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Born 1 March 1941 and died 25 June 2011, Martin Harry Greenberg is best known as an Anthology editor of Speculative Fiction stories. He worked with numerous authors, and collected enough stories to produce thousands of anthologies, becoming known as "the king of the anthologists". Many of the volumes were produced in collaboration with other authors and editors.

Initially, Greenberg studied Political Science, earning a Doctorate of Philosophy in the subject and moving onto the University of Wisconsin for a professorship. From there, he gathered his first anthology, called Political Science Fiction An Introductory Reader, with the help of Patricia Warrick. This textbook represents the bridge between his job as an educator (it was designed to illustrate political science concepts for a classroom) with his eventual career creating anthologies of Science Fiction stories. According to Inside University Of Wisconson Green Bay, he was inspired by her comment "Did you ever think about combining your interest in political science with your interest in science fiction?" [1]

Greenberg published with his middle initial included to avoid confusion with Martin Greenberg, owner of Gnome Press. This was on the advice of his friend Isaac Asimov, a short story author with whom he collaborated on over a hundred books. The only author he would collaborate more with was Charles G Waugh, sharing the work of 193 anthologies.

Greenberg published a bibliography rather than a biography, titled I Have an Idea for a Book.... He was part of the team that created the Sci-fi Channel (now named Syfy) and founded Tekno Books (now owned by Hollywood Media Corp).

Works by Martin H. Greenberg:

Tropes that Greenberg anthologized:

  • Anthology: Greenberg had the connections to put together several authors and find a publisher interested in the collection. Mike Resnick recalls when Greenberg had sold an 'impossible' anthology idea to publishers within three hours.
  • Biography: Greenberg had such a focus on where the next book was coming from, the only record he made of his life was in the form of a bibliography, I Have an Idea for a Book.... It includes the various books/anthologies he had edited and assembled with the help of skilled authors.
  • Speculative Fiction: Because of the volume and quality of anthologies that Greenberg commissioned and edited, he received lifetime awards from the Mystery Writers of America (Ellery Queen Award, 1995), the Horror Writers Association (Bram Stoker Award for Lifetime Achievement, 2003), and the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (one of the three Solstice Awards for inauguration in 2009).