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  • As mentioned in the Funny section, Thorn using a Q-Booster to take out an armored van in record time during 007 Agent Under Fire.
  • The guys award one to a Keese in the Temple of Time for knocking a jar out of Link's hands in a cutscene.
  • Pikmin 2:
    • Yoshi manages to get through the entire Submerged Castle without activating the Waterwraith's appearance. Admittedly, this wasn't his only attempt, but still.
    • Not only did Yoshi curbstomp the Emperor Bulblax, but he did it faster than in a speedrun video. And then even faster in the Hole of Heroes, while at the same time one-shotting a bunch of Mitites he didn't even know were there.
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    • Yoshi uses bomb rocks to take out a Gatling Groink. By accident. Could also count as a Funny Moment.
  • Punch-Out Wii:
    • Something has to be said about how Yoshi was able to breeze through all of career mode without taking a single punch.
    • Which carries over into Title Defense, where he's still so good that he just uses separate footage for the opponents' mid-fight dialogue, while he breezes through the "main" fight in one round each.
    • After the LP was completed, the thread on Something Awful was the first of the team's to be voted Gold.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD NG+
    • Double-subversion: Yoshi tries to get Pizza Joe/Link to leaf glide and jump-slash a Wizzrobe in the Wind Temple, to look cool. Yoshi then talks about how he messed it up, but then notices that he actually landed the hit.
    • In one of the Triforce Hunt videos, Yoshi manages to flawlessly snipe a Kargaroc, complete with a Pre-Mortem One-Liner... before whiffing all the subsequent Kargarocs.
  • Undertale streams: Both cross with Funny moments.
    • Thorn reaches a segment where Undyne attacks the player in a maze section- and Thorn purposely wanders around just to mess with her. It becomes just regular funny when it backfires and Thorn is nearly overwhelmed with spears.
    • Thorn comes across a piano puzzle, which Highwang mentions he took a long time to figure out. Thorn, an occasional musician who has a music degree, gets it on the first try.
  • Tri Force Heroes:
    • There's something cool about finally seeing all three of them- Thorn, Yoshi, Travis- working together in a Zelda game, one of the signature games of the channel. At least whenever they're cooperating. Most notable example is the three of them versus Margohma.
    • Later in Part 10, the three are down to one health against the Ice Cavern boss. Thorn randomly throws a fireball and nails the last hit on the boss.

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