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  • The DC Extended Uinverse in a way is following the same transition characters like Batman and Superman went through when they first debuted. When first introduced Superman and Batman were pretty dark heroes ( Batman the darker of the two) and both had killed like Superman with Zod or Batman with a good amount of criminals in BVS and it was only as time past that they started to get lighter similarly to how to Universe is suppose to get Lighter and Softer after Justice League. In a way The DCEU is following the comics they just aren't starting from the modern interpretations.
  • With the DC heroes possessing godlike power, it's no wonder their films tend to give them a godlike treatment:
    • Superman gets the Jesus parallel, with Man of Steel featuring Christian motifs and with Clark himself dying and being resurrected.
    • Batman goes the other way with his presence in Gotham being regarded as near demonic and with Bruce himself feeling he's stuck in hell and can't escape. He does get better though after encountering other heroes.
    • In Suicide Squad (2016) there are three gods: Enchantress and Incubus, and El Diablo.
    • Wonder Woman (2017) details the existence of actual Greek gods, the roster including Diana and Ares.
    • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League (2017) brings up mention of new gods from outer space, namely Parademons and Darkseid.


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