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Each Corps represents a Heavenly Virtue
Far more plausible than the sins, since Brightest Day pulled a christianisation of the entities.

  • Red: Fortitude.
  • Orange: Diligence
  • Yellow: Chastity.
  • Green: Temperance.
  • Blue: Humility
  • Indigo: Charity
  • Violet: Kindness

    • With the exception of the Blues and maybe the Reds, the given virtues are basically the complete opposite of what the Corps act like in like every way.
      • but they are traits one would need to master there ring, a red lantern with weak fortitude would be consumed by the rage of there ring and become near mindless,, an orange lantern without diligence would grow tired of constantly searching and never being satisfied and burn themselves out

Parallax is related to Cloverfield.
Multiple limbs, strange faces, inspire fear, hordes feeding off of their the math.

Parallax is related to The Yellow from The Breach
He's actually a lesser entity serving that ...light...bug...angel thing.

Parallax, the fear entity, didn't exist before Zero Hour.
The Zero Hour Crisis Crossover involved Hal Jordan, who had done a Face–Heel Turn and renamed himself Parallax, trying to go back to the beginning of time and alter history — originally, just to prevent the events that had driven him evil, but quickly Jumping Off the Slippery Slope into remaking the universe to his liking. Note that the universe did get rebooted, and history did get changed, but the heroes prevented Parallax from changing it as he liked. Later, it was revealed that Hal had been More Than Mind-Controlled due to the influence of an ancient, cosmic fear entity named Parallax. Further revelations included characters that he had supposedly killed being alive. So, what if, filled with regret over what he'd done, he succeeded in changing things, undoing and excusing his actions?

Parallax did not even exist until Green Lantern: Rebirth, the story that introduced it!
It has been suggested (for instance, in The Science of Superheroes) that the weakness against yellow could not be properly explained by any real attribute of the Green Lantern Ring itself. Also, Kyle Rayner, who was not properly educated about the weapon, had no weakness to yellow.

It is entirely possible that the yellow weakness was a trick of the Guardians. After all, after failing with the Manhunters, the Guardians could well have decided that their new brand of intergalactic police needed some weakness. Since the power of the Green Lantern is limited only by the imagination, telling a new recruit that he could not affect yellow would have the effect of making his ring ineffective against yellow.


This theory is blown away by the existence of Parallax... or is it? It seems awfully convenient that the madness of the greatest of the Green Lantern Corps, brought on by a legitimate trauma, was revealed to be caused by alien possession. If the Guardians had manipulated the minds of their underlings once, why not again?

The Guardians of the Universe created the Parallax being to assuage Hal Jordan's great guilt over his killing spree. This is the equivalent of putting a band aid over a cancer; while Jordan believes he bears no responsibility for his actions, he still has that same potential for madness, which can now fester untreated. This means that Jordan is a ticking time bomb, ready to blow up with a power limited only by his imagination.

  • The psychological origin theory would also explain why knowledge of Parallax was the key for Hal Jordan and other old Green Lanterns to combat their weakness against yellow in the new Green Lantern series.
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  • Surprisingly, there is precedent for this. In "Green Lantern: Trial By Fire" it was revealed that Kyle Rayner unconsciously created an evil cosmic entity called Oblivion with his ring. If Kyle could do that all by himself, imagine what the collective unconscious minds of 7200 Green Lanterns (never mind the thousands of different-colored Lanterns) could do.
  • In the '80s, Hal fought a villain called Lord Malvolio who stole his father's (a Green Lantern's) power ring and could affect yellow. The explicit reason why was exactly that: He was never told he couldn't affect yellow, so he believed he could.

Parallax was only a legend before Zero Hour and was born when something removed insanity from Hal's mind.
This insanity turned into the legendary monster, making Parallax alive.

Parallax, the Yellow Fear Entity, is an Avatar of Nyarlathotep.
Expanding on this, Parallax is the DCU version of Nyarlathotep. See the Batman entry for more details.
  • Parallax is most definitely the DCU version of The King In Yellow, be that an avatar of Nyarlathotep, Hastur, or an entity in its own right.

Parallax is a demon of the Empire of Tears.
He looks like one in his bug form. The entire thing since he first appeared has been an Evil Plan on the part of the Empire, which put Parallax and the other "emotional entities" in Abin Sur's ring, from which they could be smuggled out to breed the upcoming Lantern War. The war will tax the various Lanterns so much that they become too weak to maintain the seals holding the Empire in place, and thus they can escape to wipe out the last pockets of each of the lanterns and their Guardian leaders, and fulfill the last part of Kull of the Five Inversions' prophecy, specifically the part about things ending with the Empire of Tears on Oa beating drums made with the skin of the Guardians.
  • It follows that the ring, under the influence of Ion (who is also a demon of the Empire and is pretending to be good to egg the Green Lanterns on) specifically chose Hal Jordan, because he would be most susceptible to Parallax's influence when things went south, to ensure that Ion could come out and become trusted and relied upon via Kyle Rayner.
    • As for why they had Ion revive the guardians, they are damn pissed. One extinction isn't enough to sate their appetite for revenge.
  • Jossed by Rage of the Red Lanterns.
    • What do you mean jossed? The Empire of Tears consisted of far more than just the Five Inversions. Parallax could still have been a member of the Empire as a whole at one point.
      • Jossed as in, it's existed since the birth of sentient life. And it was imprisoned by the Guardians before the Manhunters went rouge and the Empire of Tears was created.

Atrocitus was right...
The Guardians really did send the Manhunters to wipe out Space Sector 666. They read the Book of Oa and predicted that the sector would eventually breed the Empire of Tears, and become a great threat. Once they were done, they planned on scrapping the Manhunters to cover their trails and replace them with a more efficent police force. And it all blew up in their faces.
  • Jossed. Krona sent the Manhunters to prove that an emotionless police force was too easily swayed.

Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan and the Elite Beat Agents are Blue Lanterns.
They exist to spread hope through the human race.

"Israel's George Washington", David Ben Gurion, was a Guardian of the Universe in disguise.
He looks like one. No more reason is needed.
  • Logically, this extends to our world. The reason we don't have any visibly active Lanterns is because here on Earth-Prime, they're all particularly patriotic and in the Israeli Defense Force and don't dare use their powers visibly.
    • Combined with a corollary of the above guess, this means that US President Barack Obama can be expected to ultimately cave to Israeli needs on any major issue, as he requires the presence of the Israeli Defense force to use most of his powers.
      • Actually, that would mean Israel is the Blue Lanterns and America is Oa, which makes some sense culturally and the for the fact that America heavily finances the Israeli military, "unlocking their rings" so to speak.

The whole "Alpha-Lanterns" business won't blow up in the Guardians' faces.
The events of Green Lantern Corps #21 and #22 suggest that the Alpha-Lanterns still possess emotions, however muted they may be.
  • The Guardians' newfound habit of scribbling random laws into the Book of Oa, however, will already has.
  • Not quite Jossed, not quite confirmed. When the Alpha Lanterns inevitably did do a Face–Heel Turn, it was because their cyborg parts were being controlled by Cyborg Superman.
  • It can't now: the Guardians manipulated the Lanterns into destroying the Alphas to make room for the Third Army.

The series takes place in the Star Trek 'verse, or an Alternate Universe close to it.
The presence of a Green Lantern of Vulcan seems to suggest it, not to mention that that universe's version of Zephram Cochrane might've gotten the idea for warp fields from the then-current GL. That's how they flew faster than light.

Jon Stewart is a Green Lantern.
He is an Elseworlds version.

