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"Rumor has it you know a thing or two about D&D."
Agnes Evans

She Kills Monsters is a dramatic comedy play by Qui Nguyen that debuted in 2011. It is the story of Agnes Evans, a young woman leaving her childhood home shortly after the death of her geeky little sister, Tilly. Upon finding a homemade Dungeons & Dragons module Tilly made shortly before her passing, Agnes decides to play the game in order to understand her sister more. To this end, she enlists the assistance of Chuck, a teenager who used to play D&D with Tilly.

The play jumps between the real world and the game world as Agnes travels through the quest from the module to learn about the girl she called sister.


She Kills Monsters provides examples of:

  • The '90s: The play is set in 1995, with all of the appropriate pop culture references included.
  • Abridged for Children: The "Young Adventurer's Edition" changes the older characters from 20-somethings into high schoolers and omits the more harsh profanity.
  • Alpha Bitch: The evil succubi cheerleaders, who bully Tilly for being gay, and their real life counterparts, who are implied to have done the same.
  • Ass Kicking Pose: When Tilly's party is introduced. The script directions say:
    ( TILLY steps up beside KALIOPE, and LILITH and do badass poses with their weapons as if they're at a photo shoot.)
  • Big Bad: The five-headed dragon goddess The Tiamat.
  • Cast Full of Gay: Everyone in New Landia, Tilly's D&D setting, is gay (except Agnes), since Tilly herself was.
  • Dance Off: In their second encounter with the succubi, the party challenges them to a dance battle which ends with stabbing them while they're distracted.
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  • Dark Action Girl: Lilith and Kaliope, the other members of Tilly's party, are a demon queen and a dark elf respectively.
  • Do You Want to Copulate?: Said as much by Kaliope to Agnes' character.
    Kaliope: Would you like to copulate with me now?
    Agnes: What?
    Kaliope: I think it would make you feel better. I hear you humans like to do such things.
  • Emotionless Girl: Kaliope. Apparently emotionlessness is a elf trait.
    Kaliope: But we're lacking in "emotional awareness."
    Agnes: What? Are you like a robot or something?
    Kaliope: No, we're Elves. We're above emotions. That's a human trait.
  • Gayngst: Tilly was bullied for being gay, which is reflected in her module through the succubi characters.
  • Girl-on-Girl Is Hot: When Kaliope propositions Agnes' character.
    Agnes: CHUCK! I'm not going to have sex with the Elf-girl!
    Chuck: What? I don't want to see you have sex with the sexy Elf-girl? Why would I want to see that? Ew, gross, hot-girl on hot-girl action.
  • The Hero: Agnes Evans, the main protagonist.
  • Horny Devils: The party fights a pair of succubi.
  • Hot as Hell: Lilith the Demon Queen is described as a "leather-clad dominatrix".
  • Not What It Looks Like: Agnes's boyfriend begins to suspect she is cheating on him with Chuck, when they are in fact just playing D&D together.
  • Posthumous Character: Tilly appears on stage through the game module she left behind.
  • They Killed Kenny Again: In four of the five appearances of The Great Mage Steve, he gets murdered in a comical manner, usually by whatever creature the party will fight.
  • World of Action Girls: In the game world, all of the female adventurers are fighters and warriors.


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