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  • General
    • Everything in every game is frustrated. Even the player is frustrated.
    • "I look ridiculous!"
    • Travis and Thorn reference "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)" by The Proclaimers almost every LP.
    • When something cool happens, Travis sometimes shouts out "America!"
    • Every bad design choice (starting with Bomberman Hero, then later every game Thorn and Yoshi play) was by a nerdy developer on a pizza high named Rick, and every trolling moment made in a Nintendo game is direct result of Shigeru Miyamoto.
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    • Thorn plays his kazoo or his cheap toy Casio keyboard whenever the chance arises.
    • Whenever Thorn or Travis suggest a good gameplay mechanic, Yoshi says, "Whoa whoa, let's save that for [next game in the series]."
    • Computer AI sometimes bugs out and causes enemies and NPCs to spin around in circles.
    • The guys sometimes Shout-Out Jiggly Jacob, a long-time friend of the team best known for his Wacky Facts series on YouTube.
    • Travis calls Yoshi (and later Thorn) a liar because he claims to be good at a part of a game that gave Travis a hard time.
  • Bomberman Hero:
    "I found your destruction of the elderly hilarious."
    • The constant use of the song "Redial", which quickly gets on the commentators' nerves. Thorn and Travis write lyrics for it in one of the final videos.
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    • "Realtor" also gets mocked frequently for sounding like a "gargling lizard".
    • "Bomber CHANGE!"
  • Bomberman Jetters:
    • The ridiculous voice acting. Max, Birdy, and Gangu are favorite mockery targets.
    • Shout's ridiculously useless or repetitive advice.
    • The Jetters, rather than being an intergalactic police force who wish to bring peace, are a bunch of jerks who are doing this mission, not to save Planet Bomber, but to punish the Hige Hige Bandits for having fun.
  • Agent Under Fire:
    • Every character's constant smug expression.
    • Bond Moves being handed out left and right, often for mandatory actions.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess:
    • Malo being the reality warping Telekinesis Baby.
    • Wolf Link constantly getting hit in his broken leg.
    • Colin actually being very skilled, but nobody gives him any respect, especially his parents.
    Travis (as the Ordon Sword's description): "Made by the best swordsman in the village: Colin. But we don't tell him that."
    Travis: "I've... got...toputmybonesbacktogether-"
    • Lizalfos are evolution's mistake.
  • Pikmin 2:
    • How will the Purple Pikmin break the game this week?
    • Fat jokes about the Hoctate Freights President.
    • Yoshi may not know what he's doing as he plays.
    • Travis taunting Yoshi.
    • "Travis, you're drunk! Go home!"
    • Nobody likes the Dumple.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword:
    • The effect having a hero named "Dumple" would have on everyone, including Dumple himself.
    • When Thorn is joined by Yoshi, Dumple is the LP's resident insane character. When he is joined by Travis, Fi becomes this.
    • Whenever Thorn finds a Monster Horn in a treasure chest, he sarcastically says "'Cause you know..." to emphasize the pointlessness of stashing one of them. Twice they appeared with so much frequency that he exasperatedly yelled out "Why?!"
  • Ni no Kuni:
    • Thorn names most familiars things related to their videos and LPs. For example, the Mite is named "Dumple" and the Seed Sprite is named "Shiro".
    • Drippy is played as making really bad puns about everything.
    "'Just tell me you're not fishin' for compliments!' Points to a fish. 'See?! See?!'"
    • Thorn and Travis joke that the characters get hit randomly by a car for no reason. It's the same car each time. Fan artist Olivia also has several comics involving Drippy getting hunted by the car.
    • The two have a habit of asking Siri random questions after some parts to see what she says. The results are always bizarre.
    Travis (to Siri): "How bad is Ni no Kuni?"
    Siri: "Looking up "Nino". Here's Juan Francisco Martinez Modesto."
    • Thorn uses Unleash several times in screenshot update 8, each time prefacing it with "And then I remembered I had this". Cue Curb-Stomp Battle.
  • Sleeping Dogs:
    • When the game slows down to show Wei finishing off an opponent, Travis shouts out "SUPER [insert attack]!".
    • Environmental finishers are followed with puns.
    • Wei is simultaneously a "COP!", Winston, a doctor, and Crazy Fedora Man.
    • American record producer King gets turned into Wei's annoying friend who pops up out of nowhere, often to ask him idiotic, one-liner questions.
    • Raymond's Catchphrase: "Damnit, Wei!"
    • In The Zodiac Tournament, the guys champion a random guy wearing a yellow gi as the real hero of the DLC. He even gets his own Shaft girl chorus.
    • In Nightmare at North Point, Travis briefly mixes up Old Salty Crab's name with "Crusty Crab". The guys take to calling him this for the rest of the DLC.
  • Bioshock Infinite:
    • "Crows."
    • The silly 1910s-1920s radio announcer/narrator voice.
  • Punch-Out!! Wii
    • A punch is a "bop".
    • Doc Louis is played as kooky as King in Sleeping Dogs.
    • Bear Hugger is the father of Olivia (one of the commentators). Referenced almost a year later in one of the later Ocarina of Time videos.
  • The Last of Us:
    • Joel's watch, which the guys say is of Pinkie Pie with man hands and a broken face, 14 numbers, suspiciously apropos speech processing which is partially in English and partially in Cantonese, and a long-dying battery resulting in a demonic voice.
    • Joel's and Ellie's personalities are switched, with Joel being the dork and Ellie being the deadpan observer of his antics.
  • The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD
    • It's always Pizza Joe's birthday.
  • Tomodachi Life:
    • Many of the Mii's are characters from previous Let's Plays whose personalities have carried over from their interpretations in the LP, such as Pibot and his enjoyment of killing old people, and Shadar and his Large Ham chef persona.
    • Midna's inexplicable popularity and ubiquity in all of the early events of the island.
    • Ducks and lobsters, for no reason at first until Thorn notices that they keep popping up and decides to Invoke it for Rule of Funny.
    • Nobody is interested in Thorn's Mii, and it drives him up the wall.
    • All of the creepiest Miis are in love with Olivia's Mii, (including Pibot, King, and Randall), and Thorn tortures them in every attempt they make to win her over.
    • Thron Brian's high-pitched voice gets used a lot to read out gibberish and text bombs.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D:
    • Groose's stoic expression in almost every situation, which comes across to the guys as mild sociopathy. The few times it changes leads them to believe that he hates music but loves maps.

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