Hal Jordan will become "White Lantern" at the end of the Darkest Night storyline.
The various rings each tap into a different part of the emotional spectrum. Black is the absence of these. Hal has his Green Lantern Ring, has used Sinestro Corps rings, and has been offered leadership of the Blue Lanterns. If Hal keeps being exposed to all the colors, then he will eventually be able to unite them; if you combine the seven colors of light, then you get white.
  • While the Blackest Night prophecy started as a Corps-On-Corps war, it's going to become an every-Corps-against-Black war.
  • The "try on every ring" idea has been Jossed; but when asked about White Lanterns, Johns apparently stuttered then refused to comment.
  • Since this guess was posted, Hal has also wielded a red ring and Larfleeze's Orange Lantern. Just indigo and violet to go...
  • This has just been partially-confirmed! The White Lantern does exist, and it involves merging with the white entity that is all the source of all life, just as people have merged with Parallax and Ion. But the White Lantern isn't Hal. It's Sinestro.
    • Nevermind, Sinestro has the Entity ripped out of him so the revived heroes can be a temporary White Lantern Corps.

The upcoming "The Blackest Night" arc will provide an Author's Saving Throw for various dead characters.
Since news that J'onn and Kal-L (and possibly Kon-El) are going to receive Black Lantern Rings — this will provide the chance for them to come back. If this theory is correct, then it might be a legitimate way for Bruce to come back...
  • Batman has been Jossed.
    • But the Martian Manhunter has shown up...

The power of the White Lantern will bring the Black Lanterns back to true life.
Combining the above two theories, Hal will use the combined powers of the emotional spectrum to resurrect them. DC will bring back every single character it's killed off in the past ten years (other than Batman).
  • Happened already, but only to about twelve random characters.

The Green Lantern Rings' energy source is Spiral Power.
Or vice-versa. Both powers are similar per se.
  • The G-Stone's energy is also linked to these.

The Emotional Spectrum empowers the Chaos Gods of Warhammer.
Specifically, the "good" emotions: Willpower (green) for Khorne, Hope (blue) for Tzeentch, Compassion (indigo) for Nurgle, and Love (violet) for Slaanesh.
  • Alternatively, Khorne is the Blood God, and the Red Lanterns use blood as a weapon...
  • Yes, Tzeentch is definitely Will (green) and Hope (blue). Slannesh is Avarice (orange) and Love (violet); as its followers are always seeking something. Khorne is Rage (red), while Nurgle is Death (black) as he has a habit of bringing back the dead as rotting zombies, as well as having qualities of Fear (yellow) and Compassion (Indigo).
    • Nurgle wouldn't be a Black Lantern Entity, since he presents the opposite but equally horrifying possibility of life to expand until it becomes a cosmic infestation. So he's probably a White afraid people, be very afraid.

There are as-yet-unseen Power Rings in both the Anti-Matter and 'Regular' Universes.
Think about it: Sinestro's Yellow Power Ring comes from the Anti-Matter universe, but all of the other colored Power Rings come from the Positive-Matter Universe. This means three things:
  1. There are "More Heroic" versions of the Yellow, Red and Orange Lanterns in the Anti-Matter Universe.
    • Wielders of more heroic Yellow Power Rings use their powers to create fear, but use it to enforce the law, just like Batman. The Orange Lantern may be more like the Collector from Marvel and steal beings and objects in the interests of saving and preserving them from destruction rather than owning and consuming them. More heroic Red Lanterns would be motivated by righteous indignation — providing vengeance for those who cannot avenge themselves.
    • Confirmed, more or less.
  2. There are "More Evil" versions of the Blue, Indigo, and Violet Lanterns in the Anti-Matter Universe.
    • Evil Blue Lanterns would work off wishful thinking and denial of reality, but also since Hope has connotations with faith, they could also be religious fanatics whose beliefs are based on adherence to prophecy—-what is Hopeful for them could be bad for others. Evil Violet Lanterns could be rapists or work off Eros to create Star-Crossed Lovers and unrequited love and relationships doomed to sadness — just like Cupid, back when people despised Cupid. Indigo Lanterns — good ones would be kind, doing nice things for people; evil ones would commit euthanasia to end suffering... hmmm....
    • So we have only seen the evil Indigos so far? They have mercy killed a lot more suffering people than helping other people.
    • Yes. Turns out the Indigos are a bunch of brainwashed sociopaths trying to force compassion on the universe. So these are the evil versions.The Antimatter Universe Indigos would be like the normal ones without the forced brainwashing.
    • The true name of "Violet Lanterns" is Star Sapphires. We met the evil kind first.
  3. There is a "More Heroic" version of Yellow Lanterns in the Positive-Matter Universe.
If the writers ever need or want to "balance" all the Corps, they'll pull from this.
  • This will happen, if only by accident.
  • Note that the Anti-Matter Universe already has an evil version of Green Lantern, named Power Ring. (Indeed, there have been not-Hal, not-Kyle, and not-John versions of him.) His ring is apparently powered by an entity called Volthoom — possibly the antimatter version of Ion?
    • Pre-Crisis, just as Alan Scott got his ring from a Chinese monk, Power Ring got his from Volthoom "the Mad Monk". IIRC, PC PW also called his a "magic ring" on one or two occasions. The strong implication was that Power Ring's ring was an alternate of the original GL's ring, not a Corps ring. Dunno what modern non-continuity has done with him.
    • If the Antimatter Universe doesn't have a Corps, then the evil counterparts may be in the new Earth-3.
      • Pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths, Power Ring was from Earth-3, along with Ultraman and Owlman.

The Green Lantern Corps' emotion is Courage.
Courage matches with the fearlessness that Green Lanterns are supposed to have, and it fits in with their weakness to yellow/fear.

Willpower is necessary for every ring.
Expanding on the above, courage simply needs the most willpower to create its effects; while it's rather easy to do things out of rage or love, it's difficult to do something just because it's right.

The Anti-Monitor is to the Black Lantern Corps what Parallax and Ion are to the Sinestro Corps and Green Lantern Corps.
Scar says that she felt the power behind the Black Lanterns when the Anti-Monitor touched her, and the AM was sealed inside a Black Power Battery, similar to Parallax inside the Yellow Battery.
  • No, Black Hand is the anthropomorphic representation of the Black, Monty is just the power battery.
    • Well, we haven't seen Black Hand do much of anything of the caliber of Parallax, Ion or the Predator. He just appears to be a leader of the Black Lanterns. Despite Wordof God, the Anti-Monitor appears to be a much better candidate for the black light incarnate, at least powerwise.
      • Nekron explicitly described Black Hand as their equivalent. That said, the Anti-Monitor was actually the one that powered the Corps when he was imprisoned in the Black Battery...

The Medusa Mask is the most powerful object in the universe.
The various power rings are among the most powerful weapons ever made, any one capable of destroying planets. The reason they are so powerful is that they can control the energy of the emotional spectrum. Therefore, the power of emotions in the DC universe is immense.

Now, lots of things are capable of controlling emotions; but only one of those things has been critical to some of the most important events in DC history. The Psycho-Pirate, a third-rate villain, has somehow been at the centre of two separate world-shattering Crises. This isn't a coincidence. There's a reason for this, and it is that the power of the Mask is much greater than he could possibly understand.

The Medusa Mask is capable of controlling all of the emotional spectrum, is the focal point for the entire cosmology of the DC multiverse, and is perhaps even sentient. It has manipulated people into recreating the universe twice already. And according to Wikipedia, Blackest Night will see the Psycho-Pirate back from the dead, presumably because he is the Mask's preferred host. It's anyone's guess as to what it has planned for us next.

  • This was half right and half Jossed. Psycho-Pirate did come back with the mask and use it to wreck havok in Smallville. Then Super-boy stole it and used to to make a few Black Lanterns feel, destroying them. And then it broke. Guess the writers figured it was a bit of a gamebreaker.

