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Being the son of the queen may have helped.
  • The first poster was very quickly turned into a target for Photoshops, either inserting other marine-based characters, putting Aquaman somewhere else, or mashing up with other watery movie posters such as Finding Nemo and The Meg.
  • After seeing all the armored sharks, everyone started joking about how Dr. Evil finally got his sharks with Frickin' Laser Beams.
  • A lot of fans still stick to Insistent Terminology about Aquaman's trident not technically being a trident because it has five prongs.
  • Orm riding a Mosasauridae species (Tylosaurus, as explained by James Wan) the same year as the release of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, which featured the park's Mosasaurus escaping into the open ocean caused a lot of jokes about this being where it ended up.
  • The Trench's resemblance to the Aliens earned them the fan-nickname of Seanomorphs.
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  • Jokes comparing Arthur and/or Mera to The Little Mermaid and other similar characters have been very common. (Mera is also a redhead princess of an ocean kingdom, who's clueless about land things, so it fits.)
  • Of course, as with Justice League, Jason Momoa being Aquaman still draws a lot of Khal Drogo comparisons.
    • He also briefly rides a sea dragon in the final battle, so jokes of "His wife Daenerys would be proud" is commonplace.
  • When Arthur states that he's not a "fish-boy", he's a "fish-man", comparisons were immediately made to Derek Zoolander saying "mer-man!".
  • "Remember kids, alcohol is bad for you."Explanation 
  • "Mary Poppins is a sea monster!"Explanation 
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  • Jokes about the song Pitbull did for the movie have already become extremely common, with fans jokingly inserting it into other movies.
  • Wan-billion Explanation 
  • "Veteran Clone reminiscing about the Clone Wars." Explanation 

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