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Relationship Upgrade has never been this awesome.

  • Scott and Ramona using X-Slash to defeat Gideon
  • Scott gaining The Power of Love.
    • And later gaining the Power of Understanding.
  • "I...I think I'm in love with you too, Scott."
  • Knives diving in to save Ramona from Envy.
    • Ramona's statement that single-handedly kickstarted that battle: "I absolutely don't know what you're talking about, or who you think you're talking to, but I am this close to kicking your ass right back to Montreal...Natalie."
    • Equal parts awesome and heartwarming: while the entire crowd is beating down on Ramona and sucking up to Envy, Wallace yells for Ramona to break Envy's "horsey face", making her turn and address Wallace and allowing Ramona to catch her off-guard with her hammer.
  • Scott beating Roxie in just a single stroke.
  • Kim helping Scott during the fight with Katayanagi Twins.
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  • Knives's Dad chopping a bus in half.
  • Knives's fight with Ramona.
  • Gideon, I think it's obvious to say that we're through.
  • Envy kicking Todd in the nuts.
  • Scott's final battle with Nega-Scott which ends with him allowing Nega-Scott to merge with him, thus enabling him to regain his forgotten memories
  • Gideon of all people gets his when he successfully stabs Scott and temporarily kills him.
  • The splash panel for Crash and The Boys' "Last Song Kills Audience".
  • From Vol. 1, seeing the background characters (Stacey, Wallace, Young Neil, and Knives,) provide backup for Sex Bob-omb against Patel and his demon hipster girls.
  • "WOULD YOU LOOK AT YOURSELF?!" Scott while headbutting a gigantic Gideon, which goes through five or six pages before we get to see the headbutt hit its mark.
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  • "You know, you're right. Part of me does still belong to you. But the other parts of me...are finished with you!"
  • On a meta level, credit has to be given to Bryan Lee O'Malley for being able to combine so many Genres, Emotions and Storylines into one and still make it work and flow seamlessly.


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