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  • Attention Deficit Creator Disorder: They got flak from their viewers in their earlier years for having several Let's Plays running at one time, often with one or two LPs falling behind in the schedule. Whether their schedule remained consistent or not often depended on if they had school or work priorities, or if they were working on outside projects at the same time, (e.g. Sgt. Frog Abridged). This became less of a problem in 2017 after Thorn focused on the channel for his Patreon, at which point he and his guests made sure to record large LP backlogs so that schedules always remained consistent.
  • Creator Backlash:
    • Neither Thorn or Yoshi are happy with their Retsupuraes from 2010-2011, due to them being young and inexperienced at LPs themselves, the low quality of their own videos and commentaries, and Yoshi having a bearded dragon at the time with live crickets chirping constantly in his cage. Thorn's scripted Retsupurae of MrFailGame's Harvest Moon 64 LP was a tenuous exception, except Thorn played it as a joke intervention, and within a year Fail had to give up alcohol because of liver problems, and he later died as a result of those problems. All of the Retsupuraes are no longer public.
    • Thorn openly regrets how his and Travis' characterization of Pibot from Bomberman Hero ended up. He tones down the elements of Pibot he doesn't like when they bring the character back for Tomodachi Life.
    • Thorn has an overall negative view of most of his LPs up to 2014 due to the low quality of the videos, his general lack of enthusiasm and skill leading commentaries, a bitter tendency to Accentuate the Negative to the detriment of the LP's enjoyment, and his and the team's needlessly crass sense of humor. He particularly dislikes his The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess LP due to seeing his commentary and chemistry with his guests as poor. It's currently the only completed LP by the team that has a planned remake, in this case with the HD Wii U version.
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    • A minor case, due to Thorn thinking they were all good LPs, but he can no longer watch videos with his ex-girlfriend an-artist-complex as co-commentator after they broke up, including Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley, which he considers one of his best LPs.
  • Development Hell: Thorn's re-LP of Twilight Princess using the Wii U HD version has been planned since 2016, with footage up to the Goron Mines recorded in September and ready to be commentated. No commentary has been recorded yet, due in part to Thorn originally wanting to have Yoshi and Travis co-commentate again, but both quickly ran out of time to dedicate to LPs that year. It was finally announced in March 2019 that the LP will happen after Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks, due in part to Yoshi dedicating himself to the channel full-time.
  • Magnum Opus Dissonance:
    • Twilight Princess is one of the team's most popular LPs, and several people have told Thorn it's their favorite. He can't even watch it due to hating his commentary and the lack of chemistry with some of his guest commentators, and he intends to remake it with the Wii U HD version.
    • The first episode of Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley is the single most-viewed video on the channel, 2-3 times more than the otherwise most-viewed Punch-Out!! videos, and Thorn considers the LP one of his best. Fans didn't take much notice or interest in it during its run. Averted with one of its follow-ups, Harvest Moon: Animal Parade, which was both popular with viewers and a favorite of Thorn's.
  • Missing Episode:
    • deleted multiple channels in late 2014, including the abandoned channels for TSN and their previous LP group FATLPs. All of the pre-Bomberman Hero Let's Plays were lost including The Legend of Zelda, A Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time, Pikmin, and everything else canceled early, as none of it was backed up anywhere. Only what is still on YouTube remains; for FATLPs it's almost entirely short preview clips that linked to the full-length video on Blip.note  For TSN it's a handful of videos from their first attempts at Majora's Mask and Pikmin 2, plus a reupload of their review of The Hero of Time from FATLPs. TSN's remaining videos are set to unlisted and only accessible from this playlist.
    • Many live streams were never recorded, although some still remain notorious to the team or viewers who were there, such as Travis' Dark Souls shield-only stream where he beat the Asylum Demon and Taurus Demon with a wooden shield he dubbed "Spank Plank". Thorn recorded the Skype call and uploaded it to YouTube, but the video itself was not recorded.
