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Just call him Metal Mills.

Toehider is an Australian Progressive Metal project spearheaded by musician Micheal Mills (also works with Ayreon) and artist Andrew Saltmarsh.


  • Toe Hider (EP, 2008)
  • 12 EPs in 12 Months (2009-10)
    • Children of the Sun: A Collection of Under-appreciated Cartoon Themes from the 80's (May 2009)
      • Children of the Sun Part 2: Another Collection of Under-appreciated Cartoon Themes from the 70's, 80's and 90's (2012)
    • Not Much of a Man (June 2009)
    • Old, Old, Old (July 2009)
    • Toehider Too! (August 2009)
    • How Did Counterquistle Lose His Pyjamas? (September 2009)
    • Metaltarsus (October 2009)
    • In All Honesty (November 2009)
    • Under the Mistletoe (December 2009)
    • 9 (January 2010)
    • Do You Believe in Monsters? (February 2010)
    • Never Mind the Hallux (March 2010)
    • Done and Dusted (April 2010)
  • To Hide Her (2011)
  • What Kind of Creature Am I? (2015)
  • Mainly Songs About Robots (EP, 2016)
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  • "GOOD" (2017)
  • I LIKE IT! (2020)

Trope Hider

  • Alliterative Name: Micheal Mills.
  • Big Rock Ending: "But Mostly Metal", complete with Incredibly Long Note.
  • The Cassandra: "Gridlines".
  • Cover Version: Children of the Sun and its sequel are Toehider's takes on underappreciated cartoon theme songs.
    • He had a minor viral hit (later released as an official single) with a cover of Kate Bush's "Wuthering Heights". In the original key, no less. Based on a YouTube comment from his channel on an upload of the cover, he now regards it as something of an Old Shame, being displeased with the performance, explaining his original upload's disappearance.
  • Cybernetics Eat Your Soul: "No, Not You...YOU".
  • Deadly Euphemism: Apparently the "[funnythings]" in that cupboard aren't the hilarious kind...
  • Design Student's Orgasm: Andrew Saltmarsh isn't the boldest offender but he has his moments.
  • Die Laughing: In "[funnythings]" Dake and his cousin hear of a man who literally died laughing in the cupboard whose door they broke off trying to see what's inside. Yikes.
  • Epic Rocking: Almost half their material likes to do this.
    • "Meet the Sloth" is 12 and a half minutes long.
    • "....." is neither epic nor rocking but the ambient track runs for over 11 minutes.
    • The entire Done and Dusted EP is basically just 19 minutes of Title Track.
  • Excited Show Title!: "GO FULL BORE!" "I LIKE IT!" "WHOA!" "It's So Fikkis!"
  • Heavy Meta: The aptly titled "But Mostly Metal". Comes with a Literal Music Video, too!
  • I Am the Band: Mike. Aside from a couple guest appearances and live shows, Mills plays every instrument as well as being a Self-Backing Vocalist on every song.
  • Incredibly Long Note: "But Mostly Metal" has Mike holding an F4 for 40 seconds straight!
  • Incredibly Lame Pun: Mike admittedly likes to do these.
    • To Hide Her.
  • Irony: "Millions of Musketeers" yet not a musket in sight.
  • Lampshade Hanging: "How Do Ghosts Work?"
  • Last Note Nightmare: "Geese Lycan".
    • Kinda inverted, then subverted about 17 minutes later, in "Done and Dusted".
    • "[funnythings]", if you think about it...
  • Long Title: Oh, boy...
    • EP and album titles:
      • How Did Counterquistle Lose His Pyjamas?
      • Children of the Sun: A Collection of Under-appreciated Cartoon Themes from the 80's
      • Children of the Sun Part 2: Another Collection of Under-appreciated Cartoon Themes from the 70's, 80's and 90's
    • Song titles:
      • "You're Not the Girl You Said You Were"
      • "I Just Listen to Whatever's on the Radio"
      • "I've Never Had Sex Before, What's It Like?"
      • "This Is Going To Get Worse Before It Gets Better"
      • "I've Been So Happy Living Down Here in the Water"
  • Metal Band Mascot: This dude.
  • Metal Scream: Averted in most material, but "Geese Lycan" and "GO FULL BORE!" does demonstrate Mike's capability for types 2 and 3.
  • Mind Screw: Mike's been fond of this trope even before Ayreon invited him aboard!
  • Mohs Scale of Rock and Metal Hardness: Wandering up and down the scale, Toehider has a full EP at level 1 (Not Much of a Man) and a few fun tracks peaking at 10 ("But Mostly Metal", "Geese Lycan").
  • Motor Mouth: "GO FULL BORE!"
  • Nice Hat: Mike is on a quest to find the ultimate beanie.
  • Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot: "Geese Lycan".
    Part goose, part wolf....but I hear he's ALL man ;)
  • No Ending: "Toe Hider". According to Mike, this was homage to what Dream Theater did in "Pull Me Under".
  • No Title: Possibly all five tracks from 9.
  • One-Man Band: In studio. Onstage, Mike plays mostly guitars with session musicians taking over the other instruments.
  • Overprotective Dad: "Daddy Issues".
  • Progressive Metal: A rising star in the Aussie scene.
  • Self-Backing Vocalist: Backup vox is sometimes where Mike tends to hit high notes.
    • Lampshaded in the liner notes of What Kind of Creature Am I?, where backing vocals are credited to "Mike Mills and the Mike Mills Choir".
  • Shout-Out: "GO FULL BORE!" drops Bathory and even the DeLorean DMC-12.
  • Special Guest: Arjen Anthony Lucassen, of all people, did nifty guitar work on "The Ballad of the Kianpraty".
    • Mainly Songs About Robots features former Black Sabbath and Dio drummer Vinnie Appice on all four tracks.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": Only recently has Mike changed the spelling of his first name from AE to EA. Arjen confirmed this when the two got to work together again for Ayreon's Transitus.
  • Theme Naming:
    • Metaltarsus houses Toehider's most metal songs in their discography, ever.
    • 9 is, well, the ninth release for 12 EPs in 12 Months.
    • Done and Dusted is the last chapter of the 12 EPs in 12 Months collection.
  • Title Drop: "Good" seems to double-subvert this, as Mike mumbles the word at the very end of the track instead of singing it.
  • Titled After the Song: "Toe Hider".

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