Larfleeze will die when he loses control of the people he turned into Orange Lanterns.
Specifically, he'll kill a Green Lantern, who will then break free and defeat him.
  • Possibly, it will require him to kill Sodam Yat or another host of Ion.

Some Yellow Lanterns will do a Heel–Face Turn.
Much like Batman using fear against criminals, some Yellow Lanterns may split from Sinestro and become Well Intentioned Extremists. The whole war of light will end up putting them in an Enemy Mine, and some Yellows will likely see the light. (Sorry!)
  • From the looks of it, the one to betray the Sinestro Corps may be... Sinestro. Unlike the Guardians, who were trying to prevent the Blackest Night, Sinestro was preparing for it. Sinestro could end up returning to the Green Lanterns by the end of the event.
    • Or he may stay a Yellow Lantern, but become the anti-heroic variety.

The "Rainbow Lanterns" represent the Seven Deadly Sins.
The Seven Deadly Sins are lust, gluttony, greed, wrath, envy, pride and sloth. The Violet Lanterns (love) are lust. The Orange Lanterns are greed. The Red Lanterns are wrath. The Green Lanterns are pride, based on the fact that the Guardians are arrogant despite their plans frequently blowing up in their faces. The Black Lanterns, who are basically zombies, are gluttony because of the zombie tendency to care about nothing but eating brains hearts. The Yellow Lanterns are envy, based on Sinestro's envy and hatred of the Green Lanterns. The Indigo Lanterns (compassion) are sloth, since their powers are healing-based and they'll apparently be helping everyone. (Too lazy to pick a side or fight.) And the Blue Lanterns (hope) are Purity Sues.
  • From the looks of things, Orange Lantern is three of the seven sins in one. He is avaricious (Greed), always eating and is never satisfied (Gluttony), and wants what others have and is afraid of losing what he has (Envy).
  • Meh, I'm gonna give it my two cents, anyway, under the premise that the seven sins are a natural part of intelligent life. Here we go!
    • Red: Wrath. Duh.
    • Orange: Greed and Envy. Larfleeze may add gluttony into the mix, but Luthor doesn't
      • Using Luthor as an example, this could just be Greed and Envy.
    • Yellow: Sloth. I'm going by one of the more classic definitions which lumps despair (ie, desire to stop trying) into the mix.
    • Green: Pride. The organization as a whole, the supposed use of "will" to power the rings.
    • Blue: Sloth again — though for the opposite reason as Yellow's despair; why bother trying when "all will be well," anyway?
    • Indigo: Gluttony; more accurately, wasteful consumption. The image of a green lantern being unwillingly euthanized clinched it for me — they're more willing to waste a life in the name of "compassion" than they are to let a person go down the road to recovery, however long and hard it may be to do so.
    • Violet: Lust. Pervert love, and there you go.

The progenitor of the Black Lantern Corps (and Guardian) will be revealed as Nekron.
Nekron has the ability to control the dead and has been established as a threat to the Green Lanterns before. While his most major appearance was his introduction in "Tales of the Green Lantern Corps", he has opposed Kyle before.

The progenitor of the Black Lantern Corps will be revealed as the Original Darkness confronted in Swamp Thing (Vol 2 #49).
The Great Darkness existed before existence, is considered the Ultimate Evil of the DC universe, has been confused/associated with the Anti-Monitor in the past, and most revealing of all, is represented by a colossal black hand! The symbol for the Black Lantern is the Black Hand. Geoff Johns has also referenced Alan Moore's work numerous times in the past.
  • Nope! See above!.
    • But it still can work with him. Or Great Darkness is what Ion is for Green Lanters and Parallax for Sinestro Corps.
      • No, Black Hand officially for the Black Lanterns what Ion is for the Green. Word of God confirmed this.
      • Actually this could still be true. In Green Lantern #50 Nekron has been revealed to simply be a Guardian to an original darkness that existed before there was life.
      • If Black Hand is what Ion is for Green Does this not make him the host for something more powerful. Just as Sodam Yat and Kyle were.

Sodam Yat will take up quipping.
Considering that his main adversaries depend on specific emotional states to function or are PsychopathicManchildren, a well placed quip would prove devastating to their performance and improve his willpower as well. Even Superman knows that the occasional bit of banter can save lives.

After he comes off his bout of temporary deadness, he'll take this lesson to heart so much that he'll rival Spider-Man.

The reveal that Nekron being the mastermind behind Blackest Night is only a red herring.
The real matermind is Death. She is tired of DC stoping her from allowing her to claim the dead heroes and this is fundamentally a Rage Against the Author plot that is pretending to be a zombie story.
  • Alternatively Death could be the one to save the day as she represents both life and death.
    • You tow DO know that everything from The Sandman is Exiled from Continuity, right?
      • Not necessarily. Dream appears from time to time- he appeared during Infinite Crisis, for instance, to offer his parents' souls an afterlife in the Dreaming.
    • Geoff Johns has enough pull in the DC editing staff to possibly make this happen, but I don't think he'd go for such a Deus Ex Machina idea. I can see Nekron being defeated and blown away somewhere dark and mysterious, then encountering Death, who informs him that she is the true essence of the end before taking him.
      • Nekron is the void, where nothing exists. He is the ultimate ending, since even after death you still exist.
  • Jossed. Lex Luthor encounters Death in Action Comics, and accuses her of being aligned with Nekron. She's rather ambivalent about Comic Book Death, since they'll all come back to her eventually.

Superman will get a blue lantern ring
Because something needs to top that story where Batman got a green lantern ring and Superman with a weapon powered by hope is the way to do it.
  • Isn't Superman overpowered enough already? Besides, the Blue Lantern ring will only be a pretty little accessory (a bauble, if you will) unless a Green Lantern is nearby. That would make Supes pretty much an overly powerful side-kick, and the blue ring otherwise redundant when Hal isn't around.
    • Almost, but it wasn't Superman. It was the Flash who got a Blue Lantern Ring. Along with Ray Palmer (Indigo), Wonder-Woman (Violet), Lex Luthor (Orange), Mera (Rage) and Scarecrow (Yellow).

The final color to be revealed will be the Brown Lantern.
It will be powered by apathy. And the Brown Lantern Oath will be:
  • Nah, Apathy is grey.
    • Actually, grey is Sarcasm as this comic proves.
    • Seriously. So far we've seen that only active emotions can be used as a power source. Depression/Apathy/Despair would be aspects of Black (death) and are more of a lack of emotions than an emotion in itself. A far better candidate for Grey would be Curiosity and its Corps members could scour the universe in search of knowledge. Their headquarters could be a Great Big Library of Everything.

In the emotional spectrum, white is peace.
Not that WMG's have to be supported, but I have some evidence. Dove of the new Hawk and Dove was seen as white instead of another color, and the old dove was immune to the resurrection process, with the black lantern rings being interrupted in their command of "RISE" and instead intoning "Don Hall of Earth at peace." Also, it would seem to be the ultimate emotion, and a combination of all the others (with all the others cancelling each other out).

White is Life.
If Black is Death, then it stands to reason. Also, only a being truly Alive possesses all the emotions at once.

The White light won't affect/only serve to empower Nekron
The main idea here is that the Indigo Tribe, being compassionate, sympathize with Nekron's loss of his former home, and are actually aiming to complete the Blackest Night. Case in point:

Copied and pasted from DC comics Message Board - Section: Blackest Night - Topic: No. Oh, god, No. ie. Disappointment at the White Lantern theory possibly coming true - Post by: qwaring, in response to theagentorange:

Unless Indigo 1 was lying.

