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  • Brawny Buck's "Moral of the Story" videos analyzing the Aesop of episodes have many heartwarming moments, but his video on "Slice of Life" and The Power of Love deserves special mention.
    • The one for "The Mane Attraction" is also very heartwarming.
    • His one on "Fluttershy Leans In" is a celebration on how far Fluttershy has come as a character.
  • Golden Fox gets one at the very end of his "Twilight's Kingdom" review that doubles as a Moment of Awesome as well, complete with flashbacks to all of his collabs this season.
    Golden Fox: Season 4 was a lot better than I thought it was. It brought a lot of memories of who I was with for my reviewing progress. They become unforgettable for me that will hopefully lead for the better. I could remember it like it was yesterday when I first started. I never thought that time would pass by this quickly, but looking back, they have something for me to truly appreciate. Admittably, a lot of us have been dysfunctional, and even worse, we were given a rather bad reputation in the fandom. This was not meant to happen, but that's what happens when things aren't thought out completely. We've had controversial moments, we faced hard times, but we are to understand each other, and we have. We may have made mistakes, that's what makes us grow stronger. That's what makes ANYONE grow stronger. There's always a challenge to face, and mistakes we'll admit to, and you're never going to get better, unless you learn to face them. I won't deny it, I've been harsh on season 4, I've blinded myself from what I assumed it was, before waiting for the rest of the season. That was a mistake I should learn from. I can't be absolute, but rest assured rather expressively, comedically, artistically, or what have you, I do what I can to encourage improvement, not make the creators look bad. And you know what? I think they have improved. This isn't about what we want. It's not about what we expect, it's about what we can address for the better. We may have been dysfunctional, but in the end, reviewers, analysts, and even you viewers in which you provided with, WE STAND TOGETHER! But the one question still remains: Can we last another season? The short answer, we don't know. However, there's no doubt we'll find out. Until then, I'm Golden Fox, and I'll catch you all on Season 5!
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  • Same goes with Voice of Reason for his video on the importance of a story arc, regarding the end of the Rift Saga as well as his decision to keep the Rift open instead of closing it for good.
  • Most of the "A Moment With Dr. Wolf" videos. Dr. Wolf is freaking selfless. There's a good reason his Catchphrase is "It's good to be helping". In general, he comes off as the Team Dad for the analyst community, and his out of character videos show the real guy is just as kind as his OC.
  • Golden Fox and Keyframe review Hearts and Hooves Day together. Golden Fox is very clearly crushing on Keyframe, and when he blurts out his feelings, he hides behind his wings in embarrassment. Keyframe then reveals that she returns his feelings and kisses him on the cheek. It's adorable.
    Golden Fox: (smitten) She... she likes me! (falls over)
  • The community raising awareness for Keyframe's hostile home life and raising money so she can live on her own when she goes to college. Then not long after that, they did the same thing once again for Fallen Wish, then to help her stay at her new home so she wouldn't have to go back to her abusive home.
    • Within a few days, the donations were enough to get her out of her hostile home environment, which can also count as a Moment of Awesome.
    • While also a Tear Jerker, the aftermath video contains a number of them. One in particular is how protective Eliyora is of Key and the sheer rage she has that her friend was hurt. In the end, Keyframe thanks those that donated for more or less literally saving her life. Years of torment finally over for the poor girl, and all because of the brony fandom.
    • The fact that her and Golden Fox are now an Official Couple, with Golden even joining her in California. After all that pain and suffering, Keyframe has a much happier future now.
    • At Bronycon 2017, Keyframe announced that she got picked up by IDW Publishing to work with them! The video in the Hard Rock Cafe shows just how lucky she is to have friends that helped her out of her crappy home life and into helping creating the show that brought them all together.
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  • During Dr. Wolf's Origins Episode, we get to see Dr. Wolf as a puppy. It's as adorable as one would expect.
  • What happened when Dr. Wolf's youtube channel was temporarily taken down.
  • At the end of KP's John de Lancie video, the viewer get to see KP's face for the first time as KP talks about something close to her.
  • Despite his blatantly rudeness and hateful words in his farewell video, some of which were directed at others in the community; many of the Analysis community such as Ink Rose and KP only said nice things to Tommy Oliver in said video's comments, wishing him the best in his future projects and thanking him for all his work. Helps that Oliver did redact some of what he said and apologized afterwards.
  • In the second episode of Dr. Wolf's origin story, after describing the process that turned him into the bipedal creature he is now, he remarks that while he'd never want himself or anyone to go through that kind of pain, he remarks that he'd never want to lose the gifts that came with it, particularly his mind. This phrase sells it.
