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Tearjerker / Macross Delta

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  • In episode 7, the brainwashed ace of Voldor's garrison and his children's vain attempt at reaching him with a Walkure song.
  • Messer's death in episode 10. Yes, the death flags were being waved hard during this episode, especially since before that Messer made his biggest steps forward in sharing his feelings for Kaname to her, without actually confessing. The fact that he dies after his Big Damn Heroes moment saving Walkure, while giving Kaname a Rousing Speech to encourage her makes it all the more sadder.
    • What really sells it is how Kaname just freezes up and collapses on her knees when this happens. It seems Messer's feelings did reach her after all, making her take his loss the hardest. What's even worse is that the episode actually aired a few days before her birthday.
    • Just to drive it in, the closing song is even replaced with a more sorrowful one.
  • In relation to the above, ALL of Chaos (except for the yet-unseen Lady M) saluting Messer's coffin at his funeral. Kaname shedding a tear doesn't help, either.
    • And at the end of this episode, the gang performing a traditional Ragnan funeral for Messer. Walkure one by one send him off with the song "GIRAFFE BLUES", ending with Kaname who declares to Mikumo that she has another rival for the sake of her fan.
  • Chuck telling the rest of Delta Platoon that Messer deliberately acted like a Jerkass so that if he were ever to succumb to Var Syndrome, it would be easier for his wingmates to shoot him down.
  • Episode 13. Oh boy. During the battle on Ragna, a fold bomb is used on the underwater Protoculture ruins, with the explosion killing many (with Hayate himself almost among the casualties). The resultant tsunami also strikes the Ragnyannyan; Chuck's sister manages to close the door in time to save the children, but is herself washed away. Making this worse, the NUNS forces who activated the bomb apparently had no illusions that it would actually halt Windermere's plans; they seem to have done it solely to get data on Protoculture technology, regardless of the casualties involved.
  • Episode 15 suggests that there are some tension among the Windermerians too. Many of them asked 'War is not ending?' when their kingdom declares the creation of the Starwind Sector. And strains are starting to appear between the younger Aerial Knight pilots and the elders, each having a different idea of how far Windermere should go to assure its independence. The NUNS' actions throughout the 5+ years period does not help matters at all. All of this combined and you get a feeling that nothing's ever turned out well for the planet's people.
  • Episode 16: While the episode is generally heartwarming the very end is pretty tear jerkery as Mirage sees Hayate and Freyja play in the snow that Hayate got for Freyja's birthday. As she sees how close they are, she cries a single tear.
    • During this scene, Kaname and Arad gaze for a few seconds at each other, before looking away quickly. It's clear that the events from episode 10 heavily influence their relationship. It's not clear whether they avoid each other because they'd feel guilty if they're happy together, or because they don't want to talk about Messer's death. But it's clear he's on their mind during that scene.
  • Episode 17:
    • Every scene that Mirage has, she looks miserable as she continues to see how close Hayate and Freyja are.
    • When Arad tells of their plan to infiltrate Voldor again, Kaname looks in pain as she remembers Messer
    • When Freyja and Hayate are talking, Hayate mentions that he hasn't seen his mom in a while. When Freyja joking tells him that he should make more effort as she's family, Hayate blows it off saying a few years isn't that big of a deal. Freyja looks hurt when she realizes just how different their sense of time is and Hayate realizes what he says, only looks in guilt.
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    • Hayate exploding at Arad for hiding that his father dropped the bomb on Windermere
      • Arad mentions that Wright Immelman liked playing with Windemerian kids and that "He was too kind for his own good." One have to wonder what he was thinking when he dropped the dimensional bomb on NUNS own base...
    • The effect of this revelation on Hayate and Freyja's relationship.
  • Episode 20:
    • Although her rant to Hayate and Freyja was immensely satisfying, Mirage has to say "I love you" in the plural sense to conceal her feelings for Hayate, both for Freyja's sake and because she hasn't figured out her own feelings for Hayate.
  • Episode 22: Cassim crash-landing on rock, receiving deadly injuries, rather than save himself by crashing the plane on an orchard, the symbol of everything he's fighting for.
  • Episode 23: everything about the dimension bomb. But most of all, the confirmation that Freyja was there to see it happen.
  • Episode 24: Makina noticed a sniper aiming at Freyja and pushed her out of the way, Taking the Bullet. Reina looked horrified while Kaname tries to close the wound ignoring her knees are bloodied with Makina's blood, Then, Makina tearfully tells the girls to keep on singing.

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