It seems to me that the Black Lanterns are sending all of the stolen emotional energy to one place, which means they could potentially be combining it into white light. And this means their master needs white light.We also have to question why would their master wait until the War of Light to strike. Why wait until all of these other Lantern Corps have been created if it's their rings that can put a stop to his plans. That's like waiting until a home owner loads his shotgun before breaking into his house. Why not strike before the war of light. Unless the Black Lanterns need the combined power of their rings.

And who better to sympathize with the master of the Black Lanterns than those who have given themselves over to compassion. Even Indigo 1 said that it's life that's the intruders here. Death came first. Could the Indigo tribe empathize with the black, and are willing to tell a little white lie to Hal and the other Lanterns in order to trick them into sealing their fates. Compassion is often a great motivator for telling lies after all, worrying about the truth being too painful for others.

Or I could be wrong.

When I read this, it struck me as precisely something for the perfect plot twist: a complete revelation, and precisely what Johns might be planning. Here is what has been said about the Indigo Tribe and Compassion by Geoff Johns himself and a psychologist said about them:

In an interview, Geoff Johns said of the Indigo Tribe: "I've been very careful with Indigo because they're not what everyone expects, and they act very differently than what everyone expects." On that note, Dr. Robin S. Rosenberg (writer of college psychology textbooks and editor of the anthology The Psychology of Superheroes) describes compassion as being able to have empathy for someone while maintaining enough distance to understand their motivations.

When the White Light came, Nekron lost his home. If you were a being of compassion, wouldn't you want to help someone get their home back after it has been taken over by "invaders"? In this case, Nekron has had his home taken, and the Indigo Tribe is the one helping them. If Nekron is taking the primal emotions from 10,000 beings to bring him to the world of the living, wouldn't that in itself form a White Light for his heart (as seen on Blackest Night #5 cover), and make him immune to what once was his weakness?

  • That was way too tl;dr, but with #5 now out, here's my theory as to why the "white light" empowered Nekron: The "Rainbow Lantern Corps" were using raw emotions combined (chaotic and unbalanced), rather than the "distilled" white light Dove radiates (balanced and orderly, calm, etc.). We've been told that Dove will play a big part in the series, so presumably the key to defeating Nekron, and in turn the Black Lanterns, lies with her. Maybe because she's an Agent of Order?
  • I don't know about the last part, since Nekron himself said he want's to return the universe to a "dark, quite order" which kinda makes sense when you think about it. What's more chaotic the super beings messing with the laws of physics and just life in general.

Omega from Pre-Crisis Superboy and the Legion of Superheroes is the Red Lantern Entity
This is an old one, but this guy was described as being the embodiment of universal hate, which in today's DCU, makes him the perfect candidate for being the Red Light's embodiment. All Ivan Reis has to do is re-design him to become something that would give kids nightmares, like some primordial monster. I can just imagine what would ensue if the red entity possessed someone filled with hate: their teeth would become fangs, their eyes would be that of blood, and the skin would be ripped off, their body covered in blood a la Kyuubi of Naruto.

There are many more colors in the emotional spectrum
The various colors of the emotional spectrum are all the colors you get when you split white light. But there are way more colors that humans can't see: for example infrared, far from being a single color, is a whole spectrum, ten times wider than the visible spectrum. There could also be Gamma Ray, X-Ray, Ultraviolet, Microwave, UHF, Shortwave, AM Radio, and ELF Wave Rings. However these may represent totally alien emotions.
  • An Invisible Emotional Spectrum powered by hidden emotions, including Ultraviolet Lanterns representing shame, has appeared.

Pluto will become a Black Lantern (like Mogo was a Green).
And it's pissed about Pluto Is Expendable gags.
  • Jossed, but there's still hope for Red Lantern. It's REALLY pissed.

The secret the Guardians have that Nekron wants to reveal in Blackest Night is...
That the Guardians weren't the first sentient life in the universe. The whole Guardian/Controller/Zamaron race were born on Maltus, and eliminated the true first species as a sign of superiority. They would not be recorded in the Book of Oa, which would mean that the first true race would be forever forgotten by history. But Nekron came along and decided to make the Guardians' dirty little secret come to light.
  • Close - its the fact that life did not first appear on their homeworld, but Earth. They hid the original lifeform "The Entity", not just because of their superiority complex, but because the Entity dying = all life going with it.

Larfleeze will accidentally save everyone
That is, if the writers decide to draw a parallel to, or possibly rip-off, The Lord of the Rings (spoiler alert for those who haven't read it). Now if you recall, Sam initially wanted to kill Gollum, but didn't because of Frodo. That turned out to be a good thing since Frodo went a little crazy in Mount Doom and was probably going to kill Sam, but in his ring-induced madness, Golum bit the Ring off of Frodo's finger and fell into the magma, ultimately destroying the ring and stopping the Big Bad, but I digress.

Larfleeze has also went mad with greed because of an instrument of great power, and in Blackest Night #5, both Atrocitus and Sinestro expressed their desire to kill Larfleeze, presumably because they thought him to be a nuisance. As a bonus, they both killed a close associate of theirs to obtain their respective object's.

Golum has enough in common with Agent Orange that the writers might be tempted to go this route. If anyone has any ideas for more specific scenarios, feel free to type them.

  • If this hasn't already happened, then it will.

Kai-Ro will become a Blue Lantern.
In the Superman/Aquaman hour of Adventure, Hal Jordan had a kid sidekick named Kairo. Fast Forward to the Justice League, and Kai-Ro is the future Green Lantern. Now, according to his origin story in the JLA universe, at 8 years old he was able to find serenity in order to become a Green Lantern. Nowadays, in light of the Blackest Night crossover, he seems to have more in line with Blue Lanterns- plus his ring only having its full capabilities around a Green Lantern ring ties into his whole "sidekick" origins.

The upcoming Brightest Day miniseries will be about Lanternizing the DCU
Since Lex Luthor, the Flash, Wonder Woman and others have been inducted into the new Lantern Corps, Brightest Day will chronicle even more characters as they're recruited to a Corps. This may even show "The War Of Light" in action, if that prophecy is still in play.
  • With the exception of Ganthet, their induction was only a deputization for the current crisis. None of them remained a member of their various Corps.

The Emotional Spectrum is starting to fuel the DCU's Immaterium (The Warp).
The Emotional spectrum might be starting to create an Immaterium or affect the Immaterium the DCU might have. In Warhammer 40k the Warp was originally a calm place but then got more and more chaotic with the emotions of the inhabitants starting to influence it. Thereby creating the first 3 Chaos gods. This could also mean some sort of Chaotic entity will be created in this Immaterium for each of the lantern corps.
  • This may already be happening, the nascent chaos gods are at present comparatively weak. They are, of course, Ion, Parallax, and so on.
  • Warhammer 40K is an alternate timeline that diverged due to Krona listening to Ganthet and not looking at the dawn of time, meaning they never decided to make the Manhunters. The good news? Threats like the Anti-Monitor don't exist. The bad news? The Anti-Monitor destroying the universe is now preferable.

The rest of the emotional Spectrum are just subsets of Green.
(Forgive me if it is already been Jossed or confirmed; I don't read the comic, I have just seen summaries.)So we have Rage, Greed, Fear, Hope, Love, and Compassion. All of these are great sources of willpower. So it is possible that Blue Lanterns are basically just Green Lanterns whose willpower is hope. Note that green it at he center of it. This theory came from the Spiral Power is unified Lantern energy theory on that page.
  • True for Blue Lanterns and Yellow Lanterns.

Courtney Whitmore will become a Blue Lantern.
Geoff Johns created the character in memory of his younger sister. During his 100+ issues on JSA, it was repeatedly pushed that she was the heart of the JSA, and represented the future of heroism. He left JSA, leaving her in the hands of much less capable creators - but made cryptic comments that he believed he'd always be writing her in some capacity. And we still haven't seen where that blue ring that Hal was in possession of briefly went...
  • She's a Violet Lantern. Hal's been too busy with Green Lantern duties to be a good boyfriend. It seems the Violet Lantern Corps wants to recruit lovers who feel their love is unrequited.

