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As a Fridge subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

Fridge Brilliance
  • The Western Custom M37 shotgun can only use standard shotgun ammo rather than the enhanced shotgun ammo that can be made with the reloading tool. The M37 is a lever action shotgun based on the Winchester Model 1887, which was designed only to use the shorter 2 3/4" shells rather than the 3" magnum shells.
  • Why is Nemesis so incredibly resilient? Ignoring the Gameplay and Story Segregation, there are multiple reasons:
    • Firstly, Jill and Carlos never manage to attack Nemesis with anything more than comparatively small-arms fire. As seen in the first two games, it takes dedicated anti-tank weaponry to kill a Tyrant; even if Nemesis is caught in the gas explosions at the restaurant/newspaper or the backfiring of its own rocket launcher, that's just not comparable to a more powerful and focused explosive.
    • Secondly, Nemesis is a gestalt entity; it's mainly a Tyrant, but also an engineered parasitic organism inside the Tyrant's body. Thusly, the parasite can contribute to its host durability by growing and mutating to compensate for the damage it takes.
    • Third, its coat is likely armored somewhat against small arms, especially 9mm and 12 gauge shells; magnum caliber rounds are able to stagger it more effectively.
  • When Jill melts off Nemesis's head, arm and most of its tentacles in the Dead Factory disposal room, she really does kill it... the problem is, she only kills the Tyrant half of the creature. The final boss battle is against the Nemesis parasite, which, perhaps stimulated by the chemical soup it was dumped into, has managed to grow to enormous stature, partially bursting out of the corpse of its host. This explains its particularly grotesque appearance.
  • The US government uses an experimental thermobaric missile to level Raccoon City. While initially believed to be a nuclear or thermonuclear missile, a thermobaric missile makes more sense for several reasons:
    • Detonating a nuclear weapon on US soil, on a populated city no less, especially after the rest of the country was told that Raccoon City was under quarantine due to a radiation leak (so as to not cause a nationwide panic) would result in an unprecedented PR nightmare and would be next to impossible to cover up and sweep under the rug, not to mention the deaths of 100,000 people (which itself is more than likely an unprecedented death toll on American soil) is itself going to cause incredible friction against the government (which proves to be the case; the incident results in the President at the time resigning due to public outrage and the entire truth of the incident being buried up to the highest echelons of government).
    • High heat is incredibly effective at destroying residual pathogens and viruses; in order to ensure the complete destruction of the city, and the T-Virus, high heat thermobaric weapons would be highly effective, while not leaving behind residual radiation like a nuclear weapon would, which may carry the virus via the wind and seep into the rivers that the city sat on. This ensures the area can be studied and laboratories can be set up to study any remnants of the virus, without the risk of radiation contamination.
    • Using a nuclear weapon would also be difficult to explain to other countries and allies of the United States, who would inevitably notice the detonation and would risk exposing the existence of the T-Virus and the outbreak in Raccoon City.
  • According to the BIOHAZARD 3 LAST ESCAPE OFFICIAL GUIDEBOOK COMPLETE CONQUEST OF NEMESIS book, the production team mentions that the establishment of the Select Police Force was made as a concept where they could also be tasked to serve as anti-riot officers aside from being its main SWAT Team after Irons ordered that S.T.A.R.S. be disbanded. While this idea is not heard of in most jurisdictions, Japan has a few police tactical units that are known to be tasked as Anti-Firearms Squad units inside various anti-riot units.

Fridge Horror

  • Nemesis is said to be a one-off prototype in documentation, but this information is sketchy at best. It is entirely possible Umbrella Europe (who developed the NE-A parasite and more or less developed the Nemesis independently of Umbrella America, who focused on the Tyrant and Hunter projects) created more than one Nemesis, or further refined the concept before Umbrella folded, or squirreled away the remaining prototypes...
    • Expanded universe materials confirm this, that there were 4 Nemesis prototypes, The one sent into Racoon, and one was either recaptured/killed after the parasite caused it to gain so much intelligence it gained total free will and attempted escape, that leaves 2 other Nemesis prototypes unaccounted for, some people theorise that T.A.L.O.S was one of the unaccounted for prototypes, owing to how it looks when it mutates and it's ability to use weaponary. If this is indeed the case, that still would leave one prototype unaccounted for...
  • While trying to get the cable car to run, you have the option to head back to where Dario was hiding out. En route you see a young lady fleeing from zombies and eventually getting killed. Hey wait... didn't Dario say he lost his daugh... Oh...
    • Different girl. Not that this makes it any better, since you do find his daughter's corpse in the clock tower.
  • Similarly, if you revisit the street outside the boutique and the bar where you meet Brad, you'll find the fire escape where you could find some herbs drawn up and three dead bodies lying in the street. Did they die trying to make that escape? Did someone leave them for dead?
    • That also means that there were certainly other people, probably even a fair number of other people, who holed up likely in the hope that the disaster would pass after a time or they would be rescued right up until the moment Raccoon City was destroyed.