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Characters / Aquaman (2018)

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The characters from Aquaman are listed below with the DC Extended Universe page they are currently on.

Characters in Aquaman:

  • Arthur Curry / Aquaman.
  • The Seven Seas: Orm / Ocean Master, Queen Atlanna, King Orvax, King Atlan, Nuidis Vulko, Murk, Atlantean Soldiers, Mera, King Nereus, The Fishermen, King Ricou, The Fisherman Princess, The Brine, The Brine King, The Trench, Tylosaurus, Karathen.
  • Other Supervillains: David Kane / Black Manta.
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  • Other Humans: Thomas Curry, Dr. Stephen Shin.
  • Minor Villains and Criminals: Jesse Kane.


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