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You At Final Boss is a Roll to Dodge game on the Bay 12 forums. It is considered to be the largest, longest-running minimalist Roll to Dodge in history.

As the page quote indicates, the "plot" was originally that the players were trying to slay an evil lich in a tower. Since then, it has... slightly derailed. Now, after many changes of arena, boss, and players, it is a struggle between the lichette and her husband Dirg; a massive interstellar empire lead by misko27; Aperture Science, led by "Pragmatic Good" Only Sane Man mecha-dragon GreatWyrmGold and located on a spaceship; the Manly Men, led by former attempted omnicidalist Xantalos; The Drunken Fools, led by Yoink; Tim; and many others, including "members" of the aforementioned sides.


Read the insanity here.

You At Final Boss contains examples of:

  • Chronic Backstabbing Disorder: Most people, to some extent. GreatWyrmGold has been accused of this to a great extent, due to not really fitting in with either of the two main factions. Currently, he is leaning more towards the Romantics.
  • Gender Bender: The lich, after many transformations, became a "lichette" and married Dirg. Corai was later attacked with Rule 63 and turned into the leader of womanly women by Misko.
  • Long-Runners: For a minimalist Roll to Dodge, at least. Most don't reach 30 pages; You At Final Boss has over 200, plus an Out of Character thread of about the same length.
  • Lone Wolf Boss: Any faction leader not directly associated with the lich can be seen as this.
  • Marathon Boss: As noted by the Long Runner entry, it's taken a while...and the lich still isn't dead!
  • Our Liches Are Different: The lich has undergone many transformations, including an orb which was the source of all magic and a "lichette." He also had a blade made of souls of the damned for a while.

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