Everything that happened to Hal since Crisis on Infinite Earths is a coma fantasy.
The coma was caused by all of the head trauma Hal experienced in the Silver Age (see The Hal Jordan Head Injury Project). First postulated here.

Agent Orange's oath is "I Want It All" by Queen, and it refers to Larfleeze's life story.
Because it's just that awesome.

Adventure seeker on an empty street- Just an alley creeper light on his feet// A young fighter screaming with no time for doubt// With the pain and anger can't see a way out// It ain't much I'm asking I heard him say// Gotta find me a future move out of my way// I want it all I want it all I want it all and I want it now

  • Larfleeze started out as a "young alley creeper, light on his feet," a thief. The pain and anger that he can't see a way out of is the orange light of avarice. Finding a future refers to Larfleeze ruling over the entire Vega system, forcing the gurdians to "move out of his way."
Listen all you people come gather round// Gotta get me a game plan gotta shake you to the ground.// Just give me what I know is mine// People do you hear me just give me the signIt ain't much I'm asking if you want the truth// Here's to the future for the dreams of youth// I want it all (give it all) I want it all I want it all and I wantIt now
  • All the people gathering round- Larfleeze's stolen avatars that comprise his corps. Shaking them to the ground of course, is killing them. The 'sign' he refers to is his personal corps symbol, which he brands on everything he feels is his (you know, everything). The future? Dreams of youth? Someone as greedy as Larfleeze would want to live forever (and it seems like he's lived a billion years with the help of the orange lantern).
I'm a man with a one track mind// So much to do in one life time (people do you hear me)// Not a man for compromise and wheres and whys and living lies
  • This is pretty self-explanatory.
So I'm living it all (yes I'm living it all)And I'm giving it all (and I'm giving it all)I want it all all all all
  • Living it all seems to fit, but giving it all does not refer to any of Larfleeze's posessions, but rather, his drive to own everything.
  • In issue 6 of Blackest Night, The orange ring even said "You want it all" when speaking to Lex Luthor.

The final ring will be a Transparent Lantern.
And it won't do a damn thing.
  • Alternatively, it could be an Emotion Eater that can drain the emotions that power other Lanterns, which would render the Lanterns completely powerless. Doing this to a Black Lantern would "revive" the dead body as a soulless husk, making it useless to the Black power rings. Doing this to White Lanterns would just instantly kill them. On it's own though, it still won't do a damn thing.

Dex-Star aka Ruffles the Rage Kitty was originally a stray cat in Tokyo.
A stray cat that was called Kameneko by the locals for it's tendacy to use cuteness to lure unsuspecting people in to try and pet it so it could bite them.
  • Jossed. He was a kitten named Dexter and was from New York City.

Krona created the Emotional Spectrum
Krona broke the universe somehow at its creation by trying to observe it. The white light split into its component colors at creation. It doesn't take Geoff Johns to connect the dots (though I wouldn't put it past him to put a twist on it like he did with the White Lantern).

The Indigo Lantern Oath
We all know the indigo oath has something to do with Abin Sur. [[This Troper]] found on a messageboard that one of the words in the oath, "nok", translates out into "May Compassion Guide You." So, this is what [[This Troper]] believes the oath is:
"From Brightest Day until Blackest Night//We fight for the one who showed us light//The Lantern known as Abin Sur//May Compassion Guide You— The Tribe of Sur!"
  • This is awesome and I love it. Johns, make it canon!
    • Sadly, he didn't. It turns out the word "Natromo" is actually the name of a character who helped Abin Sur create the Indigo Tribe.

Hal Jordan's Heroic Sacrifice was orchestrated by Ganthet.
In a tie-in issue to Final Night, right before Hal gives his life to destroy the Sun-Eater and reignite the Sun, it turns out that Ganthet had been hiding away inside Hal to keep an eye on him. In Green Lantern: Rebirth, we learn that Ganthet had known about the Parallax Entity all along. So it makes sense that when Ganthet was stowing away inside Hal's soul, he was suppressing Parallax's influence, allowing Hal's true heroic spirit to shine through in a plan intended to redeem Hal and destroy Parallax. Unfortunately, Parallax was still grafted to Hal's soul, and when Hal became the Spectre's host, well, we know what came of that.

The Predator is an Eldritch Abomination equivalent to a Chivalrous Pervert
Despite a VAST majority, if not ALL, of the Star Sapphires being female and the creators of the Violet Light, the Zamorans, being themselves entirely female, the Predator stands out as the ONLY PROMINENT male of the entire corp. It has been said he originated from Carol Ferris' desire and depiction of the perfect man, and from her personality and that of Hal Jordan, it can be said that the Predator is being who has plenty of machismo yet willing to express his emotions; see beauty in everything without wanting to hump everything in the vicinity; and would leer and drool over the ladies and has a deep sexual appetite, yet will only lay a hand on them if they ask him to and utterly DESTROY those who disrespect or mistreat them. This is further proven in {{Brightest Day}} when the White Lantern shown images of the other Emotion entities and the Predator's location is within what looks like a man with a camera taking pictures of beautiful women.

Another piece of evidence? Atrocitus used his blood magics to discern the Predator's general location to be in Nevada, and the being who is collecting these Entities appears in Las Vegas.

The Red Lantern ring doesn't make you a mindless beast.
Rather, Atrocitus increases their effect to make them mindless beasts. That way they're easier to rally, because while an angry beast is dangerous an angry beast who can think and is intelligent is even more dangerous. Because of his great willpower Guy wasn't affected by this control, and his behaviour as a Red Lantern is the standard for Red Lantern behaviour when Atrocitus isn't affecting it.
  • Except that Guy was just as mindless as Vice was...
    • Really? Guy at least could talk, though it was Angrish
    • Most likely Guy wasn't totally mindless because of his incredibly strong willpower, which enabled him to briefly break through the control and speak to Kyle a couple of times.
  • Confirmed, or will be at the next universe reboot. There is supposed to be a new title involving a heroic, or maybe antiheroic, Red Lantern Corp.

Indigo doesn't represent compassion.
Rather, it represents empathy. That is why the Indigo Tribe can use the energy of other Lanterns as well as borrow their emotions. Compassion just happens to be closely connected to empathy, and Indigo Tribesmen associate the two as the same
  • Semi-Jossed. Proselyte specifically references himself as compassion. Though obviously empathy is in the mix as it's part of compassion.

The Indigo Tribe's mindset is affected by their light.
The further you go from the centre of the emotional spectrum, the more that emotion affects you mentally.The Indigo Tribesman shouldn't be an exception, and what they placed on Black Hand shows a more insidious motive. The Indigo Tribe wants to enforce empathy and compassion to the whole universe, and they are perfectly willing to mentally lobotimize people into feeling great empathy.
  • Confirmed in Green Lantern #59. The Indigo Tribesmen are chosen by the rings because they lack compassion — the rings channel the power of the Compassion Entity Proselyte and forces it upon them.

The next lantern corps will be a flash corps.
It's color will be a weird always changing series of patterns on the ring/battery.

The Entity is only Lawful Neutral.
It's only concerned with maintaining its own life and therefore life in general. If a few people have to bite the dust along the way, the needs of the many and all that.
  • Certainly plausible. It was apparently satisfied enough with Max Lord's brutal, sadistic murder of Magog to declare that mission accomplished. To say nothing of the other people killed to get to that point.

