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    Fan Works 

You pull yourself up as tall as you can, because you're fuckin royalty, right, an say in your best highblood tones, "Give me one reason why I shouldn't cull you right now." An then you get a proper look at the color a her fins, and catch on half a second too late what your dad's tryin to say to you, and, um. Oh. "Tyrian? Uh. Like the empress??"
She snorts, an it's so fuckin un-regal that you're almost ashamed a your own behavior. "Don't have to answer to you!"

[Twilight's] head hurt abominably.
After a moment it seemed like she could hear a voice. She felt like she had a second set of Loop memories... except that these memories had attitude.
* wakeupwakeupthisismybodynowminemineallmine*
On an unprepared, inexperienced mind, these transplanted engrams might have done serious damage.
On the mind of a Looper who had experienced Loops going on into six figures at the least, it was Tuesday.
Mentally speaking, the new memories and thought patterns were only a buzzing fly annoying someone who was already plenty cheesed off. To extend the metaphor, Twilight took only a minute to pull the wings off the fly (sort through valuable memories and skills) and then crush it stone cold dead.
"You... you... you are not the Lady," the priestess choked out.
"No. I'm much worse," Twilight said. "I just took your lady two falls out of three in my head. I know everything she does and so much more besides you can't comprehend it. You think you follow a goddess..." Twilight rose into the air, hands surrounded by her violet magical aura, as sparks flew from the imprinting machine around her. "...but I am vastly more powerful and dangerous than she ever was.
"And you people have taken my last nerve, my very last nerve, and TAP-DANCED ON IT!"

    Films - Live Action 

(The heroes' submarine is grabbed by a huge Opee Sea Killer)
Jar Jar: Big Gooba fish!!!! HUGE TEETH!!!!
(The Opee Sea Killer is grabbed by the much larger Sando Aqua Monster)
Qui-Gon Jinn: There's always a bigger fish.


    Live Action TV 

Din Djarin: They say that the Krayt Dragon lives in an abandoned sarlacc pit.
Cobb Vanth: I've lived on Tattooine my whole life. There's no such thing as an abandoned sarlacc pit.
Din Djarin: There is if you eat the sarlacc.

(A Eustreptospondylus is on a rocky outcropping over the ocean)
Kenneth Branagh: "The most fearsome predator of the Jurassic is watching his prey. Peering through the water, the carnivore fixes on his unwary victim, waiting for the perfect moment to strike".
(A massive Liopleurodon rises from the water behind the Eustreptospondylus, snatches the dinosaur by the tail, and drags it into the ocean).
Walking with Dinosaurs "Cruel Sea"


You might be a big fish
In a little pond
Doesn't mean you've won
'Cuz along may come
A bigger one
Coldplay, "Lost!"

    Tabletop Games 

Lesson one, free of charge:
No matter how big you are, there's always something bigger.
No matter how nasty you are, there's always something nastier.
No matter how lucky you are, there's always someone luckier.
Elminster, The Grand Tour Forgotten Realms comics

By the time we reached the outskirts of the city, one bear had already bolted into the brush, scrambling in the general direction of Anauroch as fast as his paws could take him. The other bear was whining like a whipped kitten, digging his claws into the ground and refusing to move. I had my arms around his neck and was trying to drag him forward when I heard something thunder overhead. A red dragon was roaring out of Myth Drannor, wings beating furiously, its face wrenched in stark terror! I didn't wait to see what was chasing it.
Lyra Sunrose, Forgotten Realms sourcebook Elminster's Ecologies

    Video Games 

Assassin: Corvo's vanished from confinement, from the whole area, and the men on duty swear they saw absolutely nothing. It sounds impossible, I know. What do you make of it?
Daud: That he knows your work better than you do.

...You jump into a lake fulla piranhas, and you ain't gettin' attacked? Means there's a shark around.
Louis, Left 4 Dead

And so, ze hideous creature was vanquished by an even more hideous creature!
The Narrator, The SpongeBob Movie Game

Omnibus, pirates and gangsters and other "outlaws" are nothing but arrogant children. They think that the rules are just there to spoil their fun, and that only wimps and losers live by them. And so they figure that being an outlaw makes them the biggest, baddest predators in the universe. They're dead wrong. What it makes them is rightful prey. Of the civilization they spurned, and of the things their civilization protected them from without their ever knowing. There are powers and principalities out there that pick their teeth with the bones of "big, bad outlaws" that wander out past the fence. Our three eyed buccaneers just learned that their worst nightmare is true: The bars on the cage aren't there to protect the tiger... and the tiger isn't them.
Quentyn Quinn, Space Ranger, after a group of Space Pirates nearly get completely slaughtered by a single Kvrk-Chk whose ship they had tried to plunder.



There was tons of shots of disasters and people running and human characters, and more of that in a second. But the centerpiece of the footage was a sequence where a big monster is attacking an airport, shredding airplanes and trashing buildings. It looks sort of like the Cloverfield monster with a more of a beetle-like carapace and spindly insect legs. It looks massive and powerful.
Yesterday, director Gareth Edwards told us there would be other creatures in the film — and here's our first sight of one. It looks scary and huge.
And then Godzilla's foot comes down next to the creature. Godzilla's FOOT. Which is dwarfing this poor spindly little creature.
And then there's a massive hero shot of this previously big-looking creature looming over the airport, and then Godzilla rises up behind it, and it's like a skyscraper next to a hut. Godzilla is this ginormous dark scaly beast with a gaping maw and a mighty screaming roar, and the crowd basically lost its shit. Host Chris Hardwick made a joke about people having to change their pants, and this seemed totally accurate.
io9 article on Comic-Con teaser for Godzilla (2014)


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