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  • How come Digibro is watching all the Sword Art Online II episodes with 2 friends for the sole reason to heckle them?? If you hate something, just stop watching it! Yes that may go against the "job" of a reviewer or analyst, but just hearing someone do nothing but heckle a show all the way through is not pleasant, and can damage that reviewer's reputation.
    • Probably, for entertainment purposes for his viewers.
  • How come Tommy_Oliver calls Derpy "Ditzy"?? ... this isn't a mistake he makes either— he is VERY WELL AWARE THAT HE IS CALLING HER DITZY and will gladly argue to the ends of the earth as to why he calls her that, as stated at the beginning of his "Equestria Games and Spike" video!
    • Maybe he finds the term "Derpy" offensive. There are people who are offended like that. Like if you regularly called someone retarded. If he's uncomfortable with it, there's nothing wrong with using one of her alternate names Ditzy Do.
      • On the other hand, "Derpy" more commonly means clumsy, whereas "Ditzy" is more often a term regarding intelligence or lack there of...

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