The seven emotion entities will be merged into the new life entity.
Despite what Brightest Day says, I suspect as a last act, the White Entity will take in the other seven entities in a manner not unlike the fusion of sperm and egg, and give birth of it's successor. And in time significant acts of will, hope, compassion, etc, will give birth to a new generation of rainbow entities.

Boston Brand will become the new Life Entity
It just seems to fit.

There will be a white lanterns corps
There are multiple white lantern life entites on each alternate earths and each life entity will choose a white lantern to guard all life in their universe. Which will create a white lantern corps whose job is to defend and protect life and the white lanterns will replace the monitors.

Larfleezes Oath is just the word "Mine" said over and over.

But in different languages so it sounds like an official oath.

Each Color/Lantern can be placed in a theory of ethics. Or they can relate to it.
Red, Orange and Yellow would mostly fit in Hobbes idea of self interest in humans since: anger is caused by things we don't like, greed is caosed by our needs and fear is caused when we try to inflict superiority or nervousness on people.

Blue, Violet and Indigo are more relate to ethics of care since: compassion involves caring and helping others, love involves a more concetraded feeling of care and passion and hope gives someone the conpasity to move on and to help people move on.

And for Green, Green is in the middle because it acts as a comprimise between all the other 6 emotions/colors. basically a balance between reason and emotion.

Since apparently the Martian Manhunter is going to be an Earth Elemental, Firestorm is getting back his Fire elemental persona, Aquaman is going to become a water elemental and the Hawlfolk are going to become air elementals, I propose that Boston Brand AKA Deadman will become a spirit elemental, letting him get back to that incorporeality he so craves.

Guardian interference in human history
In Blackest Night, Ganthet mentioned how they tried to keep humans and Earth out of the Corps and off everyone's radar. The Guardians have probably been sabotaging human development for this purpose.
  • Well, it was mentioned off-handededly that some Malthusians fled to Earth and became leprechauns...

Nekron and the Entity are 2 parts to the same creature.
Each mighty Anthropomorphic Personification on the emotional color spectrum is apparently the ascended version of the first organism to experience its particular emotion (i.e. Parallax was once a frightened insectoid, Ion was a strong-willed fish-creature, etc.). The first to experience life (in theory) would've been the first to experience death. In addition, both entities are humanoid, said to be greater than the other Personifications, and unlike all others (including Nekron), "The Entity" never gives a name.
  • Naturally, somehow, their being split into two beings is Krona's fault.

Indigo-1 is the little girl that Abin Sur saved on Ysmault all grown up
Her tribe's oath includes the name Abin Sur indicating a past association with him.

Somewhere within Rot Lop Fan's side of the universe, other Bell Corps have sprung up.
Technically, Rot Lop Fan isn't a Green Lantern; he's an F-Sharp Bell. Unless he's the only blind sentient being in the universe, it'd stand to reason there are bellish counterparts to each Lantern Corps.
  • The Sinestro Corps remains the same, but uses an E-Flat Bell instead of an F-Sharp.
  • The Red Lantern Corps becomes the Taut Beat Corps, using drums made taut with blue skin.
  • The Orange Lantern Corps becomes the B-Sharp Bell Corps, no doubt with its own Faux Affably Evil monster latched onto a big bell as "Agent B-Sharp".
  • The Blue Lantern Corps is simply the G Bell Corps, complementing F-Sharp.
  • The Indigo Tribe might be omitted, since they're a little less inclusive.
  • The Star Sapphire Corps becomes the Moon Chime Corps, with a strange crystal chime at its center.
  • The Black Lantern Corps becomes merely the Silence Corps.
  • The White Light ends up becoming the Symphony.

Krona and the Entity each plan to reboot the universe.
In September, DC plans to reboot its material. At the moment, though, it's a veritable clusterfuck: the many Lantern Corps are fighting and staking their claims, all the other superheroes have been dragged along for the ride, the Entity is steering its followers towards something, and Krona is hatching some kind of huge plot. It's setting up to last a long time. How will the DC writers get around this? Keep that plot going while rebooting other titles... or have it all culminate in the Evil Plan of Krona's and the Entity's: to undo everything?
  • Of all the continuities, the Green Lantern series is completely unchanged. Yeah, make that what you will.
    • Well, they were both foiled in the end...

The Empire of Tears was not a literal empire...
It was a rock band. The Five Inversions took their rage towards the Manhunters and turned it into an album. Millions flocked to their message of rebellion against the Maltan, and-perhaps with a little Blood Magic- the Five Inversions gained a fanbase stretching across galaxies. It earned the moniker "Empire of Tears" after one particularly stellar album. Alas, the Guardians of the Universe had to put a stop to the madness, and so imprisoned the band.

All light-based powers draw their energy from the emotional spectrum.
Their users just don't realize the full extent of those powers, though it's for good reason these heroes and villains don't. Were this to be known, Superman and Martian Manhunter would be in danger of succumbing to the might of rage, Dr. Light would possess uncalculable power, and the many rainbow-based villains would become some of the most powerful (and, probably, most mentally torn) beings in the canon.

The DC Reboot will be Caused by Larfleeze Stealing the old continuity and hiding it in a box somewhere
The effort will so much that Larfleeze will spend his time just sleeping and eating through the new continuity.

Hal Jordan will take Sinestro's place as the leader of the Sinestro Corps.

The tenth lantern corps will represent happiness/glee/joy.
There needs to be a type of lantern that is easier to put characters in.
  • No one ever said being a Lantern would be easy.

Butcher was Abel's bull.
It's implied that Butcher was born when Cain killed Abel. Abel was a herdsman, so Butcher would be originally a bull who loved his owner and became angry by his death.
  • Shouldn't he be hunting down Vandal Savage in that case, since Vandal is apparently Cain?
    • Being a bull, the Butcher might not be smart enough to deduce that.

Ranx the Sentient City will return to a Red Lantern.
He seemed really angry when the Green Lanterns infiltrated him, and would want revenge against them, especially their team leader: Sodom Yat. He'll end up becoming as important to the Red Lanterns as Mogo is to the Green, and instead of spitting molten blood, he'll either spit molten sewage or just lava.

The Indigo Tribe's mysterious, un-translateable language is made up.
Indigo-1, or perhaps even Proselyte, made it up so the other Lantern Corps wouldn't be aware of the Tribe's true nature and motives.

The Green Lantern Corps will continue without the Guardians
  • Is it just me or has the relation between the Guardians and the Corps been getting worse and worse over the course of Geoff Johns's run?
  • In the relaunched Green Lantern series the Guardians have plans to create a new army to replace the Corps.
  • The Green Lantern Corps is stacked with Lanterns who have proved to be capable of leading in their place such as Salaak, Kilowog, John Stewart, Guy Gardner, and recently Sinestro.

The Ring Slayers in the Green Lantern Corps are the Guardians' new army
  • As stated above the Guardians have plans to create a new army to replace the Corps and the Ring Slayers were made and they took out the Lanterns in the future so they went back to destroy through time, which would explain why they weren't in the Guardian's records.
    • Jossed. As it turns out, the Ring Slayers are the Keepers, a race of beings hailing from the planet where every Lantern's power battery is stored, before it's pulled from Hammerspace for the daily recharge. Evolving with the power batteries lying around, they became both dependent on their energies and immune to the effects of green Hard Light. The Green Lanterns defeated them by blowing up 2 Sinestro Corps members, scaring the Keepers into submission. Go figure.

