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  • The whole concept of a DC Comics-inspired shared movie universe being Saved from Development Hell. Before that, Warner Bros. only cashed in on Superman and Batman regarding theatrical films, and was never successful when (scarcely) trying to adapt DCU properties that were not one of these big two.
  • As of Aquaman, the DCEU was the fastest film franchise to reach the $5 billion mark at the worldwide box office, with six films in five years. The Marvel Cinematic Universe also did it in five years, but on its seventh film.
  • Gal Gadot refusing to be in any more films unless Warner Bros cuts off all ties to Brett Ratner after his numerous sexual harassment allegations came to light in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal. It's not every day you see someone willing to sacrifice their Star-Making Role to ensure a safe working environment for women.
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  • The fact that the studio was able to get Steven freaking Spielberg involved as a director (for Blackhawk).
  • Margot Robbie taking charge in getting a Birds of Prey film made. Not only are fans excited to see them finally brought to life in a film, the fact that Warner Bros listened to one of their actors and gave her that kind of power is impressive.
  • The fact that, despite the divisive reception of the films, it's generally agreed that almost every major role is extremely well cast. Ben Affleck is especially notable in this regard as almost everyone has agreed he's a great Batman, with many going as far as to call him the best yet.
  • Warner Bros learning from the success of Wonder Woman (2017) and starting to work towards making films for Batgirl, Supergirl and the Birds of Prey. It's fair to say that the glass ceiling for superhero films has been well and truly shattered.
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  • The fact that the franchise has, from the start, made an effort to be diverse and inclusive in relation to casting and behind the scenes talent.
  • Even many people who don't care for the franchise can't help rooting for James Gunn getting sweet revenge after his controversial firing from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, choosing writing a Suicide Squad sequel from among the numerous offers he received.
    • Now that he's back along for the ride with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, Gunn now has the prestigious honor of being one of the first few directors to do both Marvel and DC films.


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