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"Who's a cute widdle Interface Screw?"

A good way to enhance the cuteness of a video and/or picture of an animal is to have the animal get close to the camera, and put its face right up to or around said camera, often sniffing the camera and/or sniffing around it.

The animal's face is likely to be much closer to the camera than the rest of its body, which makes the animal's head look bigger in comparison to the body than it actually is. A wide angle lens is usually used to enhance this effect.


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    Anime & Manga 

    Films — Animation 
  • The black cat from Coraline greets the heroine this way after waking her up.
  • The introduction of Puss in Boots in Shrek 2 features him trying his hardest to appear cute by doing massive Puppy-Dog Eyes and drooping his ears slightly.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Happens in a lot of The BBC's Spy wildlife documentaries when the animal subjects start to get curious about the disguised cameras that are filming them. For instance, in one Polar Bears: Spy on the Ice episode, one of the cameras was disguised as a snowball, and the cubs kept approaching it and playing with it.
  • Zoboomafoo: In the opening sequence.

    Video Games 
  • The Nintendog assist trophy in Super Smash Bros. summons a giant puppy to jump in front of the game's camera (and obscure the action on the battlefield).
  • Weavile in Pokkén Tournament grabs the camera and smiles into it at random before a match starts.
  • The Inadvisably Big Dog from Sunless Skies is a Big Friendly Dog who's huge enough to accidentally breaks things wherever it goes and has a personality is described with phrases like "innocently happy" and "a riot of joy." Its picture on the Officer screen is dominated by its nose as it happily presses its face right into the camera.
  • Occasionally while camping in Pokémon Sword and Shield you will enter the camping screen to find one of your Pokemon is literally right up in your face. It's kind of unnerving with some of them.

    Web Comics 

    Web Videos 
  • On Eat Your Kimchi, the Scottish Fold kitten Dr. Meemersworth stalks and attacks a camera on a string.
  • In one of the Pokemon animation shorts "Master of Flight", Rowlet was shooting feathers in each bull's eye; until he hit the cameraman. Which is so kawaii in the end, until Rowlet looks at the camera.

    Western Animation 

    Real Life 
  • Birthday and holiday cards
  • Handbags in some shops in the UK.
  • Artlist Collection's "The Dog" and "The Cat" collectibles are all about focusing on kitties' and puppies' faces using a fish-eye lens.
  • Dogs and cats with the right combination of friendliness and fearlessness are just as prone to do this right in someone's face. It's every bit as adorable as it sounds.
  • Guinea pigs are particularly prone to this as many a video has proven. Their little lower lips are especially adorable.