  • Old Shame:
    • Thorn mentions in the first part of Survival Kids that he was actually LPing the game for the second time - the first time was on an old personal channel. The original was spurned on by Retsupurae's videos on a Survival Kids subtitle LP, which convinced Thorn that he could LP the game better. However, his videos suffered from being recorded live to an old laptop with constant audio desync and poor video/commentary quality. The original LP is long gone, and he hopes Retsupurae never saw it.
    • Their time with FATLPs, due variously to the low quality of the recordings, gameplay and commentary, and to their sour relationships with the teammates they left. Some games were re-LP'd for TSN, such as A Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time, with Pikmin 1 planned for April 2019 for TSN's 9th anniversary and Earthbound as part of a future trilogy of MOTHER LPs.
    • Every LP they did before making the jump to Something Awful, since most of it was canceled out of frustration and lack of enjoyment, or because they were FATLPS carry-overs. Most of these are no longer available to watch due to shutting down. These include:note 
      • The Ocarina of Time carry-over LP from FATLPs. Abandoned before the Water Temple due to irreparable technical difficulties, including the footage for the Biggoron Sword sidequest corrupting and only recording the audio. Thorn gave up on it shortly after.
      • The very short-lived Sonic Adventure 2 LP. Abandoned 5 parts in after it very quickly stopped being fun, which undermined the fact that the LP was mainly to mock the game.
      • The Majora's Mask LP that Thorn started mid-way through Ocarina of Time. Ultimately abandoned after the post-Woodfall Temple collection video, since it wasn't good enough to warrant continuing after the jump to Something Awful with the Bomberman Hero LP.
      • The original 2011 attempt at the Pikmin 2 LP died with only 5 parts due to recurring hardware issues.
  • Retroactive Recognition: JelloApocalypse guest-commentated on Part 3 of the Bomberman Generation LP in 2012, a few years before his web animations became big hits.
  • Un-Canceled: Multiple LPs were cut short in the first few years but were eventually revived and completed later on:
    • Ocarina of Time was the main carry-over from FATLPs, but it was canceled before the Water Temple due to repeated recording failure. Thorn refused to LP it again unless he got a 3DS capture device and played the 3D remake instead, which happened in December 2014. He managed this LP without issue through Summer 2015.
    • Earthbound was another carry-over from FATLPs in 2010, and it only lasted for two parts due to recording problems. Yoshi has confirmed that he will be LPing the entire MOTHER trilogy in 2019 or 2020 after his and Thorn's extended Star Fox series.
    • Sonic Adventure 2 was one of the first new LPs attempted in 2010 shortly after Thorn and Yoshi left FATLPs, but it was canceled after only 5 parts. Thorn replayed it in its entirety as a livestream in February 2019 as thanks for his patrons, following directly from his streams of Sonic Adventure.
    • Majora's Mask was also one of the first new LPs attempted in 2010, and it was the last before joining Something Awful with Bomberman Hero in 2011. Thorn gave up on it after the jump to SA, due to feeling like it wasn't good enough to warrant continuing after Hero's success. He restarted it after Skyward Sword spawned the memetic character name PizzaJoe that he and Yoshi desperately wanted to use, and the LP opens with him deleting the original LP's save file.
    • Pikmin 2 was started in early 2011, following on from Yoshi LPing the first game for FATLPs, but recurring hardware and recording problems saw it end early. It was brought back and completed in 2012 after Yoshi got a better computer and capture card.
    • The Bomberman Megathread from 2012-2014 ended after only three games were completed due to a lack of support and enthusiasm. In 2015, Thorn set up a personal Patreon which included new Bomberman LPs as a milestone goal, which was passed within days. The Megathread was thus revived that August, albeit condensed and focused on Thorn's promised LPs, and concluded in December 2016 with 15 total completed LPs.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • During some Let's Plays, the guys sometimes tease future LPs that never come about, including the Ratchet & Clank series and Borderlands co-op. Yoshi returned to TSN full-time in February 2019, opening up the possibility of many of these finally happening; they particularly intend to do Borderlands in the future.
    • When Thorn was LPing Bomberman Jetters, many fans from both YouTube and Something Awful requested that he also play Bomberman Generation, primarily to hear Travis' reactions to Constructor-X and Assault Bomber. Though Thorn eventually played it, Travis was absent for the video that covered both battles.

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