Other Corps will get animal members.
Specifically, an Orange Lantern seagull. "Mine!"
  • Other Corps Guesses
    • Yellow: Either a shark or giant spider
      • This troper has always envisioned a dolphin or orca joining the Yellow Lanterns. After all, they look for those with the potential to spread fear, and what else could be more terrifying than the mind of a dolphin?
    • Green: A dog
    • Blue: A dove
    • Indigo: A dolphin
      • If the dolphin would join as the average tribe member joins, then yes. As an embodiment of compassion, however, it'd have to be a rat.
    • Violet: a rabbit

The Guardians of the Universe will turn the F-Sharp Bell into a full corps.
As mentioned above, The Guardians have plans to create a new corps to replace the Green Lanterns. But, they technically did make another corps: the blind Lantern Rot Lop Fan wields an F-Sharp Bell, and is currently the only one who does. Why should they go to all the trouble of creating a full one from scratch, when the template for a stronger corps- one potentially immune to the color politics of the emotional spectrum- already exists?

Alan Scott of Earth Two is the "First Lantern" that the Guardians are searching for.
As we've seen, the Guardians are searching space for the person who will lead the Third Army that will replace the current Green Lantern Corps. It could be that said savior will end up being in one of the post-Flashpoint worlds of the DC Universe. Also, it would be fitting to have the first hero called "Green Lantern" to somehow replace the newer ones.

Ganthet will regain his emotions and turn against the other Guardians by obtaining a White Power Ring and resurrecting the Green Lanterns they killed, including Hal and Sinestro
.This is my interpretation of Sinestro's visions from Green Lantern Vol.5 #6.

The Guardians want to replace the Green Lantern Corps
with the White Lantern Corps.In the brief time we've seen the White Entity, it's shown to be tremendously more powerful than any colours of the emotional spectrum; capable of resurrecting other life-forms, utterly obliteration thousands of Black Lanterns, hurting the goddamn Anti-Monitor and even making the wearer immortal. That's something the Guardians want. Plus they'd have far more control over the Corps, since they're heavily connected to the White Entity(being the oldest living beings in the universe
  • Jossed. Firstly, they used to use the White Light but apparently abandoned it in favor of the Green. They're replacing the GL Corps with a Third Army, a Grand Theft Me type thing/

The Guardians want to replace the Green Lantern Corps with members from the captured Sinestro Corps
Turning Sinestro into a Green Lantern was only the first step. Now that Sinestro has apprehended most of his former Corps, the Guardians will pardon all of them and give new green rings to replace their current Corps with one that is more ruthless. The Guardians have been sliding into Lawful Evil territory and the Sinestro Corps is Lawful Evil.

We've already met the Third Army and Hal Jordan will lead it.
As we know, the Book of The Black has told us that Hal Jordan will be the best Black Lantern ever. How better to prove it than to become the leader of the Third Army that will replace everybody: the Black Lantern Corps. Simply put, the Guardians have come to believe that in order to save the Universe, they must KILL the Universe.

The name of the First Lantern is the New 52 version of Ekron.
Though it could just as easily be due to the way the shadows were drawn, the First Lantern appears to have only one eye. In other continuities, the Emerald Eye of Ekron was a Lantern Ring-like weapon taken from a head-shaped space-ship belonging to Ekron. Or perhaps it was his actual eye. Uncertain. Perhaps it's been both over the years.
The First Lantern is linked to the New 52 version of the Starheart.
  • The Starheart was a Sealed Evil in a Can artifact made by the Guardians. The New 52 Alan Scott is in another universe, and seems to be getting his power directly from his Earth. This might have freed up the New 52 Starheart to be used in some capacity in the current storyline.

The Guardians plan to pattern their Third army on Xadhoom
because Xadhoom's powers aren't tied to emotion the way the Lantern corps are.

Hal Jordan will wield the black light in the name of Death of the Endless.
She once told Lex Luthor that the participants of the Blackest Night looked as if they were having fun; given her nature, it'd be like her to get in on some of that action.

Simon's mask is actually a helmet
He's heard of Hal Jordan's history of head injuries and wanted to take precautions.

Most, if not all, colors of the emotional spectrum are being badly misinterpreted.
The various lantern corps are using the wrong version of their given emotions. Rage is supposed to be righteous indignation over injustice, not mindless hate. Fear should be about using your own fear to motivate you, not instilling terror in others. The Guardians seem to think willpower means emotionless logic. Hope is supposed to be a motivator, not an excuse to do nothing until things get better (which is why they can't act without a Green Lantern). Compassion- well, the Indigo Tribe is composed of brainwashed sociopaths, need I say more? And the Star Sapphires almost exclusively talk about love in the romantic context (I've only seen one example of a Star Sapphire viewing it otherwise). These misinterpretations are the reason all the corps are so chock-full of problems. Oh, Larfleeze? Doing everything exactly right.
  • The Red Lanterns aren't really misinterpreting their emotion-each of them is motivated by revenge, specifically a wrong they have suffered. Its just they are bad at controlling the rage.
  • Larfleeze might not be doing it right; he is rather short sighted. A more methodical Orange Lantern would make plans to take over the universe. There's more to have than just what's in sight.

Kyle Rayner will be the deciding factor in the Third Army crossover.and maybe the first Rainbow-colored or even White Lantern.
It appears that he can use and control the color rings of all the other corps and that power would be the key to defeating the Guardians and their new army.

Valthroom, the First Lantern's escape will result in the re-booting of Green Lantern comic

I really hope that this isn't true, because the Green Lantern comics have so far survived the reboot mostly intact. The Sinestro Corps war, Blackest Night, and Brightest Day all still happened in continuity. All the talk about that if the first Lantern breaks free, he will use his power to alter Green Lantern history as we know it. The result will be Hal Jordan getting a new origin story, and (again hopefully not) the elimination of the other Corps. This is so that the Green Lantern comics will fall in line with all the other reboots that DC has done recently. Being someone who is fond of what has been done so far, I hope this doesn't happen.

  • Jossed, thankfully.

The First Lantern will turn out to be the result of a Stable Time Loop.
In Green Lantern v5 #17, the prologue revealed that, after Krona's attempt to look at the dawn of time blew up in his face, a time traveller appeared by the name of Volthoom. Given that the First Lantern is said time traveller, one wonders why he did this. It's possible that, when the Third Army invaded Earth, the government decided to fight against the Guardians by preventing their Face–Heel Turn as a result of eons of Emotional Suppression. Using the advanced technology as a result of the heroes and villian in the DCU along with time travel devices like the Cosmic Treadmill, they got a researcher who's been studying the emotional spectrum(he may have recovered the now-inert duplicate rings from Blackest Night). The First Lantern's desire to obtain god-like power comes from fixing the mistake of being the very reason why the Guardians chose to abandon emotions.

Krona is responsible for the Guardians full Face–Heel Turn.
While the Guardians were rather morally ambiguous already, they fully became evil after Krona's attack. Why? Because they were possessed by the Emotional Entities. The Guardians have been suppressing their emotions for eons, and generally have a negative opinion of them. When the emotional entities possessed them, they forced the Guardians to feel emotion to the extreme-effectly mind-raping them. This experience destroyed their semblance of sanity, and after having to deal with it made them outright despise emotion. Consciously, they justified their Third Army with the excuse that they were simply carrying out their billions-year old mission. Subconsciously, they're so terrified of emotion that they're willing to obliterate it entirely by removing the ability to feel it.

Kyle Rayner will become a Black Lantern.
So far Kyle Rayner has used all powers of the emotional spectrum, and is now a White Lantern. The only Lantern Corps he isn't part of is [1]. Osiris and Hal Jordan proves that you can be one without wanting the death of every living thing, provided your soul remains in charge. Of course, its just as possible we may get the traditional kind of Black Lantern, likely at the hands of Black Hand.

