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"Michael Jackson": I can't believe you never heard of me. I'm a very popular entertainer.
Homer: Oh, of course I've heard of you. I mean you'd have to be living under a rock not to know—What'd you say your name was?
"Michael Jackson": Michael Jackson
Homer: Doesn't ring a bell.
"Michael Jackson": Well, have you heard of MTV?
Homer: Nope.
"Michael Jackson": Motown?
Homer: No.
"Michael Jackson": Beat It?
Homer: You beat it!
"Michael Jackson": Thriller?
Homer: What was that last one?
"Michael Jackson": Thriller.
Homer: Nope.
The Simpsons, "Stark Raving Dad"

Phil Ken-Sebben: It's me! Phil! (Beat) Ken. (Beat) Se. (Beat) Be. (Beat) N.

I was in the airport going home from VidCon and a woman strolls up behind me and she is a little bit peculiar looking and I don't think I'm making a judgment to say so, I think she probably means to be. She's very small, somewhat voluptuous, lots of make up and very fancy clothes and with her are four very big guys, a kind of entourage if you will. All I see people around kind of fumbling with their cellphone cameras getting ready being like, maybe that's an important person. She has a very distinctive look and I actually see her later on a YouTube thumbnail and I figure out who she is, she is Snooki from the Jersey Shore, and if you don't know who Snooki is, as far as I'm concerned you win. And someone walks up to Snooki and is like “Snooki can you take a picture with me?” and Snooki was like “yeah, I'll take a picture with you” and then they took a picture together. But then somebody walked up to me and was like “Hey! Are you Hank Green? Can I take a picture with you?”. And Snooki was confused. And that is what it's like when worlds collide.

(after already interviewing him about the last American presidential election)
Journalist: What is your delegation?
Rebelo de Sousa: The Portuguese one.
Journalist: And your position?
Rebelo de Sousa: I am the President of the Portuguese Republic.

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