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Final Fantasy was already full of content. And several games and rereleases included achievements that were difficult to obtain.

Final Fantasy VII

  • The PC and PS4 versions created some, including defeating Ruby Weapon and Emerald Weapon.
    • Obtaining Aerith's Great Gospel. Becomes missable once she dies, meaning the player must perform copious amounts of grinding and backtracking during the early game. And since everything of hers becomes unavailable after her death, it feels like a moot process.
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    • Getting the Golden Saucer date with Barret. This requires the player to know about the Relationship Values in the game, and how to manipulate it correctly from the very beginning, to ensure getting him and not one of the three female options.
  • The Steam version gave a trophy for obtaining and mastering every materia in the game. This includes mastering the Enemy Skill materia, meaning the player must learn Trine and Pandora's Box.


Final Fantasy IX

  • The game was already notorious for having many hair-pulling sidequests. And when the game was re-released in the PS4, Square decided to give every sidequests its own trophy.
    • The Ultimate Sword means obtaining Excalibur II, which required the player to complete this 4-disc RPG in 12 hours and meant skipping majority of the game itself. Fortunately, the new turbo feature that sped the game up x3 made this a little less frustrating to get than previously.
    • Diggin' It requires the player to find and open all 340 treasure chests, which can become impossible if they get too far into the game. Doing this also makes them an S-Rank Treasure Hunter and gives them the Another Man's Treasure trophy.
    • Even some quests that the player wasn't even aware were quests to begin with got trophies, like Beach Bum having the player visit every beach in the world or even achieving 1000 jumps without tripping in the jump rope minigame.
    • To Ozma and Back requires the player to defeat Ozma. Which requires hours of leveling up a Chocobo, which has its own trophies tied to it.

Final Fantasy X

  • The HD Remaster version caused several already obnoxious-to-obtain Celestial Weapons to become this, as it now tied trophies to them. The Weapon Master trophy requires the player to obtain all of those weapons, which becomes annoying because of the below mentioned achievements.
    • Chocobo Rider requires the player to beat the infamous chocobo race with a total time of 0:00:00 to obtain Tidus' Celestial Weapon. Yes, that chocobo race.
    • Lightning Master requires the player to have dodged 200 consecutive lightning strikes. Nothing in the game mentions this to be a goal, nor that switching screens resets the entire counter, and the Thunder Plains are an enemy-heavy area. There's little reason to attempt this without a No Encounter weapon equipped.
  • Sphere Grid Master and Perfect Sphere Grid Master get unlocked upon completely filling out the Sphere Grid with one character and all of them, respectively. The Sphere Grid is huge, with many empty nodes that will end up having to be filled with other Spheres that the player needs to grind to obtain and fill up. And this includes needing the AP to actually move around the Sphere Grid as well, which requires a ton of points to even move one space. One can use the Don Tonberry trick to make this a little easier, but some characters cannot take advantage of this trick. The Steam version makes it a little easier if the player uses boosters, but even the use of Teleport Spheres means the player is simply replacing mind-numbingly tedious grinding with mind-numbingly tedious button pressing.
  • Perserverance means the player needs to defeat Penance. Which means all the Dark Aeons have to be defeated, which can be a challenge in themselves, and the only upside is that they don't have their own achievements tied to defeating them.
  • In a similar vein, Overcoming the Nemesis means defeating Nemesis. Outside of being a pretty tough opponent in itself, it also requires a lot of work in catching all the monsters in the various locations for the Monster Arena, as well as having to fight the other creations there.

Final Fantasy X-2

  • Full Chain requires the player to reach a max chain of x99 in one battle. It can be difficult to achieve a chain above 10 without having the time down or making use of the Lady Luck's Dice or the Gunner's Trigger Happy ability. But even with the timing down, there's also the fact that it's rare to find an enemy that can survive that many hits. Chances are, the player won't obtain this trophy until the lower levels of the Bonus Dungeon.
  • Sweet Perfection means the player obtained 100% Completion for the game. Can be achieved through several playthroughs, but many things in the game that give completion points are so far out of the way or have tiny details added to them, many players will just grab a guide and follow that.

