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Pinball / Time Machine (Data East)

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Time Machine is an early Physical Pinball Table from Data East. Released in 1988, It was designed by Ed Cebula and Joe Kaminkow, with music by David Thiel and art by Kevin O'Connor and Margaret Hudson.

The game's premise is a simple one: fire up your time-travelling sports car for an interdimensional tour. Shoot the ramps and rollovers to spell STARWARP, then hit the center ramp transporter and beam yourself across the playfield for a million points. Travel from The '80s back to The '70s, The '60s, and The '50s, locking a pinball in each era, then unleash them for a three-ball multiball and a shot at the Jackpot. For more nostalgia, go to The '50s and the table turns into an old-fashioned electro-mechanical pinball, complete with old-school chimebox sound effects.

Time Machine is fondly remembered for its blend of fast action, player-friendly design, and nostalgic fun — it does not have the deepest ruleset, but allows anyone to have a satisfying game without needing to be an expert. The Jive Turkey callouts for each era add to the fun, and the 1950s chimebox is an audio bonus for longtime players.

Time Machine demonstrates the following tropes:

Alternative Title(s): Time Machine 1988