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"Scott... I think I'm in love with you, too."
  • Scott and Ramona have such a genuinely great first date it's easy to see how they fell in love right then and there. Scott's able to be himself, they get over an inconvenience like the snow, and they're able to be intimate without it becoming sexual. Ramona's a bit more humorously flippant, but you can tell Scott's sincere when he says the date was "exactly what he needed."
  • Kim faking Ramona calling to give Scott hope at the end of volume 5. It Makes Sense in Context
  • The ending counts as one... Ramona and Scott finally ready to stop running from their problems, literally leaping into the future before them. Awwww.
  • Knives leaping in to save Ramona during her fight with Envy, just so Scott can be happy.
  • "You'll always be my Clash at Demonhead" (Whatever that means.)
  • Envy's Heel–Face Turn and reconciliation with Scott. CLOSURE!
  • Scott apologising to Kim, basically for being himself, at the end of Volume 5. Kim's reply is a completely sincere "Apology accepted", actually smiling for a change.
    • Even sweeter in the movie: Scott just tells her he's sorry, and she responds wordlessly with the warmest smile.
  • Scott finally telling Ramona he loves her in volume 4. And her saying she loves him too afterwards. The event gets followed by this panel, which is equal parts endearing and awesome.
  • Near the beginning of Volume 6: "K-Kitty."
  • Scott's building anger when Todd slaps Knives.
  • Ramona reappearing to Scott after months of absence in volume 6 and trying to apologise to him for being such a sucky girlfriend, but she can't get it out because Scott just won't stop kissing her.
    Ramona: DOWN, boy!
    Scott: Damn it, Ramona! I forgive you already!
  • In volume 5, Ramona, Scott and Kim get smashed at a party, lay around in a pile on a bed upstairs and drunkenly pal around. Then when they finally leave, Kim pulls them both into a group hug before heading home.
    Kim: I seriously wish I you, Ramona. I mean, you're so...y'know?
    Ramona: *kisses Kim on the head*
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  • Though it doesn't make Scott feel much better, there's something very sweet about Knives telling him in volume 6 that even though she's moved on, she still cares about him.
  • Young Neil finally being called just Neil in Volume 6. The bubble even says it's the happiest day of his life!
  • In volume 3, Ramona and Envy are having a battle, and Ramona is getting verbally beaten down by the crowd while everyone cheers on Envy. Then Wallace shows up and yells "BREAK HER FACE, RAMONA! BREAK HER HORSEY OL' FACE!" This properly surprises Envy, giving Ramona an opportunity to catch Envy off-guard with her hammer.
    • Wallace then proceeded to be the only person to cheer Ramona on.
  • Wallace and Scott's friendship; Wallace is generally quick to provide Scott info and advice against the various exes (when his other friends would rather distance themselves from that), generally is quick to help him up after early Envy encounters (the effect of the break up on Scott is the root of his hatred of Envy). Reading all the volumes it's clear that Wallace cares for Scott a good deal, even if some advice is questionable (but hilarious).
  • During the fight between the twins and Scott in Volume 5, Kim (from her cage of captivity) pretends to have received a text of encouragement from Ramona. This gives Scott the Heroic Second Wind he needs to defeat the twins.
  • Scott's relationships with his girlfriends are these. While they all ended in depressing ways, it was clear that Scott did truly and genuinely care for them and the vice versa with the ladies:
    • Special mention goes to Scott and Knives. Despite the flack given in-universe (and by most of the fanbase), it's clear from the first book that Scott did genuinely like her and enjoyed being around her. He was an attentive boyfriend who listened to her about the various things her and her friends got into and was just happy being with someone in a somewhat chaste relationship. The fact she shows up in his second dream in the first book shows that he valued her and wanted her in his life. Yes, the relationship ended badly, but the relationship was not a shallow one.


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