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  • The imageboard Choose Your Own Adventure Ruby Quest features the mad doctor Filbert, who has an official license to rape (implied in canon, note  exploited in fanart), and exploits this on absolutely everybody in the facility. Occasionally, his molestations even have healing powers.
    • One of the other adventures run recently, Knight Blades has Yellow Fang, second in command of the Fang mercenary group. It's pretty much implied he's raped all his compatriots at one point or another with a variation of the 'candy van' tactic. He may have passed suddenly, but his legacy lives on!
  • Dr. Octogonapus from the Lazer Collections.
    • He later reveals to Randal that he's his son. And lordy. The lines he comes out with when he's trying to teach Randal a little bit about his new powers:
      Dr. Octogonapus: Feel the power in you, Randal. Let it seep up your thighs and penetrate your body! Let it PENETRATE YOU, Randal!
      Randal: (smashes a car) Feels good...
      Dr. Octogonapus: Now release! Let it build up, and RELEASE!
      (Randal groans and fires his lazer beam at the smashed car, completely destroying it.)
      Dr. Octogonapus: (grins) Come my son. You have much to learn.
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  • Daily Destin. His transformers figures killed themselves because of what he did to them.
  • This is just a quick warning: Ask That Guy will make you his bitch. Please react accordingly.
  • Rain Silves will rape you, and you will like it.
  • Pedobear.
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  • Stonewater from Dominic Deegan will "save" you. Overlaps with Never Live It Down.
  • Omega/O'Malley from Red vs. Blue. Canon Grand Theft Me overlapping with his extremely aggressive/possessive nature makes him a prime candidate for this.
    • By extension, the Meta, especially after acquiring Omega.
      • Poor, poor Doc...
  • This fine fellow.
  • Rosa Fiametta of Survival of the Fittest, along with being a Launcher of a Thousand Ships, has become regarded as the memetic molester of V4.
    • From SOTF-TV, don't accept any pills from Marvia Jones. Just... don't.
  • Evil Flippy from Happy Tree Friends sometimes gets this treatment.
  • "Touch the Puppy"
  • Thanks to this RP account on Twitter, Sonichu has become a memetic rapist.
  • Just another part of the Slender Man's charm.
    • Masky from Marble Hornets has also gotten this treatment, probably because he sneaks into Jay's room and watches him sleep.
  • Dragon Ball Z Abridged managed to turn Vegeta, of all people, into one of these.
    Gohan: So... can I... help you?
    Vegeta: No. (strokes Gohan's head) But maybe I can help you. (rapeface)
    Gohan: Uh... I need an adult.
    Vegeta: I am an adult.
    "I'm terrifying and a potential rapist. But I'll never say it flat-out."
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  • Das Bo Schitt, maker of the The Gmod Idiot Box, sometimes has Renamon coming off as one of these, thanks in part to, among other things, Renamon assaulting Ellis, Renamon humping #1's head, Renamon humping Duke Nukem's head...
  • "Man, this dude was just some model, and we went and made him a pedophile".
  • The "Barney Bunch" fad on Newgrounds and later YouTube centers around turning an entire ensemble of characters into this trope.
  • Cockmongler
  • Hugh Neutron became one, mostly because of the memetic short film Jimmy Neutron Happy Family Happy Hour.
  • Pencil Face from the eponymous horror short. Just... its face. And the premise is rather disturbing, too, if you look at it from a certain angle: a suspicious stranger lures the girl with gifts and then gets her into trouble. Add the imagery of a long, oblongated pencil and a hole and you get what...?

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