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Playing With / Straw Nihilist

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Basic Trope: An extremely nihilistic character, oftentimes a villain.

or "we'll all die anyway".
  • Played For Laughs: Hermann is a comical Emo Teen.
  • Played For Drama: Hermann became a nihilist because of his horrible experiences as a child, and his dark views of the world thus seem scarily true to the heroes.
  • Played For Horror: Hermann casually slaughters everybody inside of a supermarket while saying that "it doesn't matters" and makes clear in every released statement after being captured that he has no hatred, he doesn't supports any stupid political or religious ideology, he was not on drugs, he was not some stupid kid in over his head, all psych checks came out clean and he doesn't likes the quote about how "some people just want to watch the world burn" because it implies setting fire to forests and such and that doesn't feels right to him — he just murdered a hundred people because he thinks humanity, as a whole, is a waste of air. There is something utterly inhuman about this that a demented racist can't really bring out.

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