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Memes / Justice League (2017)

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  • A photo of J. K. Simmons with well-muscled arms has attracted a lot of attention, with some people theorizing that it was actually Gordon who smashed the Joker's teeth. Simmons has denied that he did it for the film as he's been serious about his fitness for several years already.
  • Within hours of the Comic-con Footage being released, the ever (in)famous Bat-meme of Bruce Wayne adopting plucky orphans manages to overlap onto Barry Allen, largely due to his youth, their chemistry and the color red, of course.
  • Also from the scene of Bruce recruiting Barry is the odd fascination some fans have with the fact that Rick and Morty is playing on one of Barry's TVs.
  • Additionally, Aquaman slamming Bruce into a wall has been memed to Hell and back. Popular variants include the fake headline "Breaking News: Batman Doesn't Learn Lesson, Insults Another Superhuman", Batman telling Aquaman to "let go of [him], you fucking mermaid", and this:
    Bruce Wayne: You have to find Nemo!
    Aquaman: WHY DID YOU SAY THAT NAME!?!?!
    • Note that, related to the above, both have/had a father named Thomas. Some memes played on this.
  • Some have gone the extra mile straight into Black Comedy.
    Bruce Wayne: I hear you talk to fish.
    Aquaman: I hear you talk to graves.
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  • Another Aquaman related one has come up with this behind the scenes photo of Jason Momoa holding a guitar in costume.
  • This exchange between Barry and Bruce has gotten quite the reception from fans
    Barry Allen: So what are your superpowers again?
    Bruce Wayne: ... I'm rich.
  • The "You Can't Save The World Alone" poster immediately got this knockoff as a satirical explanation of why Superman isn't with them.
  • A report on reshoots for Justice League talked about conflicting schedules and that Henry Cavill grew a mustache for Mission: Impossible – Fallout and was not allowed to shave it for JL reshoots, it would be digitally removed in post production. This led to loads of jokes like "Freddy Mercury is Superman," and photoshopping mustaches on prior depictions of Superman.
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  • This face has been used many times on Twitter to encapsulate how most people felt about the new trailer.
  • When footage of Michael McElhatton's character was revealed, nearly everybody began making Roose Bolton jokes on comments under the clip and on social media, as seen here.
  • After the film came out, Henry Cavill's botched CGI face has been commonly shared as an emblem of the film's chaotic productions, reshoots, Special Effect Failure and possibly self-destruction shown by DCEU.
  • And of course thanks to the omnipresence of Mother Boxes in the plot of the film, the inevitable nickname Martha Box has gained traction.
  • In Latin America, Aquaman's "You're out of your mind, Bruce Wayne" quote was translated as "Estas enfermo, Bruce Wayne" (literally "You're sick, Bruce Wayne"). It's become a huge meme to express disgust towards others.
  • In box office discussion circles, this movie is used as a tongue-in-cheek unit of measurement of blockbuster performance thanks to its infamous box office underperformance (one Justice League equals $229 million).
  • "And I did Josstice League too!" Explanation 


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