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Fan Works

Live-Action Television

  • Arrow: "Legacies" name-drops Keystone City and Coast City, the home towns of The Flash and Green Lantern respectively.
  • Leverage: Eric Stoltz's character in "The Long Way Down Job" is named Alan Scott.



Western Animation

  • Adventure Time: The origin of the Gumball Guard in "Rattleballs" is a shout out to the Manhunters from the Green Lantern mythos. They even have the same color scheme as the Manhunters.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: Episode six of season 4, "Power Ponies," features a spoof of The Avengers and Justice League. Pinkie (Fili-Second) has super speed, akin to The Flash, Fluttershy (Saddle-Rager) loses her temper like The Incredible Hulk, Rainbow Dash (Zapp) controls the weather like Storm, Applejack (Mistress Mare-velous) has a lasso like Wonder Woman, Rarity (Radiance) has a gem that creates shiny things like Green Lantern, and Twilight (the Masked Matterhorn) has a freezing beam just like Iceman.
  • Rugrats: The Blasto Oath is pretty much ripped straight from the Green Lantern oath.
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