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  • On the Harry Potter Tumblr blog Ask-Jily, Lily for Severus.
  • Dawn of a New Age: Oldport Blues:
    • Ciro manages to misinterpret the various forms of affection that he's shown by his crushes; he's ignorant to Melissa's flirtations, doesn't think that he's Zia's type (despite reciprocating her crush), thinks that Vivian's shyness around him is because she doesn't like him, and doesn't realise that Tamasin likes him because she also helps bully him.
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    • Ivy is a socially awkward nerd and unaware that her classmate Jae has been harbouring an intense crush for her. She also didn't realise that the multiple Valentine's gifts she received back in middle school were genuine, and not simply given out of courtesy.
    • Simon, as an anti-social grump, is barely even aware that Ivy exists, let alone that she has a deep crush on him.
    • Sebastian is unaware that fellow student Amy used to like him (before she had to deal with being turned into software), and also doesn't realise that his close friend Rose has a crush on him.
    • Marko, despite being an attractive hunk, is blindingly unaware of the affection that his fellow gang members Destiny and Kev have for him, despite neither of them being subtle about it.
  • In Dragon Ball Z Abridged, Dende has a massive crush on Gohan, but Gohan, being a kid caught up in his father's shenanigans and his mother's demands for him to be successful, doesn't notice. Dende even confesses to him and Gohan only blinks in confusion. Doesn't help that, when he did, Dende panicked and dragged the entire Namekian race to New Namek in embarrassment.
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  • Parodied in Girlchan In Paradise (along with everything else). Girlchan is in love with Yusuke and thinks that he is "incapable of love due to his dark and brooding past". Episode 3 implies that he is fully capable of love... he just despises Girlchan.
  • In The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Lizzie is so stubbornly oblivious to Darcy's crush on her that Charlotte and Jane devote an entire episode titled "Lizzie Bennet is in Denial" to showing how she's ignoring all the signs that Darcy likes her even when they flat-out tell her about them.
  • In this Onmyōji mini drama, Seimei thinks that the reason he gets a lot of chocolate on Valentine's Day is because other people can't eat all of it.
  • Jaune Arc, of RWBY, is interested in dating, unlike most examples, and constantly flirts with girls...however, due to his self-acknowledged lack of skill at flirting, he can't quite understand it when Pyrrha actually reciprocates his feelings. It probably doesn't help that he constantly sets his sights on Weiss, who doesn't want to give him the time of day. In fact, Pyrrha has an Image Song, "Dreams Come True", which is essentially her so fed up with his pointless Weiss-chasing. Tragically, by the time Jaune realizes Pyrrha's feelings for him, it's through a kiss they share moments before she goes to confront Cinder and is killed in combat.
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  • Parodied in RWBY Chibi: All members of the Weiss-Jaune-Pyrrha love triangle get shot down in quick succession. Ren, watching, comments "If only they could see what was right in front of them." Behind him is Nora, who angrily says "Yeah! If only!" while waving a sign that says "Notice me!"
  • In Simple Complications Drake is completely unaware of Abigail's crush on him, despite it being obvious to all of their friends.
  • Sword Art Online Abridged:
  • Harry to Ginny in A Very Potter Musical, to the point that he tests out a love song for another girl by singing it to Ginny; the result is a Funny Moment.
  • In the you could make a life universe, David is oblivious to his feelings for Jake (though it's more a case of willful denial, since Jake is the always-better-than-him rival he's "supposed" to hate). He also fails to realize that Jake is doing his best to date him in between their bouts of sex. From another story in the universe, Andy is painfully oblivious to the fact that his crush on Derek isn't unrequited to the point where the only reason it takes them seven whole chapters to get together is that Andy keeps running away from Derek whenever they end up in bed together which causes Derek to assume that he doesn't feel the same after all, etc, etc.
  • The relationship between Marik and Yami Bakura/Florence in Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series could be seen as this, in an entirely non-serious way (of course). Marik is implied to be gay but oblivious to it throughout the series, and completely fails to understand when Bakura hits on him, leading to many sarcastic comments on Bakura's end. Then, out of nowhere in a bonus video, when Marik is trying to get Bakura to sing Come Sail Away by Styx by offering him things like killing Yugi and giving him his Millennium Rod, he suddenly says, "What if I told you I loved you?" Cue shock from Bakura. Then they sing together to the end of the episode. It's actually kind of adorable.
  • "Hiro the Dense'', a video animation made by Zedrin, parodies the "absurdly clueless shonen protagonist" archetype with Hiro who's so dense that he completely fails to pick up all the signs that the two gorgeous buxom female demons he encounters are practically begging him to have sex with them.
  • Red Panda Adventures: For a master detective, the Red Panda couldn't pick up on any of Kit's hints of romance. Or does he? He sure seems quick to start changing the subject when she starts teasing him or gets jealous.
    "Kit Baxter, behave yourself."
    • One episode involved a judge being struck by a seeming voodoo curse. At the end of the episode, we learn that his secretary is in the same boat as Kit.
    • In Episode 36, "The Field Trip", it turns out Panda knew what she was doing all along...and thought she was kidding. Kit points out that it went way too far for just a jokenote , and figures he was in denial from self esteem issues. Then they get engaged.


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