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Nightmare Fuel / Scott Pilgrim

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  • Roxanne's Diagonal Cut in Volume 4 is very offsetting to look at.
  • Early into Volume 6, Scott was having another one of his bizarre dreams; this time he's all alone in the desert. He looks looks up to the sky to see an angelic Ramona Flowers, who swoops down and impales Scott with The Power of Love sword, pinning him to the ground. She flies away. Then the sky suddenly becomes dark and three monstrous figures appear out of nowhere and proceed to eat his limbs, with Scott being completely helpless to watch in horror as he suffers being eaten alive. After the monsters ate his arms and legs, he got a good glimpse of the monsters: it turns out the monsters were Envy, Knives, and Kim, each with razor-sharp teeth and a psychotic grin (Knives might stick out to some with her smile.exe-esque grin).
  • Scott's death in Volume 6. Stabbed by Gideon in the Chaos Theatre after refusing to join the League. It would've been Game Over had he not picked up that extra life in Volume 3. It even averts the, up until now, Bloodless Carnage.
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  • Gideon impaling Ramona from behind when she tries to escape the Glow via Subspace. The subtitles declare him to be a dick for doing so while Gideon a flashes a sadistic smile.
  • Almost everything about Gideon. In addition to his paranoia-inducing use of subspace and spy and control emotions, the guy froze and collected his ex-girlfriends, and was planning to do the same thing with Ramona. He is the only character that successfully killed Scott (even if he comes back to life using the 1-Up he got from beating Todd) and his sword fight is easily the most violent part of the entire comic series. It's rather unsettling to see each of his slashes draw a huge amount of blood from Scott when every single other prior battle, including what happened to Roxie, was bloodless.
  • Subspace. People can get in your head and see your dreams. That's enough of a privacy nightmare when your girlfriend is doing it, and worse still your nemesis can spy on you and mess with your memories. Or, from Ramona's perspective (which is never really explicitly addressed), a Living Doll Collector ex who is stalking and trying to kill your boyfriend so he can have you all to himself. And is implied to have done the exact same thing to others. Creepy.
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  • Nega Scott. Imagine a dark doppelgänger of yourself suddenly appearing and only you can see it. He follows Scott around without saying a single word, often scaring Scott in the most awkward situations, whenever he is scared, hurt, frightened, lonely, or in the worst case, emotionally vulnerable. Worse, he is an embodiment of the negative aspects Scott has repressed of himself, everything that Scott is afraid of regarding himself. Never being able to escape what haunts you.
  • Hell, The Glow itself is made of this. A psychic phenomena that is infectious, it can get you when you least expect it. You end up trapped inside your own head, slowly losing your connections to the outside world as all of your vices are amplified. This nightmare transforms your mental landscape into a dangerous place as you become a worse person by the day. Hell, it's implied that this is where the Nega-Scott came from. He only appeared when Scott got the Glow.

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