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Recap / Mystery Science Theater 3000 S 04 E 11 The Magic Sword

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Film watched: The Magic Sword

In a highly unusual admission, Joel Robinson and Tom Servo said the movie was "pretty good for a Bert I. Gordon film" during a theater segment. (Crow T. Robot seemed to disagree, but found something he liked about it too.) The writers of the show continued the praise in their Amazing Colossal Episode Guide.

The episode is available on Shout! Factory TV here.

The Segments:

  • Joel has decided to get into caricature artwork, and the 'Bots are his subjects. He's apparently wanted to draw Cambot naked, even though all of them are.

Segment 1/Invention Exchange

  • Joel created the Big Gulp Berets to appeal to hippies who want to attend poetry readings while enjoying a cool bottled spring water. Frank stars in a one-act play demonstrating Dr. Forrester's decorator biohazard clean-up pillows, but he's concerned about the mutated strain of dysentary he spilled on himself.

Segment 2

  • Top trainer Joel only feeds Basil Rathbones to his dogs. Packed with bits of Nigel Bruce and comes in pesto flavor!

Segment 3

  • Tom is not impressed with Joel's grand pageant based on the Middle Ages and serfs up a heaping reality check on how hard it was back then.

Segment 4

  • Crow, smitten with Estelle Winwood, sings a love ballad for her. Tom, again, feels the need to interject with counterpoints.

Segment 5

  • The film's seven curses make the crew discuss George Carlin's own naughty words. Back in Deep 13, Frank is reduced to a skeleton, creeping Dr. F out.

The Mystery Science Theater 3000 presentation has examples of:

  • Ask a Stupid Question...: When Lodac first appears:
    Lodac: I am Lodac!
    Sir Branton: The sorcerer?
    Joel: No, the pre-merchant tank mix, of course he's the sorcerer!
  • Bad "Bad Acting": Frank, while trying to sell the merits of Forrester's half of the invention exchange in a one-act play. Complete with glances at the teleprompter.
  • Blatant Lies: Dr. Forrester's attempt to reassure Frank that he looks fine in the final segment.
  • Brain Bleach:
    Crow: (singing about Estelle Winwood) She's rooty-toot-toot / I bet she smells like Juicy Fruit...
    Servo: Blecch!
  • Digging to China: Referenced when George asks Sybil what's in the hidden basement, and Tom replies with China.
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  • Getting Crap Past the Radar: Tom's toothpick comment.
  • Girl of the Week: Crow rather famously ended his idolization of Kim Catrall to pursue Estelle Winwood in this episode instead.
  • Incredibly Lame Pun
    Crow: "Hey, Joel! Serf's up!"
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Joel reads a letter that reveals that doing this helped a family give their son something to talk to them about while in college.
    Joel: (reading the letter) kudos to guys (and Gypsy) for finding a way for parents and kids to connect. When people ask us how we manage to stay in such close touch with Bill and his generation, because they too wanna enjoy that kind of meaningful relationship with their kids, we simply tell them Keep Circulating the Tapes
  • Notable Original Music: Crow's classic "Ode to Estelle". He claims he had "a little spat" with Kim.note 
  • Orphaned Punchline: One scene opens with one of the characters saying, "...If you'd move that darn cat!", a reference to an urban legend that Johnny Carson supposedly told Zsa Zsa Gabor.
  • Running Gag: The king's resemblence to Grady from Sanford and Son.
  • Serious Business: Tom Servo's rant about the Middle Ages.
  • Seven Dirty Words: Briefly discussed in the final host segment.
  • Shout-Out:
  • Silver Fox: Crow has this reaction toward Sybil.
  • This Is Gonna Suck: When they see Bert I. Gordon listed as writer, executive producer, special effects supervisor and director of the film, Tom declares "we are in big, BIG trouble, guys!"
    • Then it gets subverted when Joel and Tom admit the movie actually isn't all that bad.


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