the other supervisors in order to enhance the monetary value of his information. Jill, on the other hand, he wants to kill for the bonus promised by Umbrella. Ironically, at that moment, the Nemesis attacks Nicholai, dragging him up through the ceiling and brutally ripping him apart, leaving behind nothing but a dripping pool of blood. Swallowing her revulsion, Jill enters the treatment room.

Inside the treatment room, she is cornered by Nemesis, trapped with the timer ticking down before the room is dropped into the bio-waste pool, but this time she has an advantage; luring the mutant close to the walls, her shots douse it in stream after stream of necrotizing chemical, burning off its tentacles, an arm, and finally its head before it finally keels over and collapses on the floor, seemingly dead at last. A keycard slides out of the labcoat of a scientist dead in one of the piles, and Jill grabs it; this is the final card she needs to open the shutter door on the first floor, and she flees through the treatment room's door.

Behind her, the corpse of the Nemesis is dropped into the bio-waste pool.

A female recording rings out and warns Jill that a missile attack has been confirmed, and that everyone must evacuate now. Jill hurries to unlock the shutter door, and finds herself in a communication tower's room, where a portable receiver displays how long she has until the missile hits.

If she jumped over the bridge when Nemesis cornered her before, however, Nicholai has beaten her to the evacuation helicopter. He rakes the radar room with bullets and taunts her over the radio; whether Jill tries to negotiate or attempts to return fire is up to her. If she tries negotiating, Nicholai gloats about how he has murdered the other supervisors in order to enhance the monetary value of his information, and then abandons her to die. If she fights back, a well-aimed shot brings Nicholai crashing down to earth, ending his life once and for all. Carlos arrives just as Nicholai leaves, and grieves that they have lost at the lost moment. Then he shakes himself back to his senses and refuses to give up, running off to try and find some other way to escape. As her radar detector warns her that the missile is on its way, Jill drops down the emergency tunnel, determining it can't hurt to check it out.

If she dares to risk coming back up at this point, she will hear a familiar voice crackling to life over the radio, promising salvation and sending her back down the emergency tunnel.

On the other hand, if Nicholai was killed by the Nemesis, then Jill is greeted by Carlos on the radio when she reaches the communication tower, telling her to come down through the emergency tunnel and join him in the helicopter so they can escape. As her radar detector warns her that the missile is on its way, Jill hurries to join him.

Regardless, Jill finds herself working her way through a scrapyard littered with the corpses of Tyrants - yet another model, different to both the one she saw in the Arklay Mountains and the Nemesis - and of US soldiers. She enters a power generator room, where she finds herself face to face with an enormous railgun, obviously used to slay the Tyrants. There's an elevator nearby that she needs to power up, and it's tied into the same power system as the railgun. But, no sooner has she pushed the first of the three battery locks into place than, to her horror, the Nemesis returns. The mutilated corpse has twisted itself into a bestial figure, and it partially devours a nearby Tyrant corpse, growing into an enormous squamous horror that shambles along on massive flailing tentacles, spraying gouts of acid.

Narrowly avoiding its reach, Jill races around and restores all three batteries to their proper slot, setting the railgun to automatically fire. She lures the mutated Nemesis into its path, and the mighty blast of energy tears through the horrible creature. As the railgun shuts off, the nearby elevator door finally opens, and Jill runs to make her escape.

...But Nemesis is still alive. It oozes after her, bleeding and smoking, and Jill has to make a choice; finish off the creature that's on its last legs, or just escape. If she fails to decide in time, Nemesis strikes her with its last ounce of strength, and then falls dead at her feet. If she decides to kill it, she grabs a magnum revolver dropped by a nearby US Army corpse and empties the bullets into what passes for Nemesis' head. Otherwise, she turns and flees through the elevator.

Regardless, she makes her way to the factory helipad. Either Carlos has the chopper fired up and ready to go, or Carlos arrives and tells her that another copter has come to save them, flagging it down with a flare grenade. To Jill's surprise, it's none other than Barry Burton, here to save the day!

Either way, Jill and Carlos escape the city just in the nick of time; as the dawn breaks, a missile streaks across the sky, and impacts Raccoon City's center. The resulting explosion consumes the entire city and all of its infected inhabitants in a massive fireball, wiping it and most of it's 100,000 inhabitants clean off of the map. As they flyaway, Jill vows that one day, Umbrella will pay for what they've done...