Each of the emotional entities (except for Parallax and Ion) are basis for different religious parallels.
  • The Butcher is the basis for first murder stories. It could go either way whether the Butcher inspired the murder or the victim: Cain represents the uncontrolled wrath that you'd expect the Spectre to detest or Abel, who represents the desire for vengeance at one's murder. Maybe both, and the ancient aliens writing this didn't know who to blame.
  • Ophidian is the basis for stories dealing with the fall of man-he's as much representing the Fall of Man as Pandora's Box. Ophidian became the way he is by trying to obtain greater knowledge, which consumed his mind and turned him into greed itself. This action later based the concept of the Tree of Knowledge
  • Adara is the basis for flood stories, and a number of apocalypse stories where there's a select group of people to rebuild. Adara was a massive bird who helped a group of people survive an environmental cataclysm. As such, it became a religious symbol of hope that later became Noah's dove.

Unseen corps, colors, emotions, and oaths.
  • Color: Pink, Emotion: Laughter, Oath: "HA HA HA HA HA"
  • Color: Brown, Emotion: Confusion, Oath: "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!?"
  • Color: Gold, Emotion: Confidence, Oath: "I got this"
  • Color: Gray, Emotion: Depression, Oath: "Whatever"
  • "Color": Infrared. Emotion: Pride/Arrogance, to serve as a Foil to the Ultraviolet Corps
  • Those Corps...need work.

Not all of the Lanterns of any Corps, excluding the Orange, were originally sentient.
When you consider one Green ring chose a Lantern named Brin from a species of horse (albeit not from Earth), and didn't specify whether his successor, T-Cher, was built before or after being chosen; and that a Red ring was able to work on an average Earth cat, it makes the fact that there are so many animal-shaped Lanterns in each Corps without opposable thumbs, or even limbs for that matter, more obvious that some of them are animals.

Live-Action Film
Jordan's resignation was never accepted in the first place.
  • After all, we never heard Tomar-Re, Sinestro and Kilowog's reaction to that statement and they would never have let him keep the ring and battery in that situation. Furthermore, when Jordan returned to Oa to speak with the Guardians, no one says anything to him about trespassing or still using the ring. Tomar-Re likely said:
    Tomar-Re: Hal Jordon, we can't accept your resignation that easily, but you obviously need a break. May I suggest you go home with the ring for now and come back when you've sorted out your feelings on this matter.
    Hal Jordan: You mean you trust a newbie like me with this weapon just like that?
    Tomar-Re: Yes, provided you don't cause any trouble with it, I do.
    • The other lanterns insisted that the ring always chooses a worthy wielder and perhaps in the movie universe one cannot choose to give it up or the Guardians do not step in to take it away until the wearer becomes unworthy. That ought to make the sequel interesting regarding Sinestro because he isn't shown giving up the green ring when he dons the yellow one, so that means he has both.

The movie takes place in an Elseworld.
In this case, a For Want of a Nail situation involving Krona's relationship with Parallax. In the comics, Krona was merely a Maltusian physicist, who created the DC multiverse while trying to find the Creator. In the movie, Krona took an interest in the electromagnetic spectrum rather than the Big Bang, and so discovered and allied with Parallax. In response, the Corps formed earlier to both combat this menace and mobilize those who would otherwise be helpless victims.

Deadpool is posing as several movie critics in order to stop Green Lantern from getting a sequel.
Why? He wants Ryan Reynolds all to himself.
  • Sure sounds like something Wade would do.

Gossip Girl is really the origin story of Star Sapphire
  • There is no Serena Van Der Woodsen. Carol Ferris kept up another name, or personality, in her formative years to find herself. Her romantic tendencies and behavior end up being a magnet for the Star Sapphire's mis-read of human emotions. Its notion of love is just as bugout insane as hers.

The next (or possibly a third) movie will be based on Blackest Night.

"Justice League" will not ignore Green Lantern
They'll just retool the style so GL will look cooler. They'll explain it with Character Development.

The sequel will feature the other three Green Lanterns.
Following his sudden but inevitable betrayal, the Corps will recruit three other humans, John Stewart, Guy Gardner, and Kyle Rayner, to help Hal Jordan fight Sinestro.

The sequel will have Carol recast with a much better (and less annoying) actress.
Not so much a guess as a fervent prayer. Taking Blake Lively out of the equation can only improve things immensely.

The sequel will be a soft reboot in the vein of The Incredible Hulk, starring a different Green Lantern.
  • Instead of Parallax, the sequel/reboot will mention the first villain he fight as GL is the alien Hive Mind Legion. Parallax will be saved for future sequels if they wish to adapt certain GL storylines. Legion might turn out to a henchman working for the Five Inversions.

Warner Brothers will focus on a H'lvenite Green Lantern character to interest the audience in the Green Lantern property
After the failure of Ryan Reynolds to interest the mainstream audience in the Green Lantern franchise, then the outstanding popularity of Rocket Raccoon in Guardians of the Galaxy could suggest another way. Namely, the closest equivalent in The DCU to Rocket is Green Lantern Ch'p or his successor, B'dg, so WB may well decide that a cute Badass Adorable kicking butt with a power ring might be just the way to appeal to the general moviegoing public.

They got the Green Lantern movie wrong.
Everyone knows the Green Lantern has a robot sidekick that oddly enough sounds like Phillip J Fry and wears a blue and yellow costume.
  • Seems like the same executives responsible for Dudepeel messed up another comic character played by Ryan Reynolds.
Hal Jordan was always crazy
All the way back in Showcase #22, Hal says that Abin Sur told him to take his uniform before he died - but we never saw this. In other words, Hal Jordan undressed a dead alien and put on those same clothes. That's all the proof anyone needs that Hal Jordan is insane.

Superman Returns takes place in the same reality as Supergirl and Green Lantern.
You'd need to fudge around with the timeline a bit to make this work, but...

1966: Kara is born on Krypton.

1978: Krypton explodes, Kara goes into suspended animation, and Clark is born.

1997: Clark begins secretly operating as Superman.

1999: Clark takes a job at the Daily Planet. He meets Lois Lane and, depending on how old he is, Jimmy Olsen.

2002: Clark publicly debuts as Superman. His first act of public heroism is saving a plane, effectively preventing a second 9/11.

2003: Clark finds Kara's pod and brings her to the Danvers family.

2006: Superman discovers that Krypton may not actually have been destroyed. He flies off to Krypton to find it.

2010: The events of Green Lantern occur.

At some unspecified time, Hal Jordan either retires as Green Lantern or leaves Earth, or is otherwise prevented from openly using his powers.

2011: Superman returns, and this is when the movie actually takes place.

At some point, Richard dies, Lois and Clark get married, and Clark decides to take time off from full-time superheroing to look after his son. That's why Superman doesn't show up except during emergencies during Supergirl.

2015: The events of Supergirl begin.

Shades of the emotional spectrum
Just like real colors the emotional spectrum has variants past the primary colors representing subsets or even mixing of the primary emotions, reds rage could differ from the primal fury of most into righteous wrath or malicious hatred , love could be divided into platonic, romantic, lust, usually these dont have any actual affect but those aligned strongly to one of these shades rarely develop deviations from those normal to a lantern, such as rankorr keeping his sanity as a red lantern or driqs ring being able to revive him, the Dawnbreaker is an example of one ring tapping into another, or lack of in this case, he retained will power and the drive to act but for the most part felt empty of other emotions to act on,he states himself it wasent that he overcame fear but that the emotion was obliterated from him, he is tapping into the black "light" of death hence his dark based powers and absorbing light,

The "Guardians" are not the real Guardians.

The actual Guardians are dead ever since Hal Jordon got possessed by Paralax and destroyed them along with most of the Green Lantern Corps. Kyle Rayner never brought the Guardians back, he merely created a facsimile of them based on what little he knew of them. This is also why the Guardians grow steadily more unreliable and even psychopathic after their "resurrection," they're a bunch of fakes forced into a role they were never actually suited for.


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