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Recap / Calvin And Hobbes The Series S 1 E 1 Birth Of A Friendship

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The introductory episode of Calvin and Hobbes: The Series is an adaption of the first two strips of the comic. Upon failing to get his mother to give him tuna (as bait for his tiger trap), Calvin manages to get some via bribing a kid to distract her. After catching Hobbes (first attempting to shoot him down, which doesn't work) and "stuffing" him, Calvin introduces the wonders of imagination to him. And thus, one of the most legendary friendships of all time was born!



It was also rewritten in Season 3's bonus chapter, as it was going to be part of a series of plays based on fanfiction, and the original was something of an Old Shame.

In this version, Calvin's personality is more in line with the rest of the series (that is, extremely Brilliant, but Lazy), and Hobbes is caught with a cage made out of sticks. After the introductions, Calvin ends up splashing his father with a water balloon after being convinced that aliens have possessed him. And thus, one of the most legendary friendships of all time was born... again!



Tropes shared by both versions:

  • Adaptation Expansion: The episode is an adaptation of the first two strips of the comic, so this was inevitable.
  • Everyone Meets Everyone: A two-person variant.
  • Mr. Imagination: Calvin ends up introducing it to Hobbes in the original version. He's able to figure out that the former is this in the revised version.

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