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Literature / Computer Crimes and Capers

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"In short, the crime of the future will be that of outwitting the computer. It is already being done. By stealing code, or by multifarious fakery that the dumb computer can't see through, numbers are so manipulated by the computer's incredible innocence as to sluice money into unauthorized hands."
Isaac Asimov, introduction "Crime Up to Date"

A Genre Anthology by Isaac Asimov, Martin H. Greenberg, and Charles G Waugh, first published in 1983. The ten stories collected here are all Science Fiction, because they involve different computers. The stories are also Crime Fiction, ranging from computer-assisted crimes, computers misinterpreting things as crimes, to even computers committing crimes. The authors explore various intentional and unintentional crimes with the all-powerful computers at humanity's hands. A short introduction by Isaac Asimov describes how technology has affected crime prevention and crime itself.


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