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  • The Warriors in Enemy Quest are this, being both incredibly strong and surprisingly swift and agile. Their durability is nothing to sneeze at either, as "During the war, they put on brass armor and charged through hails of bullets."
  • The Brute in Ninja Spirit is revealed to be like this when he dodges a lightning bolt.
  • Grace in El Goonish Shive. When she really tries and is more or less in her default form, she moves too fast to track, even for experienced martial artists. The first time she fought, without any training, it was much like a rubber cannonball with claws. An opponent with Super Strength couldn't connect fast enough to make her more than bounce back and forth and slash again.
  • Mongo from The Adventures of Dr. McNinja. All the speed, agility, and skills of a ninja with the strength and body of a Giant Mook. And he wields Chainsaw Nunchucks.
    • The titular doctor/ninja himself starts out as a low-level version of this, capable of moving at insane speeds and surviving a large number of gunshot wounds (if only barely), but not being particularly strong compared to other characters in the series. This apparently changes by the second-to-last arc, where he takes out the aforementioned Mongo with a single punch while barely even paying attention.
  • Despite his chubby frame, Gang Ryong is one of the most powerful gosu in Gosu, effortlessly curb-stomping most of the people he comes across.
  • Darkslug and later Lamia in season 2 (as the hero Nightmare) are this in Sidekicks. Even more so when he's not drunk on alcohol.
  • Buck Godot. For someone over 7 feet tall and easily weighing in at 600 pounds (all muscle actually), he is A LOT faster than he has any business being.
  • Like the second quote says, Pindar from A Miracle of Science, a (remarkably polite and intelligent) ten-foot-tall robot who can jump around like an enormous mechanical bunny if he needs to.
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  • Mr. Mighty from Everyday Heroes demonstrates this skill when needed.
  • Sgt. Schlock - 500 pounds. 5 times stronger than a boosted human. You need anti-tank weaponry to do more than inconvenience him, and he's the Spokesblob for unnecessary amounts of firepower. Way faster than he looks? You betcha.
    • Specifically, Schlock looks slow because his resting form is a rough, grey-green pile that looks like waste products, but with the exception of his eyeballs, Schlock's entire body is made of Grey Goo that can function as muscle tissue and sniffs out other fragments of itself to recombine if he's torn apart. He "runs" by flexing his entire body to bound over the landscape. And then he figured out how to use his iconic plasma cannon as a plasma rocket.
  • Romeo from No Songs For The Dead would definitely fall under this.
  • In Girl Genius General Goomblast, despite being the largest of the Jager Generals (which is no mean feat), uses a rapier as his weapon of choice. He is very, very, good with it.
    • Airman Higgs mixes this with Made of Iron. He's shown himself capable of moving fast enough to practically Flash Step from normal perspective, is capable of smashing through Clanks with a single strike, and was capable of outpacing Zola even when she's nigh on overdosing on Psycho Serum.
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    • Gilgamesh also qualifies when he gets serious. as does Tarvek. And Zeetha. And Othar. And Doctor Sun...
  • The Dreadful: Jeanne Noelle is fast enough to dodge bullets, and a punch from her can lift a person off the ground straight up. Said punch was delivered to someone with their gun to the back of her head.
  • The Fox Sister: The Kumiho is incredibly quick on her feet but also is able to both take and dish out.


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