    Dr. Wolf: Before, all I saw looking at a rose was "dark gray thing that smells nice". Now I see a beautiful red flower that has inspired entire poems. That is how my entire world view has changed.
  • Despite the drama he unintentionally caused, MisAnthro Pony received immense respect from others after his dedication to spread awareness of the Save Keyframe movement.
    • MisAnthro ended up becoming friends with Golden Fox, the same guy he trashed in his video. Golden Fox, while a bit hurt from the video, still talked with Anthro and they gained a better understanding of each other.
    • Even Mage, who MisAnthro trashed as well, became a close friend of his as well. In fact, she and Golden Fox and Fallen Wish designed MisAnthro's ponysona!
    • Anthro's confessional video regarding his friendship with GoldenFox hits the feels, especially when Anthro begins to call him "his brother". Daaaw!
  • For their one year anniversary, Golden Fox made a retrospective video dedicated to Keyframe. It's just so sweet! In all honesty, their entire relationship is just one big heartwarm!
  • The other analysts, especially Doctor Wolf, helping Lightning Bliss against Thunder Blight. Particularly since their default reaction to seeing her tied up and Thunder Blight corrupting her channel is to instantly run to her aid, even if it doesn't go so well. It does ultimately result in her "World of Cardboard" Speech moment and her destroying Blight.
  • This video Lightning Bliss posted for the third anniversary of her and her real-life husband's marriage. Not only is the video filled with numerous fan-made images of their OC's together, but the story of how the two met and how their relationship evolved will touch even the most hardened cynic's heart.
  • The majority of Golden Fox and Keyframe's review of "Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep", mixed with Tear Jerker, especially when Key tells a beaten up and broken Golden that he was never alone from the beginning, resulting with Golden accepting his mistakes from Season 4 (in the form of his own Tantabus) and being embraced by Key. Then there is the ending where Golden and Key kiss, as Golden attempts to make up for forgetting about their date, same with the majority of the review plot being Key wanting to help Golden with his sleep issues. The ending dialogue is what really seals the deal:
    Golden Fox: This is Golden Fox and Keyframe, and we just looked at point A, point B, and everything in-between of "Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep".
    Keyframe: Hey, that's my line-
    (Golden kisses her)
  • Golden Fox and Toon Kritic coming to comfort Lightning Bliss after she watched the reboot to Rainbow Brite. They tell her how they too have had their favourite franchises destroyed by reboots (Golden Fox talked about how he was upset because 2d animation won't return to film and his disappointment in The Lion Guard, while Toon talked about the new Power Rangers(2017) movie) but they will still remember the franchises fondly, and that Bliss should do the same. The video ends with Bliss quietly sobbing as Golden and Toon hug her.
  • "The 12 doors of Finnsmas." Each video shows Finn the Pony giving gifts to all his friends in the rift. That's heartwarming on its own, but there are a couple that really stand out:
    • While visiting Will (Thespio), Finn goes to see his mother, who's still recovering from her cancer treatment, and gives her a gift; a little statue of her and her son together, which she loves. After Finn leaves, she shows it to Will and he can't help but smile when he sees it. The video ends with the two hugging each other while Will, with Tears of Joy in his eyes, looking at the camera and thanking Finn. This is now seen as a bit of a Tear Jerker since the video aired just a few days before Will's mother passed away.
    • His gift to Lightning Bliss is a golden tiara. At first, Bliss is not happy about this due to how a lot of people have been giving her a hard time because her OC is an alicorn and she thinks that Finn gave it to her just to make her feel good about herself. But then Finn reveals that he didn't give Bliss the tiara to make her feel important, he gave it to her because she is important. He then goes on about how Bliss is one the best friends he could have, which causes Bliss to stream Tears of Joy and hug Finn. The last shot of the video shows the two in a warm embrace.
  • At Bronycon 2017, DaWillstanator proposed to his girlfriend Katie. She said yes! Also heartwarmingly recalled and recounted in the TF2 Analysis episode "Emotions on the Battlefield."
  • "A Euphoric Hearth's Warming" is one long one. Aeon offers Bliss to fuse in order to help one another enjoy the holiday by giving Bliss more confidence and Aeon, in his own words, 'innocent nostalgia', resulting in them forming Euphoria, who attends the Analyst Hearth's Warming Party and they have a great time. The big moment is when the Analysts talk about how much they care about Bliss and Aeon, unknowning Euphoria is them.


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