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  • Approval of God: Many analysts appreciate having fan art drawn of them. Some of them like it so much that they even have a favorites folder containing that fan art on their deviantart accounts. Some of them also have fan art collages appearing during the credits of their videos.
  • Creator Breakdown: EVERYONE went through this following the ToonKriticY2K scandal, with how it was handled and the overall immense aftermath it caused. The aftermath left multiple projects that involved him abandoned/cancelled and overall left everyone (in particular those closest to him like Lightning Bliss, Golden Fox, Voice of Reason, Dawillstanator, Keyframe and such) emotionally drained and struggling to move on. Even worse was that they had intended to handle the situation and then inform the general public after a certain amount of time had passed, but unfortunately, the Skype call in which Toon fessed up was leaked, forcing the community to go on damage control.
  • Creator Backlash: Some of them will have their moments on this.
    • Golden Fox in particular has been known to regret his Caustic Critic behavior during Season 4's run and has frequently apologized for it.
    • As mentioned above, Tommy Oliver regretted his infamous departure video, admitting it was pretty harsh and apologized for it.
    • Josh Scorcher had a bit of this with his "Newbie Dash" review, and later apologized for not considering others' different experiences and for upsetting anyone.
    • MisAnthroPony really hates his old rant videos, feeling they only caused more trouble than good. He felt especially so about his videos on Mage and Golden, since the former came off as too harsh by telling fans to not commission her and the latter causing him to lose support from a lot of members of the community. He has attempted to learn from them and be a calmer reviewer.
  • Doing It for the Art: The reason everyone makes all these videos.
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  • Fan Nickname: Bronycurious occasionally calls Fluttershy "Cheesy Gordita", named after a food item on Taco Bell's menu. The reason he calls her that is, despite being his least favorite character on the show, he doesn't dislike her. Alluding to the fact that even though the cheesy gordita is to him the worst food from Taco Bell, it still oozes quality. Whether or not this is a good comparison is up to you.
  • Promoted Fanboy: KP, who is known for being the biggest John Delancie fanatic, got an opportunity to interview him.
    • Similarly, she's always grown an attachment to M.A. Larson, and has interviewed him as well.
    • Dr. Wolf had this happen to him quite by accident when an Equestria Girls DVD from the UK had his OC in one of the pictures on the back.
    • SEGASister's came in the form of a Relationship Upgrade. She was a huge fan of Voice of Reason until the two became a couple.
  • Romance on the Set: ToonKriticY2K and Eliyora (revealed to be officially canon at 2014's BronyCon Review Panel).
    • And then of course there's Golden Fox and Keyframe. Notably, the four are very close, with some revelations on Keyframe's side showing just how necessary it was.
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  • No Pronunciation Guide: Digibro pronounces Haruhi's last name as Su-ZOOM-i-ya. Regardless if the official BANDAI Entertainment dub doesn't pronounce it that way, Digi has taken 3 years of Japanese, and prefers to listen to the Japanese version of the shows instead of the dubs. ... and he loses his shit whenever someone tries to correct him.
  • Screwed by the Lawyers: Recently, because of YouTube's updated copyright rules, several members including Digibrony and Dr. Wolf had their channels temporarily terminated for copyright infringement (most likely, though, it was a bot that YouTube uses to police copyright infringers that is a textbook example of an Inspector Javert, and therefore cannot differentiate between fair use and actual, malicious piracy).
  • What Could Have Been: 'Flight of Blight' originally had a radically different plot, with Thunder Blight being The Corrupter and rampaging through the Rift stealing everyone's color and more or less Discording them. Bliss decided against it because of the work load it'd result in and some of the things Blight would've done being too uncomfortable for her to handle. This arguably however has been included in the "Return of Thunder Blight" project, where the first episode featured Blight stealing Dr. Wolf's colors and making him an actual feral wolf.
  • Written-In Infirmity: While she was filming her parts for the "Analyst Bronies react to the Season 6 Premiere" video, Cell Spex had come down with the flu, which made her almost inaudible.


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