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"If someone was insane enough and crazy to actually make a TV Tropes page for me, not only would I feel sorry for them, but I would question their integrity of a human being.. Because anyone who is into me, you must be crazy, and I love you."

BloodyThunderX, often shortened to just "Thunder", is a Canadian LPer and creator of "HGCentral", a gaming channel largely dedicated to racing games (though there has been other genres seen on occasion). Though its original purpose was to have been a new account for Thunder and his real life friend David to upload their LPs on together, as David was largely busy with outside commitments, Thunder took the channel for his own and decided to use it to share his own Let's Plays, aswell as Co-Commentary LPs with friends. Over the years, the channel has largely morphed from being solely Let's Play focused, to becoming that of a hub for testing out car mods (Mod Showcase), gaming compilations (Highlight Reel), and where he takes on challenges given to him by viewers in various video games (Challenge). Originally starting as just a channel for Thunder, it has since seen content uploaded from multiple content creators, and the channel is now very community focused to continue growing and expanding into new projects.


Thunder has largely since become an active live-streamer on Twitch, which is what his let's plays have now morphed into. Almost all of his live-streams are archived on his YouTube channel.

All LPs are covered below (in order of upload):




Let's Plays;




  • Ford Racing 3

The Real Emile;

  • Toca Touring Car Championship




Videos provide examples of:

  • Audience Participation : Ever since Gran Turismo, Thunder has mostly switched to a group session with his Let's Plays, tending to prefer being with others than going solo. Sometimes it pans out.. other times, it becomes near impossible for Thunder himself to talk. Part 1 of his Burnout LP highlights this to a core.
    • It's gotten to the point where Thunder is now wanting to make group Let's Plays an occasional thing and not every Let's Play anymore due to mental burnout and frustration with managing such a.. "meme-happy" crowd.
      • Thunder has since largely reverted to group sessions with his live streams.
  • Catchphrase : Early on, he said "Huzzah!" so many times in his let's plays, that it was safe to call it one.
    • "The/This X is too god-damn Y" had also been said on occasion early on.
  • Gass Hole : He's burped several times in his videos.
    • This even caused a viewer to unsubscribe from his channel, as the viewer was disgusted that someone was trying to "gain subscribers" by burping in his videos. This has since become a running gag amongst some of Thunder's close friends.
  • I Have Many Names : Formerly known as "RacerPlanetZX1" and "RZX", also known as "BloodyThunderX", and "Bloody" to most of his friends from his Playstation Network account.
  • Metal Head : It's well known amongst friends aswell as several mentions/hints in videos that Thunder enjoys metal music, Fear Factory in specific being one of his favourite bands.
    • Part 4 of Crash Bandicoot is subtitled "Machines of Barrels", a reference to the line "Machines of Hate" from the Fear Factory track "Self Bias Resistor".
      • Part 20 of Tokyo Xtreme Racer is subtitled "Obey Your Speed Master", an add-on play to the line "Obey your master" from the Metallica track "Master of Puppets".
      • Part 20 of Need for Speed: High Stakes is subtitled "Bulls on Patrol", a reference to the title of the song "Bulls on Parade" by Rage Against the Machine.
      • Part 7 of Test Drive: Eve of Destruction is subtitled "Hay Man, Nice Jump", a reference to the title of the song "Hey Man, Nice Shot" by Filter.
      • Part 2 of Tokyo Xtreme Racer 2 is subtitled "Night of Little Forks", a reference to the title of the song "Night of Long Knives" by Machine Head.
      • Part 22 of Gran Turismo is subtitled "Dimensional Rotary Portal", a reference to the title of the track "Dimensional Time Portal" by comedy metal band Psychostick.
    • Thunder has also made references to songs not within the metal genre, such as;
      • Part 8 of Test Drive: Eve of Destruction is subtitled "Blitzkrieg Smash", a reference to the title of the song "Blitzkrieg Bop" by The Ramones.
  • Schedule Fanatic : Expect atleast one video a week at MINIMUM.
  • Shout-Out : Thunder started up a "Car Build/Mod Showcase" series for Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005) where Thunder takes cars in games (and later car mods) and see how fast of a time they can go around the "Petersburg" Circuit track, with each car's best lap time being placed onto a leaderboard. This idea was obviously heavily inspired by Car Build videos done by FailRace, whom he gives a shoutout to at the first part of his Car Build series.
  • Speech Impediment : He stutters in just about every video, a problem he cannot help. This usually results in Thunder often getting annoyed by this, often proclaiming "Wow I can't talk today." or "I can't English."
    • His voice at times can also suddenly raise in pitch.. more often than not usually resulting in possible Nightmare Fuel.
  • Spiritual Successor : As mentioned above, the channel was originally designed to be a new home for his LPs with Thunder and his friend David, where they went by the alias of "The Hyper Gingers" (Hyper Gingers being what "HG" originally stood for). However, due to David's largely busy schedule at the time, Thunder decided to go ahead with the channel on his own. Despite the difference in quality and content, its largely considered to be a spiritual successor of the original duo.
  • Sudden Name Change : Originally, Thunder's earlier LPs referred to himself as "RZX", a shortened name of "RacerPlanetZX1", which was the then name of his secondary channel. However, as he had already been using the Thunder name outside of the channel, and that several referred to him by this name, he ditched "RZX" in favour of "Thunder" for more familiarity. "RacerPlanetZX1" has since been completely retired, his second channel now renamed to his "BloodyThunderX" moniker.
  • The Show Must Go On : In case of an accidental lost file or time constraints, Thunder always uses post-commentary as a backup so that he still has some form of commentary.
    • Averted with Stuntman, where he decided to dedicate the entire LP to Post-Commentary after he forgot to record commentary for one of the parts.
      • Happened yet again with Need for Speed II: Special Edition. Thankfully there was only about two parts to that LP.
    • Also averted with Part 8 of his Colin McRae Rally LP, where after growing amounts of frustration and due to it becoming late at night, Thunder decided to record the part off-screen and then provide post-commentary for it later.
  • We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties : It happens frequently in his streams.
    • In his one-off of Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing, the game unexpectedly crashed twice, one of which occurring after he was originally meant to finish his recording of the game. To be fair though, the game is known for crashing often, which he mentions in the video.
    • Thunder saves all of his videos on a portable hard drive for safekeeping.. and then the hard drive failed, losing 12 parts of his Gran Turismo LP at the time.
    • For whatever reason, more than once in his GRID LP has he dealt with the game crashing when trying to apply sponsors onto his car.
    • Some games in his PlayStation demo videos either refuse to load or crash during gameplay. Perhaps he should've tried playing this on the actual hardware.

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