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Possibly the least scathing meme related to this franchise. Also, the Snyder Cut does exist now, so...

Being a multi-film franchise means there's inevitably going to be a sizable number of memes. Being a multi-film franchise with divisive early installments means there's going to be enough to fill an encyclopedia.

Individual film pages:


Films without a specific page:

  • Birds of Prey (2020): Due to its title, a lot of fans have jokingly complained that it "wasn't actually a nature documentary about eagles".
  • The Suicide Squad: Given Pete Davidson just looks how he always does in comparison to the other more creative designs, many joked that he’s playing himself. Like he always does.
    • Additionally, many were quick to say he’ll be the first character to die.
    • "Don’t get too attached" given many believe that the majority of these characters won't make it out alive.
    • Again, John Cena and the "You can't see me" jokes arrived.
  • The Flash: "The Flash will Cameo in his own Movie" Explanation 


In General

  • "I want pictures! Pictures of Batman!!!" Explanation 
  • Director's Cut Extended Universe Explanation 
    • DLCEU Explanation 
  • DCEU 1 Oscar, MCU 0 Explanation 
  • Wonder Woman is carrying the DCEU on her back! Explanation 
  • Ben Affleck's extremely bored and tired "I don't know about that, we'll see what the future holds" when asked if he'll play Bruce again during the Justice League press junket.note 
  • "Tell that to Zod's snapped neck!" Explanation 
  • Some fans have taken to joking about the seemingly endless series of negative and/ludicrous and/or unproven rumors about the films by wondering what bizarre story will get passed around next by notoriously unreliable outlets like We Got This Covered and making up their own ridiculous ones.
  • Articles and videos ruminating about why the franchise hasn't been as accepted as the MCU and others about how to "fix" or "save" the DCEU absolutely litter the internet and it's not unusual to come across multiple ones with completely differing perspectives, leaving fans confused as to what exactly detractors are looking for.
  • "Can [current DC movie] Save the DCEU?" Explanation , followed by "X movie shows the DCEU is heading in the right direction" when it seemingly doesExplanation .


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