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Muridnya sableng, gurunya gendeng!Translation 

Wiro Sableng is a series of Indonesian action comedy novel authored by Bastian Tito. The story itself is separated through several arcs which acted similarly to a Shonen comic story arcs, it mostly follows the titular Wiro Sableng, a martial artist-warrior in his adventures to improve himself and fighting evil.

Wiro Sableng (real name: Wiro Saksana) is the second student of a martial artist teacher known as Sinto Gendeng (real name: Sinto Weni, but because she's crazy/loony, she got that moniker), who saved his life when he was a mere toddler whereas Sinto's first student turned evil Mahesa Birawa burnt down his home and killed his parents. Sinto taught Wiro every of her martial arts skills and rubbed off her craziness, so he's also kind of crazy.


After 17 years of training, Wiro was deemed worthy to inherit one of Sinto's sacred weapons, Kapak Naga Geni 212 (Geni Dragon Axe 212). In order to inherit this weapon, a ritual took place where the axe imprinted the text '212' right on Wiro's chest, which not only identifies Wiro as the wielder of the axe, but also helps in unlocking the axe's mystical abilities and a lot of Wiro's skills. Right afterwards, Wiro underwent a journey to avenge his parents by defeating Mahesa Birawa.

But after that, it's time for more adventures for Wiro, helping the weak and crushing evil whenever he passes by, and improving as a martial artist and a person. And rile up his enemies with his crazy personality as he kicked their ass.

While not an internationally known character, Wiro Sableng is a local icon amongst Indonesian fictional characters. The novel has been adapted into two films (the second one was just released in 2018, starring Vino G Bastian, the son of Bastian Tito, as the titular Wiro Sableng) and the most known TV series in The '90s, starring Herning Soekendro/Ken Ken, which features a super Ear Worm-y theme song that most Indonesians that lived through that era recognize.


Aside of films and TV Series, Wiro has also made an appearance in the Indonesian version of Arena of Valor.

Tropes associated with the series

  • Arch-Enemy: Wiro meet many powerful opponents throughout the series, but the most iconic would be Pangeran Anom (Prince Anom) AKA Pangeran Matahari (Prince of the Sun). He also serves as an Evil Counterpart to Wiro. Like Wiro, Anom is a prodigal martial artist who learned from one of the greatest master in the realm, expect Anom's master is evil to the core and Anom is no different. Their martial arts skill are on equal level and Anom is one of the few opponent to outsmart Wiro. Lastly, both are heirs to a legendary martial art books. Wiro is the recipient of "Wasiat Dewa (Will of the Gods)", while Anom is the recipient to it's counterpart, "Wasiat Iblis (Will of the devils)".
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  • An Axe to Grind: Wiro's Weapon of Choice being a double headed axe named "Kapak Naga Geni 212"
  • Ax-Crazy: They don't call him 'Wiro Sableng' for nothing, and so is his teacher, 'Sinto Gendeng'Explanation 
  • A Pupil of Mine, Until He Turned to Evil: Sinto's first student Mahesa Birawa turned evil once he left Sinto's tutelage... and even killed Wiro's parents and would've done that to Wiro if Sinto didn't intervene. Just another day in his daily evil life.
  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer: Being really really crazy never stopped Sinto from being a hypercompetent martial artist. And so is Wiro.
  • Character Development: As Wiro gets into more adventures, he also develops his character. He's still a crazy blabbermouth, but he also refrains himself from using taunts or craziness that would come off as overly childish.
  • Chick Magnet: Wiro has attracted a lot of pretty ladies throughout his adventures. But he's no lech, and any feelings were mostly kept within himself, or he just uses I Want My Beloved to Be Happy approach whenever there's a love rival.
  • Martial Arts Headband: Part of Wiro's iconic look is his white headband.
  • Nice Guy: If you get past his craziness, Wiro is pretty much a good person through and through, who will fight for the weak and kick evil's ass while he's at it.
  • You Fight Like a Cow: Wiro is known to mock, rile up and make fun of his enemies while also kicking them in the ass and being crazy about it.

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