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"I am judge, jury, and executioner."

What right to we have to pass judge­ment on a fellow human being?
I ask of you, what right have we to presume him innocent?
The Catechisms Martial, Warhammer 40,000

We determine the guilty. We decide the punishment.
Codex Arbites - the Commandments of Justice, Warhammer 40,000

"Such men are beyond mere mercy."
On Lord Marshal Arbites, Warhammer 40,000

"I am a Commissar. I am empowered to deliver justice wherever I see it lacking. I am empowered to punish cowardice. I am granted the gift of total authority to judge, in the name of the Emperor, on the field of combat."

"I am not their judge. These people have judged themselves by their own actions. I am their judgement. I am their executioner."
Mack Bolan, The Executioner

Walker: (while welcoming Danny to prison) I am your judge; executioner; jury; executioner; jailer; and, if necessary, your executioner.
Danny: Uh, you said "executioner" three times.
Walker: I like that part of the job.
Danny Phantom, "Prisoners of Love"

"Hey, who made you Judge Judy and executioner?"
Homer Simpson, The Simpsons

"I'll be judge, I'll be jury,"
Said cunning old Fury;
"I'll try the whole cause,
and condemn you to death."

Nicolas: It's Frank! He's appointed himself Judge, Jury, and Executioner!
Danny: He is not Judge Judy and Executioner!
Nicolas: He is!

"Our logical Mikado, seeing no moral difference between the dignified judge who condemns a criminal to die, and the industrious mechanic who carries out the sentence, has rolled the two offices into one, and every judge is now his own executioner."
Pooh-Bah, The Mikado

(a patient smashes a vase over a Judoon trooper's helmet)
Judoon: Witness: The Crime. Charge: Physical Assault. Plea: Guilty. Sentence: Execution! (vaporises him)
Oliver Morgenstern: You didn't have to do that.
Judoon: Justice is swift.
Doctor Who, "Smith and Jones"

"800 million people living in the ruin of the old world and the mega structures of the new one. Mega blocks. Mega highways. Mega City One. Convulsing. Choking. Breaking under its own weight. Citizens in fear of the street. The gun. The gang. Only one thing fighting for order in the chaos: the men and women of the Hall of Justice. Juries. Executioners. Judges."
Judge Dredd, Dredd (Opening Narration)

Civilian: Mercy, sir, mercy. I've done nothing wrong!
Ser Mettin: You harbored a known apostate.
Civilian: What crime is feeding my cousin? She was whipped, half-starving!
Ser Mettin: It is a crime against the Maker. The sentence is - (notices Hawke) Intruders! Deal with them.

"You wanted to know what I do for a living. I kill people. There's always one who wields the sword of Damocles, one self-appointed god. That's me, Alyson. That's me."
Robert McCall, The Equalizer

"The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword. If you would take a man’s life, you owe it to him to look into his eyes and hear his final words. And if you cannot bear to do that, then perhaps the man does not deserve to die."
Ned Stark, A Game of Thrones

Robbie: I only kill asesinos who deserve it. It's vengeance, chica.
Daisy: For what? You killed a detective!
Robbie: He had blood on his hands.
Daisy: A teacher!?
Robbie: A pedophile.
[they fight briefly, and Daisy gets the upper hand]
Daisy: You don't get to decide who deserves to die.
Robbie: I'm not the one who decides.

Justice is swift in the Court of Miracles,
I am the lawyers and judge all in on!
We like to get the trial over with quickly
because it's the sentence that's really the fun.

Kree minister: House Fiyero still rules the Kree Empire!
Minister 2: The Supreme Intelligence ceded authority to us!
Minister 3: We couldn't beat [the Annihilation Wave]. Would you have genocide?!
Minister 2: The war was lost! What other choice was there?!
Minister 3: We did what we thought was best.
(Beat, as Ronan glowers at them)
Ronan: Know that House Fiyero stands accused.


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