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Leela: Nibbler you... You can talk?
Nibbler: I can do more than talk. I can pontificate.

Hobbes: You can talk?
Hobbes: Good point.

Adam: What? You talked?
Church: Andy this is Doc, Doc this is Andy. Uh Andy, Doc is uh he's here to help Tucker. And he's also our worst enemy. You know- besides the Reds. And, Tex on, certain days.
O'Malley: Well thank you for introducing me to your bowling ball... hello bowling ball.
Andy: Actually, I'm a bomb.
O'Malley: It can talk?
Andy: Why is that the first thing everybody says to me?
O'Malley: A talking bomb, you say... Hmm I could use a fellow like you in my organization.
Church: Yeah, I should probably point out that Andy here was specifically designed to blow up and kill you.
O'Malley: I see... Well this is certainly awkward.

"You can talk? You can talk? What the hell...? Why the fuck...? What's all this bullshit during this 3000 fucking miles?"
James "Logan" Howlett towards his daughter Laura, who had been The Voiceless from the beginning of the movie, Logan

Boss Baby: Fine! I can talk. Now let's see if you can listen. Give me a double espresso and find a place around here with good sushi, I KILL for a spicy tuna roll right about now. (tosses some money) Get yourself a little somethin'.

Donkey: Hi, Princess!
Fiona: It talks!
Tim: Did you... just talk?
Pikachu: Whoa. Did you just understand me? OH, MY GOD! YOU CAN UNDERSTAND ME!
Tim: STOP!
Pikachu: I have been so lonely!


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