Final Fantasy XI

  • The Xbox360 version has an achievement that has become nigh impossible to obtain nowadays. The Gold Ballistar requires gaining max rank on one of the few PVP events in the game, and one that almost nobody does anymore.
  • Past Vana'diel Nation Quests requires the player to have completed all of the Wings of The Goddess missions for each of the three nations.

Final Fantasy XII

  • Filling the Sky Pirate's Den requires doing a ton of things in the game, all with their own achievements. And then there's an achievement for doing all of that and defeating an annoying Marathon Boss, all in one playthrough.

Final Fantasy XIII

  • Treasure Hunter requires the player to have possessed every single weapon and accessory available in the game at one point. This requires insane amounts of grinding for materials and money, as well as knowing how the EXP multiplier for upgrading works. And there's also certain unique accessories that can be upgraded into other unique accessories.
  • Floraphobe gets obtained after the player completes the mission of beating a Gigantuar. Its main attack is 10,000 Needles, which does immense and unblockable damage every time it hits, and has a very high chance of causing Pain and Fog, meaning the inflicted character cannot perform physical or magical attacks. And getting a 5 Star rank on this mission can be difficult because of its rather low target time.
  • L'Cie Paragon unlocks upon getting a 5 Star rank on every single Cie'th Stone mission. Aside from the abovementioned battle for Floraphobe, this also includes missions against Raktavijas, who have an intertial barrier that causes nothing but scratch damage unless they are staggered, and the final mission against Vecingetorix.

Final Fantasy XIII-2

  • Clock Stopper requires the player to have gotten 100 consecutive Preemptive Strikes on enemies. It's not very difficult to do, but very tedious. And sometimes a strike misses or the enemy spawned are small and get a hit in before the player can do anything.
  • Serendipitous requires the player to have gotten 10,000 coins from the slot-machines. The slot-machines already had an annoying fragment to collect called Lucky Coin, and this trophy means to further play on them.
  • Giant's Fist is the obligatory achievement of hitting the damage cap of 99,999 in one strike. Compared to some of the previous games, it's much more difficult in this game because very few enemies even have the HP to survive a maxed out stagger chain gauge, and only a few attacks in the game can even reach the cap.
  • Defragmented means obtaining all 160 fragments in the game. This requires a ton of things to do, including having defeated every enemy in the game — including any Bonus Boss, bosses for the Paradox Ending, and many rarely-spawned enemies, completing each map to 100%, finishing the Brain Blitz questions, tracking down Captain Cryptic and answering his questions correctly.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

  • Desert Dragonslayer means having defeated Aeronite. The dragon spawns in the Desert Dunes and its exact location depends on the time. The problem with the battle is that it has a very annoying mechanic. The player must manage to stagger Aeronite within three minutes or it will simply leave the battle, and any damage done to him doesn't carry over for the next encounter. And this mechanic counts for the entire battle. Stagger him or he'll leave.
  • Harbringer of Death requires the player to have defeated every Last One in the game. Several enemies have Last Ones, which appear after defeating every other version of that monster, and defeating the Last One means that particular enemy type is extinct for that playthrough. Most can be done rather easily, though the Monekton has an incredibly high number of spawns that the only way to get it without excessive grinding is to defeat the Last One in the Bonus Dungeon. Said Bonus Dungeon is the best way to get about doing it, as it houses most of the Last Ones, as well as Ereshkigal. And that one is part of this quest, too. The only problem is that the final dungeon has three Last Ones in it that need to be defeated the old-fashioned way. Fortunately, the final area has no time-limit to it, giving the player ample time to work on this.
  • Unearthly Apothecary unlocks when the player obtains an Elixir. Those can only be obtained through very rare means, like trading 100 Soul Seeds with the merchant. And those can only be obtained in areas filled with Chaos, which spawn once an in-game hour, and might spawn a few of them.

Final Fantasy XIV

  • One achievement required completing 3,000 levequests. The player got about 6 levequest allowances per day, making this achievement a very tedious and long-running one to obtain. Fortunately, a patch was released to fix it.


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