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Race like a big boy.

Released in May 2010, Blur is the first racing game from Bizarre Creations since their takeover by Activision in 2007 (and their second overall, following Geometry Wars Retro Evolved 2). The best way to describe it is a Mascot Racer with the look of a standard racing game (sort of Project Gotham Racing meets Mario Kart). Hilarity Ensues as up to 20 real-life cars at once are engaging in weapons-based combat.

For the Brit rock band, see here.


Blur has examples of

  • Golden Snitch: Also averted: unlike some other racers, the weapon placement is not randomized. Instead, it stays the same lap after lap, so memorizing where the weapon pickups are is the key to winning.)
  • Lethal Joke Character: Each car class has some cars that are viewed by almost all players as completely terrible (notably, the Corvette C3 (Race) in class A, the Audi TT in class C, and the Renault Megane in class D), yet with skilled enough driving and use of the powerups, one can quite handily win a race in any of these vehicles. What someone started out using as a joke becomes their favorite car in the game.
  • Nitro Boost: One of the power-ups.
  • One-Word Title
  • Previously On…: Used to update you on how your friends are doing and how close you are to the next boss.
  • Rubber-Band A.I.: It's not as bad as Mario Kart, thankfully.
  • Shout-Out: Surprisingly, to its biggest rival, Mario Kart. At the end of the round several awards are given out. One of these is for the most Shunt hits called Crimson Carapace followed by a shell icon. May count as a Take That!.
    • Mount Haruna, while not accurately modeled, is a shout out to Initial D.
  • Spiritual Successor: Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is seen as this to Blur, since Blur's lead designer Gareth Wilson landed a job at Sumo Digital following the closure of Bizarre Creations.
    • No wonder most power-ups in Racing Transformed act like the ones in here:
      • Shock = Swarm: Targets the race leader by summoning from one to many.
      • Shunt = Drone: Homes in nearby racers; straight shot when fired in reverse.
      • Bolt = Ice: Has 3 rounds and can shoot forward or back.
      • Mine = Blowfish: Normally deployed in the rear, but also can shoot forwards in mid range.
      • Barge = Hot-Rod: Creates a shockwave around the vehicle.
      • All these in both games can fight fire with fire.
  • Spiteful A.I.: Averted: the AI cars will go after other AI cars as often as they go after you.
  • Take That!: The ad campaign mocks Mario Kart and other cutesy Mascot Racers with a Toad Expy named Brock Lee expressing a desire to "race like a big boy".
  • Vehicular Combat
  • Wacky Racing


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