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Memes / Wonder Woman (2017)

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  • A shot of Wonder Woman shielding herself from heavy gunfire has been used as a metaphor for what happens when women express opinions online.
  • Some people also jokingly said that Wonder Woman would make a good DLC for Battlefield 1.
  • Fan-made gifs of Wonder Woman blocking "Rotten" bullets. Doubles as Hilarious in Hindsight since they were made before the movie came out, and the movie was well-received on the site from the first reviews published to an eventual 93% rating.
  • "Waiting for Gadot", a pun off Waiting for Godot, became a popular joke especially after the film got highly positive early reviews.
  • The film receiving very positive early buzz after the critical thrashings given to Batman v. Superman and Suicide Squad (2016) has led to jokes about Wonder Woman single-handedly carrying the DCEU on her back.
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  • There are quite a few jokes about Lebanon's terrible taste in movies after they banned this highly acclaimed film due to the Israeli lead, Gal Gadot (who was in the IDF), but had allowed in the far more divisive Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Which also featured Gal Gadot (granted she wasn't the main focus in BvS).
  • Sameer's line "I'm both frightened...and aroused" has become a popular reaction image online in response to hot women doing badass things.
  • The strong similarities between Steve Trevor and Steve Rogers's deaths (performing a Heroic Sacrifice involving a plane filled with explosives aimed at a major city) prompted jokes that if you're in a period piece and your name's Steve, avoid airplanes at all costs.
  • The shot of Wonder Woman hiding a sword in the back of her dress has led to several women trying the same with their own swords and dresses under the hashtag #WWGotYourBack. Turns out, it actually works!
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  • Robin Wright's other famous geek role has sparked a number of them, from pictures of Antiope Bridal Carrying Westley, to a mashup with Princess Leia celebrating "childhood princesses" being promoted to generals.
  • Another Robin Wright one has Antiope being paired with a shot of Forrest Gump usually either running towards the screen or with a shocked expression, now seeing “Jenny” again (and kicking ass).
  • Nigel Thornberry is Ares! note 
  • It was a popular joke that the Amazons have such an intricate and dramatic fighting style due to being an army with no war to fight and needing to fill their time. This led to many fans coming up with increasingly ridiculous situations that Antiope wanted to prepare them for.

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