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Anime Female Wrestling, or AFW RPG is a Long Runner Play-by-Post Game forum about anime girls wrestling each other. It features not only original characters, but also expies from various anime media or in some cases, the characters from said series themselves.

While there is no overarching plot, there are a lot of subplots regarding individual wrestlers, just like Professional Wrestling itself. Also, besides featuring Fanservice, as expected from a Forum Role Play about hot anime girls wrestling each other in a suggestive manner, AFW also features hentai matches, a type of wrestling where victory is achieved by bringing one's opponent into orgasm(s).


Obviously, this forum is Not Safe for Work.

Despite the lewd nature of the forum, there is a surprising amount of players who are more interested in the wrestling itself. As most players who participate in the forum are fans of wrestling, the matches are surprisingly insightful and while the results of the matches are mostly scripted (just like your typical Professional Wrestling), it is something that is decided between players, which makes it engaging for the readers. Being a Long Runner forum, expect Archive Panic!

It can be found here, and once again, be warned that the forum itself is very Not Safe for Work!


AFW RPG contains examples of:

  • Action Girl: Being a series that features female wrestlers, this is inevitable.
  • Artifact Title: Despite the title being Anime Female Wrestling, the forum also features male wrestlers. They exclusively wrestle in Tension brand, while female wrestlers are put in Friction brand. Female wrestlers can also cross to Tension, and there are even female wrestlers who exclusively wrestle in Tension.
  • Badass Adorable: Inevitable, considering that most wrestlers here are cute girls who are capable of suplexing each other with ease.
  • Badass Family: There are also wrestlers who are related to each other. The most prominent one is the Northman siblings, which consists of Cecilia, Michael and Belinda.
  • Badass Gay: Another consequence of having a lot of girls in the roster and the existence of hentai matches, the girls are eager to get into each other's pants as much as they want to pummel each other into submission.
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  • Bare Your Midriff: Given how its a wrestling program, it would probably be easier to list the number of girls who don't do this in some capacity.
  • Battle Couple: A lot of times relationships form between wrestlers (Be it F/F, M/F, or M/M) and considering just about all of them can kick ass, this is a given.
  • Boobs of Steel: Naturally, many of the female wrestlers are pretty stacked and pretty strong.
  • Cool Mask: Some of the luchadora.
  • Crossover: Characters from Wrestle Angels, Rumble Roses, and Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai! are also present in the forum. To say nothing of the various expies of fighters from other games or shows, some of which are treated like the same people.
  • Ensemble Cast: A given, due to the nature of the forum.
  • Evil vs. Evil: Heel vs Heel matches are pretty common on the site, though sometimes one heel tends to fall under A Lighter Shade of Grey if there more tweener or even Black.
  • Face: Mostly the heroic wrestlers who fight fair and square, looking to win their matches without resorting to dirty tricks, unlike the Heels who have no reservation in fighting dirty. Some of the prominent faces are Valley Doll, Silver Ace, Alaina Sanders and Belinda Northman.
  • Face–Heel Turn: Mostly averted. Babyfaces tend to remain babyfaces throughout their runs, and vice versa.
  • Gimmick Matches: Every now and then, lots of different types of matches pop up. Some of the ideas are so insane, Vince Russo would be jealous.
  • Heel: There are also villainous wrestlers who have no reservation resorting to dirty tricks, enjoying the resentment of the crowd and only caring about themselves. Some of the prominent heels are River Styx, Jessica Wright and Gwendolyn DuPont Bettencourt.
  • Leotard of Power: AFW certainly has no shortage for the girls having this kind of attire.
  • Loads and Loads of Characters: Given that this is a Long Runner roleplay forum, it's only fair that the characters are amounted more than just a bunch.
  • World of Buxom: More than a handful of the girls wrestling in AFW are quite stacked.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: To put an emphasis in Anime in the title, it's only natural that more than a handful characters have unnatural hair color. Characters crossed from Wrestle Angels are mostly guilty of this.


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